December 22, 2017 – 3:29 pm

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Chapel Hill 1989 [Pluto Records - PLO 9132 - SB 6, 2CD]

Live at Dean’s Dome, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC; September 13, 1989. Very good FM broadcast. Bonus: Live at Garden State Arts Center,  Holmdel, NJ; August 20, 1989. Very good audience recording.

American musician Tom Petty passed away on October 2, 2017 in California aged 66, says a statement issued on behalf of his family. Petty was found unconscious, not breathing and in full cardiac arrest at his Malibu home. He was taken to hospital, but could not be revived and died later that evening.

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Thanks to mysterioso for sharing the tracks on the net.

mysterioso noted:

This show (1989-09-13) has also been widely distributed in various bootlegs as being from 1990-05-18 - Wilmington, NC (with titles such as Southern Choice, etc). However, all recordings I’ve heard attributed to this date have been this same recording as 1989-09-13. although I do not know for sure the actual correct date, the information I have indicates that 1989-09-13 Chapel Hill is the correct date. Actually, the recording version I used for this comes from the Southern Choice (Italian) boot, as that versipn has a clearer, brighter sound (probably earlier generation recording) than some other boots (’Lost in North Carolina’, ‘Free Fallin’) identified as 1989-09-13.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Bye Bye Johnny 3:46
Track 102. The Damage 4:57
Track 103. Breakdown 4:59
Track 104. Free Fallin’ 4:57
Track 105. The Waiting 6:10
Track 106. Benmont’s Boogie 2:06
Track 107. Don’t Come Around Here No More 8:40
Track 108. Southern Accents 4:48
Track 109. Even The Losers 4:25
Track 110. Listen To Her Heart 2:46
Track 111. Face In The Crowd 4:02
Track 112. Something Big 4:38
Track 113. I Won’t Back Down 3:20
Track 114. I Need To Know 2:15
Track 115. Refugee 5:24
Track 116. Runnin’ Down A Dream 5:21
73 mins

Disc 2
Garden State Arts Center,  Holmdel, NJ; August 20, 1989
Track 201. How Many More Days I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better 4:33
Track 202. American Girl How Many More Days 4:22
Track 203. Yer So Bad 3:15
Track 204. You Got Lucky 4:36
Track 205. Rebels 4:46
Track 206. Should I Stay or Should I Go 4:00
Track 207. Jammin’ Me 5:59
32 mins

Tom Petty - rhythm guitar, lead vocals, harmonica
Mike Campbell - lead guitar, mandolin
Benmont Tench - piano, organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
Howie Epstein - bass guitar, backing vocals, mandolin
Stan Lynch - drums, backing vocals

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  1. 15 Responses to “TOM PETTY - CHAPEL HILL 1989”

  2. Thanks for the show . Tom performs Damage you’ve done , how many more days , Jammin me from Let me up I’ve had enough, a very much maligned album . Everyone including Tom himself hated it and for the life of me I don’t get it . To me it is as good as anything he ever did . Great songwriting and performances .

    By Bill on Dec 24, 2017

  3. I guess people are sick of Tom Petty by now . Hardly any comments. Shame as this is a great show and sound . Agree about Let me up I’ve had enough. Very under appreciated album

    By A.n.T on Dec 25, 2017

  4. Also some have this show as having been in 1990 . What is the actual date ? Thanks again

    By A.n.T on Dec 25, 2017

  5. Get real T.n.A., of course you agree with yourself. You always do.

    By colin rossen on Dec 26, 2017

  6. Thanks so much big o, this show sounds great! Well AnT/Bill you could artificially pump up the comments response like you normally do, why don’t you explain what a great backup vocalist Howie Epstein was again, or mention that Petty had an everyman quality for the 25th time.

    By OrangeBoom on Dec 26, 2017

  7. Bill, I interviewed Tom years ago and he adored Let Me Up and was totally puzzled why it wasn’t one of his biggest albums ever. I’m a huge fan of the album, having heard some live cuts before it came out.

