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Omemee, Ontario 2017 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Coronation Hall, Omemee, Ontario, Canada; December 1, 2017. Very good mono audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).; Dec 1, 2017:

Neil Young is officially headed back to his hometown of Omemee, Ont, for an intimate concert on Friday night - but good luck scoring last-minute tickets. Most fans of the Heart of Gold singer will be shut out of the invite-only event inside Coronation Hall, a small venue which seats about 225 people. Instead, they’ll be able to catch the acoustic concert livestreamed by CTV at 8 pm ET on various platforms, including, and on Facebook outside Canada. The broadcaster said no public tickets were available for the show, which will be mostly attended by friends and family of the singer, as well as contest winners.

Anticipation for Young’s return to Omemee, where he lived for a few years as a child, has been growing on social media over the past several weeks. The location of the show was originally withheld, leaving fans to speculate on where it would be staged. In early November, Young posted hints that he’d be “going to my town” to coincide with the release of his new album The Visitor and the unveiling of an online archive of his work. Earlier this week, local media reported the streets around the venue were closed through Saturday to accommodate the concert, while large transport trucks marked as “sound and light staging” were parked near Coronation Hall. On Friday, CTV said proceeds from the show would be donated to the local Scott Young Public School, named after Neil’s father who was a novelist, journalist and early host of Hockey Night in Canada.

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Thanks to indykid for sharing the Facebook webcast at Dime.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (244 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Track 101. intro 6:28
Track 102. Comes a Time 4:54
Track 103. Love is a Rose 3:32
Track 104. Journey Through the Past 2:54
Track 105. Long May You Run 5:40
Track 106. I’m Glad I Found You 3:53
Track 107. Tumbleweed 3:28
Track 108. talk 4:05
Track 109. Old Man 3:48
Track 110. Old King 4:47
Track 111. Someday 7:44
Track 112. There’s a World 3:53
Track 113. Stand Tall * 5:38
61 mins

* Track from The Visitor.

Disc 2
Track 201. War of Man 6:59
Track 202. Don’t Be Denied 8:09
Track 203. Helpless 4:55
Track 204. Heart of Gold 5:15
Track 205. One of these Days 5:26
Track 206. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) 6:37
Track 207. Sugar Mountain 8:06
46 mins

Click here to order The Visitor (released December 1, 2017).

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  1. 62 Responses to “NEIL YOUNG - OMEMEE, ONTARIO; DEC 1, 2017”

  2. It appears that tracks 202 and 203 are failing to download. I hope you can repair them. Thanks!

    By AlanR on Dec 2, 2017

  3. Never mind, it loaded the second time. Thank you for posting this wonderful show so quickly after it was first played!

    By AlanR on Dec 2, 2017

  4. Thank You for this on My birthday today Neil’s father worked with my stepfather at The Toronto Star in the early 60’s and slayed lifelong friends until they both passed.

    By Carolyn king Pierce on Dec 3, 2017

  5. Carolyn, how many lifelong friends did your stepfather bump off, exactly? Happy birthday, anyhow

    By Waldo The Eel on Dec 3, 2017

  6. If this was a broadcast, why is it mono?

    By Nick on Dec 3, 2017

  7. Hello Nick

    That’s what the uploader recorded. You might find a better version elsewhere.

    By bigozine2 on Dec 3, 2017

  8. Yo! Waldo The Eel & The Spelling Police! I misspelled Stayed with Slayed, My mistake So to you and the Hitler Youth on here for making a simple mistake FUCK YOU!

    By Carolyn king Pierce on Dec 3, 2017

  9. I’ve always loved Neil Young , but at some point these old geezer rockers need to hang it up and retire . They are shells of their former selves . Hell these geezers probably have great grandkids by now . Neil like other oldsters just can’t sing anymore.

    By Izzy H on Dec 3, 2017

  10. These huge nuts bouncing on your chin will never hang it up or retire .

    By Izzy H MORON on Dec 3, 2017

  11. A peerless performance … Lovely, just lovely. Many thanks Neil…many thanks here, too.

    By Canute on Dec 3, 2017

  12. Anyone who has “loved” Neil Young and cannot stop the critical ageist nonsense ain’t no fan of true expression. Always a unique voice even as a young man (sic) it is what he is saying that drives our passion to hear what he STILL has to say. Agesim is the last bastion of the judgmental

    Drop it!

