December 6, 2009 – 4:26 am

Here was a band struggling to break out of its pop image to find success on its artistic merit.

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The Fontana Tapes [no label, 4 CDs]

All material on Manfred Mann - The Fontana Tapes are unreleased mixes or songs, because even for the hits and album tracks in that collection you are hearing different mixes that show the various overdubbing stages and have the raw, unfaded endings. Excellent stereo soundboard recordings.

At an early stage of tape research towards what later became the two-CD set “The Ascent of Mann”, an American compiler who worked for both Universal Music & EMI (who prefers that his name not be mentioned publicly) took a large batch of Manfred Mann three-track and four-track tapes to Abbey Road Studios, to listen to the tapes and make rough stereo mixes. In the end, the compiling job went to another compiler, and so none of these mixes were ever released.

The compiler who assembled the released two-CD set was given a £3,000 mixing budget, and he decided to (mostly) spend the money on remixing unreleased songs, rather than making first time stereo mixes of mono singles. But these rough mixes do present first time stereo mixes of numerous non-LP singles tracks, and they present over an hour of unreleased songs, unreleased “jazz” instrumentals and demos.

Some highlights include an alternate arrangement of “Each & Every Day”, the “lost” psychedelic version of “Up The Junction”,  a rare lead vocal from Klaus Voorman on “I Want To Be Wanted” and first time stereo mixes of “Ha Ha Said The Clown” (with a very different, discarded ending), “Funniest Gig”, “Feeling Too Good” and many, many more.

The descriptions “Stage 1″, “Stage 2″, etc. refer to four-track to four-track or three-track to three-track reductions that were necessary to accommodate all of the overdubs.

Personnel on “The Fontana Tapes” is Mike D’Abo (vocals, keyboards), Manfred Mann (keyboards,vocals), Mike Hugg (drums, vibes, vocals), Tom McGuiness (guitar, vocals) and Klaus Voorman (bass,flute, recorder,vocals), excepting “Let it Be Me” and “I Wanna to Be Rich” which have Jack Bruce (bass, vocals).

Also see Greg Russo’s excellent book “Mannerisms: The Five Phases of Manfred Mann” which has the session date info for all of these recordings. - Philip Cohen

NOTE: At the end of Disc 4, there is an attempt at remixing Jimmy Page’s 1965 solo single for stereo. However, it was discovered that Page’s only-ever lead vocal on “She Just Satisfies” was performed directly into the 1965 mono mix, so the multitracks are strictly instrumental. - PC

Professor Red says: I am overwhelmed by the sweep of these sessions. Perhaps it should be noted that the version of Manfred Mann’s Seasons In The Sun, as far as I know, has never appeared on any Mann official or unofficial release. Groovy. Super big thanks to Phil Cohen for letting them free.

Note: Click on the highlighted track to download the MP3 (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Just Like A Woman (stage 1) (7.3MB)
Track 102. Just Like A Woman (stage 2) (7.2MB)
Track 103. I Wanna Be Rich (stage 1) (6.2MB)
Track 104. I Wanna Be Rich (stage 2) (6.2MB)
Track 105. Trouble And Tea (5.6MB)
Track 106. A Now And Then Thing (7.3MB)
Track 107. Each Other’s Company (7.3MB)
Track 108. Box Office Draw (stage 1) (5.6MB)
Track 109. Box Office Draw (stage 2) (5.5MB)
Track 110. Dealer Dealer (8.5MB)
Track 111. Morning After The Party (6.0MB)
Track 112. Another Kind Of Music (5.3MB)
Track 113. Acoustic Guitar Instrumental (2.8MB)
Track 114. As Long As I Have Lovin’ (6.4MB)
Track 115. Autumn Leaves (6.3MB)
Track 116. Superstitious Guy (6.7MB)
Track 117. You’re My Girl (stage 1) (6.9MB)
Track 118. You’re My Girl (stage 2) (6.7MB)
Track 119. Let It Be Me (8.8MB)
Track 120. Semi-Detached Surburban Mr James (stage 1) (6.4MB)
Track 121. Semi-Detached Surburban Mr James (stage 2) (6.4MB)
Track 122. Each & Every Day (7.3MB)
Track 123. The Vicar’s Daughter (6.1MB)
Track 124. All I Want To Do (stage 1) (7.2MB)
Track 125. All I Want To Do (stage 2) (7.1MB)
Track 126. Ha Ha Said The Clown (stage 1) (6.1MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Ha Ha Said The Clown (stage 2) (6.5MB)
Track 202. Feeling So Good (stage 1) (7.9MB)
Track 203. Feeling So Good (stage 2) (8.4MB)
Track 204. Sweet Pea (stage 1) (7.3MB)
Track 205. One Way (9.4MB)
Track 206. So Long Dad (stage 1) (7.9MB)
Track 207. So Long Dad (stage 2) (7.6MB)
Track 208. So Long Dad (stage 3) (7.4MB)
Track 209. Funniest Gig (7.4MB)
Track 210. The Mighty Quinn (stage 1) (8.4MB)
Track 211. The Mighty Quinn (excerpt of stage 2) (7.2MB)
Track 212. By Request - Edwin Garvey (5.6MB)
Track 213. Session talk (401k)
Track 214. Happy Families (5.1MB)
Track 215. Everyday Another Hair Turns Grey (stage 1) (6.9MB)
Track 216. Everyday Another Hair Turns Grey (stage 2) (6.9MB)
Track 217. Everyday Another Hair Turns Grey (stage 3) (7.0MB)
Track 218. Country Dancing (stage 1) (7.3MB)
Track 219. Country Dancing (stage 2) (6.9MB)
Track 220. Big Betty (stage 1) (9.1MB)
Track 221. Big Betty (stage 2) (8.3MB)
Track 222. Cubist Town (stage 2) (8.8MB)
Track 223. Harry The One-Man Band (8.6MB)