    That said, this version of Face in the Crowd blows away the Full Moon Fever performance. Great guitar, very hushed, heartfelt vocal…perfect.

    By Mark Brown on Dec 28, 2017

  8. Mark , everything I’ve read or watched indicated that Petty hated Let me up . In the documentary running down a Dream Tom said that the title let me up I’ve had enough was exactly how he felt about the whole experience. It’s the only album that wasn’t represented in the greatest hits cd . I totally disagree, to me it’s a great album . Runaway trains and it’ll all work out are especially great songs .

    By Bill on Dec 29, 2017

  9. To me Tom never put out a bad album or wrote a bad song , they all ranged from good to very good to great

    By Bill on Dec 29, 2017

  10. From Tom’s family: Our family sat together this morning with the Medical Examiner – Coroner’s office and we were informed of their final analysis that Tom Petty passed away due to an accidental drug overdose as a result of taking a variety of medications.

    Unfortunately Tom’s body suffered from many serious ailments including emphysema, knee problems and most significantly a fractured hip.

    Despite this painful injury he insisted on keeping his commitment to his fans and he toured for 53 dates with a fractured hip and, as he did, it worsened to a more serious injury.

    On the day he died he was informed his hip had graduated to a full on break and it is our feeling that the pain was simply unbearable and was the cause for his over use of medication.

    We knew before the report was shared with us that he was prescribed various pain medications for a multitude of issues including Fentanyl patches and we feel confident that this was, as the coroner found, an unfortunate accident.

    As a family we recognize this report may spark a further discussion on the opioid crisis and we feel that it is a healthy and necessary discussion and we hope in some way this report can save lives. Many people who overdose begin with a legitimate injury or simply do not understand the potency and deadly nature of these medications.

    On a positive note we now know for certain he went painlessly and beautifully exhausted after doing what he loved the most, for one last time, performing live with his unmatchable rock band for his loyal fans.

    By ScarRad on Jan 20, 2018

  11. Bill. be sure to read Stevie Nicks’ great comments about Tom (on MSN site) given at the pre-Grammy celebration for Fleetwood Mac’s honors. Great to know that they were close friends. She was near tears. They were the ones being awarded, yet she splke about Tom.

    By ScarRad on Jan 28, 2018

  12. Spoke, not spike, sorry.

    By ScarRad on Jan 28, 2018

  13. I saw Stevie’s speech yesterday. It was heartbreaking. They were very close .

    By Bill on Jan 28, 2018

  14. She almost broke down talking about Tom , It was hard to watch . Pettys death has affected so many ‘ Myself in particular is having a hard time getting over this one . Can’t quite figure out why as others have passed . It’s been said many times but bears repeating. Tom Petty was unlike most famous rock stars and celebrities in that he didn’t crave celebrity or hero worship. He seemed like a regular dude . The friend you never met . The brother from another mother . That’s the only way I know to describe it . Plus all those great songs for four decades. A soundtrack to many of our youths .

    By Bill on Jan 28, 2018

  15. As Stevie said Tom was in very bad health . That hip fracture got worse as he kept touring. He should have never toured until he took care of that hip . Also emphasima from all the smoking, some heart issues as well , bad knees etc The poor guy was a physical wreck. Through it all he cared more about his fans than himself . Myself I just wished to hell he’d been more selfish and took better care of himself. He could have possibly toured later after he got some of these health problems taken care of . 66 was too young to go like that especially when he still had way more to give .

    By Bill on Jan 28, 2018

  16. Also Toms abusive childhood at the hands of his dad is something that seems to humanize him to a lot of us . Many of us have experienced that ourselves or know of someone who has . It’s no wonder that child abuse and homelessness were two causes that were important to Tom . You carry things like that with you the rest of your life . Tom said his Dad beat him black and blue and raised welts . . That would put you in jail today , but was commonly accepted back then . Tom also suffered from depression and his childhood abuse probably played a part in whatever addictions he had in his life , despite his success and fame

    By Bill on Jan 28, 2018

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