    By swappers on Dec 3, 2017

  13. In mono and it sounds good that way..welcome back Neil

    By Couz on Dec 3, 2017

  14. Good stuff thanks big o. Always happy to hear some Neil, even on the down slope. Carolyn-so Waldo gives you a gentle needling along with happy b-day wishes and you tell him to fuck off after referencing the spelling police and hitler youth? I guess you can’t take a joke but you can and do take yourself too seriously, maybe lighten up a bit..

    By Bibble on Dec 4, 2017

  15. Have to agree with izzy . Neil
    Is a dinosaur at this point . Him , Springsteen, Petty Rip , McCartney , Jagger Plant and more all over the hill way over the hill . The truth hurts .

    By Derrick on Dec 4, 2017

  16. Hey Derrick - the truth is that the artists you mention haven’t been replaced and they remain the benchmark. Some may indeed be past their best but I would pay to see any of them (and indeed saw Robert Plant a couple of weeks ago).

    By Brian Griffin on Dec 4, 2017

  17. Shocking that you agree with Izzy, Derrick. So you don’t like the old artists but you also don’t like any new music either…and that just leaves listening to the same old 70’s music staples that you’ve been advocating {STRONGLY advocating!} for the past year and a half.

    By Derrick Don't Dance on Dec 4, 2017

  18. Yeah you are right ‘ sad to say they haven’t been replaced. That’s an inditement of today’s music scene . Pretty bad when guys in their 70s are still as you said the benchmark. That being said I too would rather pay to see them in their walkers and rocking chairs than the crap today . Where are the new legends though ?

    By Derrick on Dec 4, 2017

  19. The “Happy Camper” that posted on Dec. 3rd is not me.

    C’mon dude, come up with something original.

    By Happy Camper on Dec 4, 2017

  20. Hate to see where music will be 40 years from now

    By Derrick on Dec 4, 2017

  21. Derrick , young people today are just different. In the seventies and even into the eighties young people wanted to be the next Hendrix, Clapton, Page , Townsend etc . MTV and the computer age changed a lot of it . Young guys today just don’t give a crap . Their heads are buried in their laptops and iPhones. Don’t like it either but it is what it is .

    By Bill on Dec 4, 2017

  22. The death of the old time record shops has also contributed to the demise of rock music . You could find almost anything there in the seventies, plus talk to the knowledgeable people who worked there many who were musicians themselves. You would debate who was the best , Hendrix, or Clapton, Zep or The Who etc . These days everything pretty much has to be ordered on line, the places that sell cds vinyl etc are few and far between with everything going didgetal. And downloads . Plus the young kids who wait on you don’t know bleep about music .

    By Bill on Dec 4, 2017

  23. Meanwhile as long as I’m here I’ll keep cranking up my old vinyl copies of Damn the torpedoes, Who’s next , Sticky Fingers , Led Zep 4 and Rust never Sleeps

    By Bill on Dec 4, 2017

  24. “Their heads are buried in their laptops and iPhones”

    …which have iTunes and other music cataloging apps.

    yes there were very knowledgable people in some record stores, usually the smaller ones, with whom you could have a pleasant conversation about music.

    there were also a few pretentious jerks who forgot that they were selling the music not writing and recording it. i patronized a local Tower Records store for at least 10 years before a counter guy finally said something about the CD i was purchasing. i was so surprised when he said he liked the singers previous work it took a moment before i replied. usually they’d ring it up with an attitood that i was interrupting their conversation with another counter type about their latest tattoo or crappy band they were in.

    anyways… ive said it before but the great thing these days is the availability of so much music and music writing online. u have an unlimited number of radio stations blogs download sites etc to choose from to listen to and read about music and u can purchase anything within minutes.

    the new legends arent with us yet but theres still a lot of new music worthy of a listen. unfortunately with the ease of stealing music online these days its not a very viable career path for many people but the dedicated musicians are out there. i try to see them if they’re in my burg, its the only way some of them make money.

    By barth on Dec 4, 2017

  25. I personally never experienced much pompous arrogant behavior from
    The record stores but I see your point . But I miss the times when the release of a new album by a great was anticipated by millions. Gone are the days of blockbuster albums like Rumours , Thriller , Frampton comes alive , The Wall , Dark side etc . Musicians today while many are talented will
    Never receive that type of adulation and mainstream success and that’s a shame

    By Bill on Dec 4, 2017

  26. If the demise of the recording industry thru file sharing on the web hadn’t occurred none of us would have the music collections we currently enjoy, or it would have cost at least 50,000 dollars. Change is constant and inevitable, you can adapt or not but its still happening independent of your participation.