Disc 3
Track 301. Happy Families (7.3MB)
Track 302. Morning After The Party (alt take) (8.2MB)
Track 303. Eastern Street (6.6MB)
Track 304. Mohair Sam (8.0MB)
Track 305. Loverbird (7.3MB)
Track 306. Miss J.D. (7.3MB)
Track 307. Each And Every Day (alt take) (6.1MB)
Track 308. Brown And Porters (alt backing track) (6.4MB)
Track 309. Harry The One-Man Band (remake) (10.3MB)
Track 310. Seasons In The Sun (stage 1) (10.6MB)
Track 311. Seasons In The Sun (stage 2) (11.0MB)
Track 312. Brown And Porters (6.2MB)
Track 313. I Love You (stage 1) (7.8MB)
Track 314. I Love You (stage 2) (6.7MB)
Track 315. I Want To Be Wanted (5.9MB)
Track 316. Last Train To Clarksville (7.2MB)
Track 317.  Sunshine Superman (10.3MB)
Track 318. Keep On Running (8.4MB)
Track 319. El Footle (9.2MB)
Track 320. Sweet Pea (stage 2) (6.5MB)
Track 321. Hanky Panky (5.7MB)

Disc 4
Track 401. Mellow Yellow (7.9MB)
Track 402. Golden Flower (6.5MB)
Track 403. Rainbow Eyes (stage 1) (7.0MB)
Track 404. Rainbow Eyes (stage 2) (7.4MB)
Track 405. Budgie (stage 1) (7.1MB)
Track 406. Budgie (stage 2) (7.0MB)
Track 407. Budgie (stage 3) (7.1MB)
Track 408. Budgie (stage 4) (7.9MB)
Track 409. She Once Was My Love (7.6MB)
Track 410. I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today (stage 1) (8.4MB)
Track 411. I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today (stage 2) (8.8MB)
Track 412. Sleepy Hollow (demo) (8.0MB)
Track 413. Up The Junction (version 5) (8.2MB)
Track 414. Sleepy Hollow (alt take) (8.5MB)
Track 415. Sitting Alone In The Sunshine (stage 1) (6.4MB)
Track 416. Sitting Alone In The Sunshine (stage 2) (6.3MB)

Track 417.  Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies (instrumental stereo) (5.0MB)
Track 418. Jimmy Page - Keep Moving (stereo) (9.1MB)

From the above session tapes, Manfred Mann’s The Ascent Of Mann: The Fontana Years, was compiled and released in 2003. You can buy it here.

The Fontana Years spawned five Manfred Mann albums. In 2003, Japan released excellent CD versions with bonus tracks not found in other releases. They were all in miniature LP sleeves and limited to 5,000 copies. Here are some of these titles which you can still buy with some extra effort and cash.

