November 4, 2009 – 4:10 am

Clapton, God? He was hotter than the burning bush.

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Klooks Kleek 1966 [no label, 1CD, remastered]

Live at Klooks Kleek, Hampstead, London, November 15, 1966. Good to very good soundboard(?), especially for its age.

Considered to be the earliest Cream concert recording and, for many fans, the show was electrifying and one of the best Cream shows ever. The set was released on the Dutch vinyl boot, A Group Called Cream (Viktorie), and later came out on CD.

Commenting on the bootleg CD, Graeme Pattingale posted on the net: “It is reasonably recorded, considering the era, but the mikes were continuously ‘clipping’. The engineer was also varying the volume controls to handle the volume. The stacks were turned up high! Balance is good with only the vocals slightly distant.” In his post, Pattingale mentioned that John Platt, a club manager and writer in London in the later ’60s, claims that it may have been an ‘official’ attempt to record a live album. (Klooks Kleek was a club in the Railway Hotel, Hampstead, London. It was a popular venue on the performance circuit because of its blues aware audience.)

Here’s lilpanda with his story on this remaster:

“I have always had issues with this show, soundwise. At times, Jack’s bass overpowers everything, including my car speakers. Other times, there’s no audible bass at all (sometimes in the same song). There’re also five or six dropouts/volume fluctuations, a few that are quite long. So, I went to my silver CD, corrected the dropouts, re-eq’d the songs (which actually proved to be quite wacky), and, since these are supposedly sourced from acetates (I don’t belive it, but you never know), I ran everything through a click filter. That’s all - no pitch correction or speed adjustment.

“There’s a reason why this is a popular show - it absolutely smokes. EC is on fire and plays with absolute abandon. If this was a soundboard, it would be hands down the best Cream show out there, beating even the Polydor releases. And it also features the only known recording of their cover of Meet Me In The Bottom, done in an arrangement similar to Outside Women Blues, only Jack sings.”

Thanks to lilpanda for this remaster and for sharing the tracks on the Dime site.

Note: Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Steppin’ Out (7.3MB)
Track 02. Sweet Wine (6.1MB)
Track 03. Meet Me In The Bottom (6.1MB)
Track 04. NSU (6.5MB)
Track 05. Hey Lawdy Mama (4.0MB)
Click here if you reside in the United States
Click here if you reside outside the United States
Track 06. Sleepy Time Time (9.1MB)
Track 07. Crossroads (4.5MB)

Eric Clapton - guitar
Jack Bruce - bass
Ginger Baker - drums

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  1. 20 Responses to “WHEN HE WAS GOD”

  2. hey bigo, thanks! i think, it’s meet me in the bottom. i’ll play it just to make sure. it’s a howlin’ wolf song.

    i got joe mcphee in jan. it’s a nice one.


    By Ed Saad on Nov 4, 2009

  3. hey bigo, yeah, it’s meet me in the bottom and lawdy mama. pretty good. they were heavy. first two comments!


    By Ed Saad on Nov 4, 2009

  4. Hello Ed
    Thanks for your feedback. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Nov 4, 2009

  5. The Cream is Dead..Long Live the Cream.

    By sluggo on Nov 4, 2009

  6. According to Dave Thompsons 2005 book “Cream The Worlds First Supergroup”, this is, in fact, believed to be the first live recording of the band. It appears to be a 45 minute set from the 2 or 3 they were performing at that time (which indicates there may be more of this show out there. In fact there are rumours of a “Spoonful” recorded at this show as well). Decca Records was recording it and cables were reportedly run in and out of the windows to the building next door where the recording equipment was set up. But as you can hear on the recording, the equipment of the 60’s could not deal with the volume that Cream played at. The book however refers to the “Savage Beauty” of the recording, notwithstanding the distortion. And Cream even considered releasing a 4 song EP of the show, but eventually decided not to, not because of the perfomance, but because they felt the EP format was in decline.

    By mike on Nov 4, 2009

  7. Thank you very much!

    By al41lea on Nov 5, 2009

  8. Thanks to BigO and lilpanda for this amazing remastering of a legendary show! I own a vinyl bootleg copy. lilpanda has done an outstandingly professional job producing the mp3 version. Bravo!

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Nov 6, 2009

  9. Hello Johnny
    Thanks for your note but we must stress that lilpanda did not put out the mp3 version. lilpanda put out a lossless version; we then took the liberty of sharing the mp3 version.

    By bigozine2 on Nov 7, 2009

  10. Hello Bogozine2,

    Cream: Klooks Cleek 1966

    This recording really has an outstanding quality in terms of fidelity and clarity. I have my laptop connected to my audio system via the headphone audio o/p to an audio amplifier input and Klooks Cleek sounds as good as the CD bootlegs I have from 1967/68 and not far of the official Polydor live material.

    Do you have any other Cream bootlegs available?

    Best regards,


    By Clive Radford on Nov 11, 2009

  11. thanks for reminding me why I fell in love w Eric Clapton’s soloing. great stuff!!

    By anita pallenberg on Nov 12, 2009

  12. Thanks for putting this up!

    I got this set on a the “Renovating the Blues” bootleg. I’ve always wondered if it’s running slightly slightly fast…? Could anybody shed some light on this? For instance, on the beginning of track 4, EC introduces NSU, and compared to his voice in this era I’ve heard other places, it sounds sped up…


    By Kris on Nov 20, 2009

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    By Edward Young on Aug 11, 2010

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    By Brianna Lee on Sep 30, 2010

  15. hey wild bill, i’m in the same boat with tracks 2 and 8 on patti smith-the roundhouse. i get files that are 1.2kb. it’s probably an issue with one of the servers. i had that problem on patti smith-the bowery ballroom 12.31.08 a few days ago. i got the other ten tracks ok. i went ahead and fixed those tags partially so i can play them on my ipod walking. we’ll just have to wait till bigo come back. they’ll fix it, though.


    By Ed Saad on Jul 15, 2011

  16. thanks, subliminal, Yankees, Wild Bill,Ed Saad and b.a.f.o. for reminding me of this recording. Its been over a year and a half since I got Klooks Kleek of Cream and I’d forgotten how really good it is, esp. on headphones. Listening to it now. Hope you get your issues resolved soon. Bye.

    By 3yrsnojob on Jul 15, 2011

  17. prodigious piece it up.

    By windows vista help on Sep 21, 2011

  18. Jack Bruce-we will miss you

    By benk on Oct 27, 2014

  19. Excellent information, dude! Thanks!

    By akne lekeleri için maske on May 22, 2015

  20. Hey! Does anybody know why song 07
    “Crossroads” has some Chinese ad pop up?? I can’t get the song because of this.

    By TONY on Jan 19, 2017

  21. BigO, the song Crossroads goes to BigoMag.com and Sleepy Time Time goes to Bigozine8.com, which are a closed domain name and the Chinese Ad per Tony, which would also be a closed domain name to BigO. Do you have a place to point these songs to, BigO, so Tony and others can download?

    By ScarRad on Jan 19, 2017

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