    By Quit Complaining on Dec 4, 2017

  27. My earlier point was that although more music is available thru the internet ‘ it is not conducive to creating legends ! As Barth said ( not a good career path to be a musician these days ) The mainstream media for better or worse is still the best way to become well known but these days and for the last couple of decades has preferred to promote trash . I won’t mention names , they’ve been mentioned many times before . There is good and bad about the modern world . It’s great for older dudes like me and others that a great bootleg recording is free with the click of my mouse ‘ where as decades earlier bootleg records and cds were expensive rip offs at boot stores . Remember paying $100.00 bucks for liver than you’ll ever be on vinyl. So for us baby boomers the new way is great . But because of it young people will suffer because they won’t get to experience great new artists because as Barth said , bad career move . You have to have exposure to make it as well as make $$$ not perform at little dives for peanuts with lots little hope of more than a cult following . That’s the difference between then and now .

    By Bill on Dec 5, 2017

  28. The Super Bowl halftime show for example would be a great way to get a mainstream following for a band of artist ‘ but do you think the networks or the league would ever have the guts to put on a band with actual talent that was unknown? Of course not , they’ll stick with the Katy Perrys , Timberlakes , Beyoncé s Miley’s of the world , a safe formula. I suppose when they were having people like Tom Petty , U2 , Springsteen, McCartney, the Stones etc perform at halftime it didn’t appeal to their young audience and that’s the point . Those people are old enough to be their grandparents. Tom Petty RIP talked about it often as to how good new bands can’t catch a break these days . He was producing a new band called the Shelters that of course few people have heard of . Why don’t some of these networks and mainstream media outlets grow a pair and promote bands like that instead of the garbage. Too much risk I guess . What if Ed Sullivan or Sam Phillips had played it safe . Elvis and the Beatles may never have become the legends that they were .

    By Bill on Dec 5, 2017

  29. Bill, so you think they should have unknown performers at the super bowl? You’re not understanding the basic situation: the music of today that most older music fans consider “good” is music that sounds similar to the material they like from the past. Even if kids today, who have 8,000,000 other electronic distractions besides music, were to hear what you champion I doubt they’d be impressed. Most of the young people I know listen to some form of hip hop. Times have changed.

    By Bibble on Dec 5, 2017

  30. Also can I just say BE CAREFUL!!! Couple months ago I lost 90% of my bandcamp collection which was awful but just an annoyance really. Yesterday I lost my 16,000 item digital home collection which was backed up, I’m devastated! It took me many years and countless late nights searching online for obscure gems to compile that collection-if you have a large digital collection that means a lot to you, be over redundant and use multiple back ups. I really don’t know that I have the will or desire to start over.

    By Bibble on Dec 5, 2017

  31. It’s okay if “Rock” or “Rock and Roll” has seen its day. Because what a day it was.

    It doesn’t mean that it sounds too outdated or cannot still be enjoyed by new generations. The classics enjoyed by new generations.

    But, for example, it may be that the electric guitar has already been done. In every way possible, almost. Not totally. But nearly. With effects added in almost every way possible. Again, not 100 percent…but it’s been done. Excellently.

    So music forges forward. It doesn’t mean the newer music that sounds less like “Rock” or “Rock and Roll” is better…or more evolved…or a step forward in excellence. It’s just changing. Sometimes with good results and sometimes with less than good results.

    Some of disco was horrible and some was good and led to more modern electronic dance music.

    Trying to preserve something artificially and extend it beyond its time…takes away its dynamic spirit and it starts to become a somewhat pale imitation.


    Or a tribute to the past.

    By drm on Dec 5, 2017

  32. Hey , I’m not saying that there is any hope for a resurgence of great rock
    Music but it is depressing none the less . Just saying give youngsters a choice of great talented bands to Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry before they become indoctrinated. Someone had to promote them in the beginning. That’s how they got known . Why not promote the good stuff ?

    By Bill on Dec 6, 2017

  33. Tom Petty complained about the same thing . Said that he would have never became who he and the band became had they started today .. you need exposure to find an audience.

    By Bill on Dec 6, 2017

  34. But of course nothing will change , I certainly realize that . Music as we love and know it probably won’t exist in 40 years

    By Bill on Dec 6, 2017

  35. Does rock have to dominate planet Earth in order to not be dead? There appears to be a natural human tendency to romanticize the past, coupled with a corresponding need to deny one is doing so..