What A Mann (1965)
Includes 11 bonus tracks, ‘I  Wanna Be Rich’, ‘Let It Be Me’, ‘Semi-detached Suburban Mr. James’, ‘Miss JD’, ‘All I Wanna Do’, ‘Last Train T  Clarksville’, ‘Sunshine Superman’, ‘By Request - Edwin  Garvey’, ‘Might  Quinn’, ‘My Name Is Jack’, & ‘Harry The  One-Man Band’ (Edit Version).

As Is (1966)
Has both the stereo and mono album on one CD. Buy it here.

Soul Of Mann (1967)
Album reissued as is with no bonus tracks.

Up The Junction (1968 OST)
13 tracks plus 9 bonus  tracks, ‘Eastern Street’, ‘Mohair Sam’  ‘Lovebird’, ‘Brown  & Porters (Meat Exporters)’, ‘I Love You’, ‘I Think It  Gonna Rain today’, ‘Budgie’, ‘Sitting Alone In The  Sunshine’ and ‘Please  Mrs. Henry’.

Mighty Garvey (1968)
Has both stereo and mono albums on one CD.


  2. As for the Japanese mini-album cover reissue CD’s, there was also a CD release of “Mannerisms” which was expanded to be a complete Fontana singles A’s & B’s.

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 6, 2009

  3. Manfred should be inducted into the R– Ah, never mind… Thanx for this wonderful collection!

    By Timmy on Dec 6, 2009

  4. The last 6 tracks of Disc 3 sounds like a Ramsey Lewis Fest… Great lounge feel.

    By Timmy on Dec 8, 2009

  5. Timmy,
    Manfred was originally a jazz musician before he moved from South Africa to England, and there were occasional jazz instrumentals on Manfred’s 1960’s albums. In fact, both the EMI & Fontana Manfred Mann groups released instrumental E.P.’s.

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 9, 2009

  6. This is FAB. Check out Each & Everday, The Vicar’s Daughter, Everyday Another Hair Turns Grey, Harry The One Man Band and particularly Cubist Town. All written by various members of the band and subsequently released on their 1968 album The Mighty Garvey. Very 60’s sounds with organ, harpsichord & mellotron. Fantastic.

    By MikeyBoy on Dec 10, 2009

  7. Wow! Just Wow! That’s all….you’ve done it again, BigO!

    By Walter on Dec 10, 2009

  8. Very interesting and good quality recordings. Had contact with Klaus Voormann and he says he did not participate in the session. It is questionable who should otherwise have played bass derv time. “Let It Be Me,” he had not sung.

    By stevie on Dec 10, 2009

  9. Stevie,
    Read my above note: Jack Bruce played bass on “Let it Be Me” & “I Wanna Be Rich”(and he did the harmony vocal on “Let it Be Me”). The very pop nature of Mike d’Abo’s voice caused Jack to make the decision to leave the group. Klaus Voorman is indeed correct that he didn’t play on those two tracks.
    After the session for the 2 songs, Manfred asked Jack Bruce to give Mike d’Abo a ride home. During the ride, Jack Bruce asked Mike d’Abo, “So what’s your involvement with Manfred Mann?”, to which d’Abo said “I’m the new lead singer.”, to which Jack Bruce said, “Well, in that case, I’m off to form a group with Eric Clapton & Ginger Baker!”

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 11, 2009

  10. Sorry, unfortunately, I mentioned the wrong track. Of course, I specifically meant “I Want To Be Wanted “. This song and “Miss J.D.” I presented to Klaus.
    He said: “So when the tracks for these songs, I was not there. No bass, not flute, no vocal. klaus “.
    This begs the question: Who was it to this time?

    By stevie on Dec 12, 2009

  11. Please note: “I Want to Be Wanted” was recorded January 25,1967(at the session with “Feeling So Good” & “All I Want to Do”) when Klaus was a member of the group. “Miss J.D.” was recorded August 22,1966(at the session that produced “a Now and Then Thing”, “Each Others Company”,”Morning After The Party”,”Another Kind of Music”,”As Long as I Have Loving”,”Autumn Leaves”,”You’re My Girl”,”Each & Every Day”,”Semi-Detached Suburban Mr.James” & “The Vicar’s Daughter”)

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 12, 2009

  12. Another note: on any EMI or Fontana Manfred Mann recordings where acoustic bass(bass violin) is used(and this is on jazz instrumentals), the acoustic bass is played by early Manfred Mann member Dave Richmond(Richmond was a member of the group on the first 3 EMI singles, but he left the group because he wasn’t comfortable playing bass guitar)

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 12, 2009

  13. I was a frequent visitor to Manfred’s studio vault in London when i worked at his studio,that was in the early eighties.After i left, his studio was destroyed in a fire with all his old master tapes! This is a happy reminder of those years working with a brilliant musician and that very dry wit.