    By Funtime99 on Dec 6, 2017

  36. I think there will always be an audience for new rock, but it will not grab the biggest spotlights. In fact, even in its heyday—the era in which what we now call “classic rock” was being introduced as new music—rock fought to have those biggest successes and mostly failed. According to Billboard statistics listed on Wikipedia, the following are the number one albums and songs for each year from 1965-75 (album; song).

    1965: Mary Poppins soundtrack; “Wooly Bully” (Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs)
    1966: Whipped Cream and Other Delights (Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass); “Ballad of The Green Berets” (SSgt Barry Sadler)
    1967: More of The Monkees; “To Sir, With Love” (Lulu)
    1968: Are You Experienced (Hendrix; it never got to #1 though); “Hey Jude” (Beatles)
    1969: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly; it never got to #1 either); “Sugar, Sugar” (The Archies)
    1970: Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel); “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (S&G)
    1971: Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack; “Joy To The World” (Three Dog Night)
    1972: Harvest (Neil Young; it was #1 for two weeks); “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (Roberta Flack)
    1973: The World Is A Ghetto (War); “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree” (Dawn featuring Tony Orlando)
    1974: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John; it never got to #1 either); “The Way We Were” (Barbra Streisand)
    1975: Elton John’s Greatest Hits; “Love Will Keep Us Together” (Captain & Tennille)

    So what’s the point of listing all this stuff? Check out what’s NOT there: no Zeppelin, no Dylan, no Beatles other than “Hey Jude,” no Stones, no Hendrix other than the album Are You Experienced and it didn’t ever make it to #1, no Dead, no Allman Brothers, no The Band, no Pink Floyd (”Dark Side Of The Moon” was #1 for only 1 week in 1973), no Who (”Won’t Get Fooled Again” ended 1971 as #84 out of 100), no Kinks…you get the point.

    To be fair, Zeppelin, The Beatles and the Stones in particular did well on the charts back then, but it was due to the success of multiple successive singles and albums; they each had a ground swell of popularity based on their consistency from single to single and/or album to album rather than having a brief and sudden stratospheric rise to popularity.

    By Orange T-Rex on Dec 6, 2017

  37. & so it goes. “Rock is dead they say, long live rock!”. I too miss the record stores. Back when I was younger, I would go there & buy an album based on the cover. Sure, we loved The Beatles, Stones, etc. But we had no idea who Black Sabbath were. The first two Zeppelin albums? We had no clue. I bought them because the covers were awesome! Discovered a whole new world! Status Quo ‘Piledriver’ with three guys with long hair rocking? Hello Rock! Little Feet? Loved the cover of ‘Feets Don’t Fail Me..”. The list goes on. & they would play stuff for you. Great times. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I feel sorry for the kids today. Nothing but fucking garbage to listen to. None of the magic. Sad. Maybe rock is dead.

    By Starrwatts on Dec 6, 2017

  38. I have a daughter 26 now and she loves the Beatles, Dylan , Joni Mitchell , Heart . Linda Ronstadt. David Bowie .Lou Reed (with and without the velvets ) the Byrds . Mamas and Papas , CSNY , also from the far past She loves Sinatra , Peggy Lee , Judy Garland , Billie Holliday , June Christy Rosemary Clooney Mel Torme Tom Jones and many more . Also Jazz , Miles , Coltrane, Monk , Armstrong, Ellington, Montgomery and more . She was force fed Britney Spears by her peers as a kid but once she started listening to real
    Music . That was all it took . My point was and is give young people a choice

    By Bill on Dec 6, 2017

  39. She also loves Springsteen, not so much a Petty and the stones yet but I’m work on it

    By Bill on Dec 6, 2017

  40. I too am glad that I’m not a teen or a twenty something today . Such total crap on the airwaves. Before I’m accused of not being open minded ‘ I also like music before my time 30s 40s 50s . The thing is it was music . This stuff today is ‘ well actually its incoherent noise . A hottie with great legs miming to piped in noise . Unfortunately it won’t change . I would like to see some of these great younger bands get a better chance

    By Stanley on Dec 6, 2017

  41. This crap today even makes you long for the disco era .Saturday night fever ( Bee Gees ) etc

    By Stanley on Dec 6, 2017

  42. great comments. neil young aint bad either.

    By tman on Dec 6, 2017

  43. Somehow this morphed into yet another all old music is good and all new music is bad thread. Personally I enjoy bits of both. I find a lot of Classic Rock hasn’t aged well while the newer music sounds fresh. I take some of the old moving forward but pick up new favorites along the way, why does it need to be one or the other?

    I think many people have a narrow view of rock music and if it doesn’t have 4 guys pounding out a 4/4 rhythm it’s not rock or it’s not good music. There is some great music being made today in all different genres and a lot of it is better than a lot of the crusty, obscure B and C rated bands from 50 years ago that get clamored over often in this forum.

    If someone wants to sit around and listen to Foghat for the ten billionth time that’s fine with me, but don’t get angry because the rest of the world has moved on and feel there are many albums made since and some very recently that surpass it in quality.

    By Funtime99 on Dec 6, 2017

  44. Let me also repeat my earlier post since its so appropriate here - Does rock have to dominate planet Earth in order to not be dead? There appears to be a natural human tendency to romanticize the past, coupled with a corresponding need to deny one is doing so..

    By Funtime99 on Dec 6, 2017

  45. It’s not sad that so many on this forum are oblivious to the music being made today, it’s the fact that they think “good music” ended with Hotel California. Another common trope is people who say “great music used to be in the air, maaaaaaaaaaaan. I didn’t have to go looking for it, I just turned on the radio and there it was.” Well, good for you, but the last year that all my favorite new music was easily available on the radio was 1977. I was eight.

    By Double Dan on Dec 6, 2017

  46. It’s not that all new music is bad , I believe myself and others said that the good is shoved to the back burner in favor of the bad . The Shelters , Neko Case , My morning jacket , Beck ( not Jeff ) all very good artists. Why are the Miley’s Katy Perry , Beiber Taylor Swift etc more covered by the media ? It can’t be talent . Granted there have always been no talent hacks with cute faces and bodies but the talented artists were also in the mainstream. These days they are completely shoved aside .

    By Bill on Dec 6, 2017

  47. while I can’t help agreeing with a lot of you in part, I can’t help wondering how many of you have heard of Jason Molina? Even if he’s been dead for a few years now, his stuff (he began recording in the late 90s) is a great companion to a Neil Young collection, and you shouldn’t take the piss out of modern music without at least trying to look outside the mainstream examples. He went through all kinds of phases, as one would expect with any great singer songwriter, and one day I think he will be ranked amongst a lot of these so called “gods” of the previous generation… By the way, thanks for posting this one. Neil is always worth hearing, even if he is old now.

    By Trevor on Dec 7, 2017

  48. It s probably because he started in the late nineties that he isn’t well known . Believe Britney Spears started then as well so it’s obvious who the media was going to focus on as well as the type of music . I’ve never heard of Molina but I’ll try to check him out . I’m sure if he’d started out in the 60s 70s we would all know who he is , which is what we’ve been saying . Blame the mainstream media for not promoting good artists.

    By Bill on Dec 7, 2017

  49. I couldn’t agree more as to what’s been said here . Jason Molina was great . Tragic life . Died at 39 . Another example of a talented musician who became of the time that he came along never became that well known . He would have been a household name in the seventies.

    By Chuck in Texas on Dec 7, 2017

  50. WE know Bill/Chuck, you’ve said this about a 1000 times: MTV which came out in the early 80s really hurt live music and then it became flash over substance.why go see bands live when they were on your tv screen,That being said.there are some good artists today but most have cult followings as opposed to being superstars, once again blame the media.record companies ecc for not promoting properly,if this were the 70s Neko Case for example would be a multi platinum selling superstar like Linda Ronstadt was but because of the time we live in she is cult which is a shame

    By COREY M on Jul 19, 2016

    By XM-77 on Dec 7, 2017

  51. Neil Diamond is from Brooklyn NY not Canada,Robbie Robertson produced his 1976 album Beautiful Noise,hence their friendship ,his last waltz performance did seem out of sink though i agree,only one song and not one of his best at that,Agree that Diamond was great in the 60s and early 70s when he was at his creative the late 70s his departure from his earlier style of singer songwriter to a Vegas style crooner defenitly hurt his legacy ,
    As for todays music vs the 70s,ive said it before,I blame the Media,Radio Stations,TV,record companies for poorly promoting the good stuff instead they promote the Mileys and Beibers of the world as well as hip hop crap,Great music was at your radio dial in the 70s you didnt have to search hard for it,thats the major difference