    By Alun on Dec 16, 2009

  14. Alun,
    It was the 1970-1983 multitracks that were destroyed in that fire(which was arson, the arsonist had a greivance against a producer who was a client at Manfred’s studio).
    As for the mixdown masters, the presently available(most recent CD’s) are mostly from second generation copies made for American labels, because(reportedly) Gerry Bron holds the originals and won’t permit access, despite the fact that Manfred owns them.
    Also, though all tapes for the unreleased “Chapter 3, Volume 3″ and “Stepping Sideways” albums were thought to have perished, copies were found at Universal Music in the U.S.A.

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 16, 2009

  15. Thanx Phil,just a small note to say that there were two studios at The Workhouse(Manfred’s studio)the one that got burnt down was either owned our leased to Pete Waterman’s PWL.Was the arsonist caught? It was a gorgeous place and a lot of big bands used it. I remember seeing old 60’s tapes in the vault when i was there. and i’m glad to hear there were copies made and found. A long time ago but good memories and a lot of great music recorded there.

    By Alun on Dec 19, 2009

  16. Alun,
    It was apparently someone with a greivance against Stock,Aitken & Waterman who burned the studio down. Manfred didn’t record at the studio until 1970. Under previous owners, it may have been known as “Maximum Sound”, and as I recall, much of Small Faces’ Decca material was recorded there.

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 19, 2009

  17. This is a great gift. My favorite MM era. Thanks BigO & Philip for sharing these. Ice mag is truly missed.

    By Matt on Dec 23, 2009

  18. Merry Christmas Phil!

    I stumbled across this blog while searching for Manfred Mann’s version of Brown & Porter’s Meat Exporters. Their version is the best one by far blowing away Freddie & the Dreamers’ version and better than John Carter’s demo (although he’s is quite good indeed!). I have all my Manfreds filed away somewhere but wanted to hear that song today. Glad to see that you’ve shared this material with the world Phil! Do you have plans for an other sharings? All the best!

    By Mike Griffiths on Dec 26, 2009

  19. Mike,
    More stuff to come in January 2010 !!!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 26, 2009

  20. Great work Phil. Many thanks. I love both Manfreds with Paul and Mike. Very different but both great. Contrary to Jack Bruce, I really love Mike’s vocals. Each and Every Day has been one of my all-time faves since it was the B Side of Semi-Detached in America/Canada. Can’t wait to here more! Best wishes.

    By Robert Lawrence on Jan 26, 2010

  21. What a fantastic job you’ve done Phil !!!
    As webmaster of Mike’s website I can tell you that a lot of the music on the 4 CD’s is unknown to me, however I do have a lot of unreleased material as well, that is not on the four CD’s.
    I know Mike very well and see/speak to him regulary and will mention your site.
    Thanks again. Herman Hamerpagt/The Netherlands.

    By Herman Hamerpagt on Nov 11, 2010

  22. First thank you very much for sharing this. I’m a fan of Manfred Mann, Especially That I like Their first band albums. I have a question Without Disturbing it. There outakes or alternative versions of Their first albums? and second, wonder no more material on the BBC in STIs early years, Something Happens similar with The Hollies, Dave Clark Five. Even to where it WAS Offer to Dave Clark put on sale material, like The Zombies (Zombie Heaven Box Set), with material from early historical work, But Gave up because i wanted to handle Everything That Was edited. So this post is Simply wonderful.

    PS: The Rolling Stones Had Intended to sell upon completion of the 25 Anniversary (Their Satanic Majesties) with bonus tracks of Those legendary sessions. But Were Some engineers put forward and release a box set of 10 or 12 discs of These sessions. The first 4 Were Takes Alternates with choirs and vocals, and The Other four CD’s only instrumental. End of story, “Some engineers Were Imprisoned, But They sold the box set, though it was only the instrumental part.


    By Jorgelina on Jan 11, 2011

  23. This is very nice collection :) As always it is sad to see such things only in MP3 quality.

    By Sven on Mar 2, 2012

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