    By COREY M on Jul 23, 2016
    e -

    By XM-77 on Dec 7, 2017

  52. And as always, you had to agree with yourself… Believe Corey M said it best , MTV which started in the early 80s started the downward spiral ,each decade since the 70s in fact has gotten steadily worse , of course there are and will always be quality music it’s just much harder to find it now , the great singers and musicians of today are playing smaller venues for peanuts where as in the 70s they may have been playing large arenas with great record deals and more radio AirPlay , Boom Boom is right 70s were better but it’s not so much because the groups were better it’s because they were easier to find them , nowadays you have to search harder , must be tough being a dedicated musician today

    By Victor on Jul 20, 2016

    By XM-77 on Dec 7, 2017

  53. How about mixing it up a little, its really boring when you write the same basic comments for years. Or am I being a “no talent hack”, like McLaughlin?

    By XM-77 on Dec 7, 2017

  54. XM-77 ” are you saying the people are wrong about the state on music/ media today ? It’s amusing that when various people happen to agree on something it always has to be one person . Like it’s impossible to believe many people think today’s music scene / mainstream media sucks .

    By Bill on Dec 7, 2017

  55. Whoever Corey M is ‘ pretty much everything he said is right on ” although personally I can’t stand Neil Diamond. I don’t understand how he got into the discussion

    By Bill on Dec 7, 2017

  56. Did someone call John McLaughlin a hack ? Who is this guy ? Please sir keep the talk civil . The profanity seems to have subsided some here recently. Maybe the trolls got tired and moved on . You can debate the issues in a civil manner . No comment here has gotten nasty with name calling and insults . Also Mr 77 you never voiced an opinion on the topic being discussed ” only blasted the commentors . Have you no opinion?

    By Oliver on Dec 7, 2017

  57. There always has to be one jerk that tries to stir up crap . XM -77 is that one here . Myself ‘ hell I firmly believe great music generally speaking barring a few exceptions is dead never to return . We’re not goin back in a time capsule. I have my memories as well as my albums and the great music shared on blogs like this . It dosnt bother me that kids today don’t get it . Hell they don’t know how he difference anyway.

    By Derrick on Dec 7, 2017

  58. My daughter in her twenties gets it ‘ which is why she likes the music from the past . As a small child The legends were always on the turntable. Dylan , Bruce , Petty , Bowie , Joni CSNY , The Band , Heart , Doors , Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones , Beach Boys and more . She learned early on the difference between music and garbage which is why when her middle school friends were listening to Britney Spears , She was into Joni Mitchell. She developed an appreciation for great music early on and even got me into music from the 40s 50s Sinatra, Peggy Lee , Billie Holliday, All the jazz greats and more . I still believe it’s about what we expose kids too . Her modern faves are Joan Shelly , Neko Case , Feist Beck , new pornographers ( Nekos band ) and other talented modern artists . No Miley , Beiber , Taylor Swift garbage.

    By Bill on Dec 7, 2017

  59. Its not your opinion i’m objecting to, as you well know-its the repeating of the same comments over and over, almost always with an accompanying list. Where did I “blast” anyone and what exactly do you find “uncivil” in this dialogue???

    By XM-77 on Dec 8, 2017

  60. Dude ‘ why do you always have to have the last word . I get it great music is dead . You modern music lovers have won , but we don’t have to like it . Also I’m not bill ‘ bills not me nor is victor corey whoever and anybody else ‘ zip it ok ‘ thanks

    By Derrick on Dec 8, 2017

  61. Last word??? Are you 11 years old, I thought we were having a discussion no reason to get hurt feelings.

    By XM-77 on Dec 9, 2017

  62. I think for rock to not be in decline, there has to be significant new blood in both artistry and interest. Rock was a genre for the young when it was growing. It’s obviously in decline if mostly geezers (like me) are the only ones interested.

    I’m still interested in good, new bands. A lot of people my age (52) have no interest in new bands. The real question, I think, is how many young people have an interest.

    By Troggy on Dec 10, 2017

  63. @Carolyn king Pierce - if it is any consolation, when I read your post, my brain saw the word “stayed”, not “slayed”. I only noticed “slayed’ after that person made the joke about it.

    Don’t know if my brain was autocorrecting, based on understanding the context of the full sentence - or if i have slight dislexia. :)

    By Humble Mustache on Dec 31, 2017

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