December 24, 2017 – 5:09 pm

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Belfast 2008 [no label, 1CD]

With the Ulster Orchestra. Live at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland; May 12, 2008. Very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to mochino for sharing the show at Dime.

Picture by Leah Pritchard - Thanks!

Radio FM > OLYMPUS LS-10:44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo WAV
> xACT 2.4 > FLAC

These tracks are no longer available for sharing as the uploader does not want them shared as MP3s.

Track 01. Something Beautiful 5:57
Track 02. You Made Me Thief Of Your Heart 4:57
Track 03. John I Love You 6:30
Track 04. If You Had A Vineyard 6:45
Track 05. Dark I Am Yet Lovely 4:37
Track 06. The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance 5:08
Track 07. What Doesn’t Belong To Me 5:43
Track 08. The Emperor’s New Clothes 5:33
Track 09. The Lamb’s Book Of Life 5:03
Track 10. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina 5:49
Track 11. Back Where You Belong 4:25
Track 12. Succes Has Made A Failure Of Our Home 4:01
Track 13. Nothing Compares 2 U 5:41
Track 14. Thank You For Heraring Me 5:47
Track 15. Mandinka 4:46
81 mins

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  1. 22 Responses to “MAGDA DAVITT (SINEAD O’CONNOR) - BELFAST 2008”

  2. Thanks! And Merry Christmas to you, too!

    By Steve MC on Dec 24, 2017

  3. Why u publish my recording?and reduce it to mp3.

    By Mochino on Dec 25, 2017

  4. Hello Mochino

    Thanks for your note and all your efforts. We have already removed the tracks.

    By bigozine2 on Dec 25, 2017

  5. Hey mochino, screw you!

    By Bill on Dec 26, 2017

  6. No Bill, screw you!! With all the talk about the state of the music industry etc, look no further than your own sense of entitlement as to why there’s no longer financial incentive in recording studio music. So I can’t have your music for free? Well screw you! Before you try the old warhorse about how you if you hear these tracks and like them you’ll go out and spend some money, if that were true the sales figures wouldn’t be a fraction of what they once were, but sadly they are.

    By John G. on Dec 26, 2017

  7. Difficult to watch Sinead slide into utter madness.

    By Terry on Dec 26, 2017

  8. I would like Sinead to dip her bald head in oil and rub it all over my body.

    By George Costanza on Dec 26, 2017

  9. GREAT! Just when I think I’m out they SUCK me back in. I sent her to lesbianism, and he brings them back.

    By Sumdh Umfuqh on Dec 26, 2017

  10. To John G. these live recordings are not released commercially so by downloading them the artists don’t lose anything, it’s not that these recordings have been officially released so the artists can profit from them…
    These are unique recordings that true fans love to hear, again, it’s not music that was released on vinyl or cd from artists labels so there’s no “taking money away from artist” issue as you claim…

    By Max on Dec 26, 2017

  11. Thanx John G.

    My problem is when someone devastated my recordings to mp3.amen

    many rude people here,so fuck u.

    By Mochino on Dec 26, 2017

  12. Max-Its music that they could choose to release in the future, furthermore many musicians and/or tapers get pretty upset when their music is downgraded to mp3 form as i’m sure mochino can attest to. Its the same as a film maker not wanting his work viewed in a blurry format. In the past 8 yrs anytime an artist or their management has pulled tracks down from here the regulars start howling, and its exactly about money; how dare they make me exert time effort or money to listen to music, most in fact make a point of saying they’ll never listen to a particular act if that’s occurred…

    By John G. on Dec 26, 2017

  13. Mochino,

    Don’t think Ive ever heard anything on this website that became “devastated”, when they were transcribed to mp3. It appears you just don’t want your recordings used at all. If that s the case just say so..

    You’re right this site is loaded with rude people, unfortunately, but if you choose, you could still share these recordings with us. Why not let us judge the quality.

    By dwk on Dec 27, 2017

  14. Well dwk, when its your own work being presented you can decide that for yourself, until then give others the same consideration.

    By Rozz on Dec 27, 2017

  15. For what it’s worth it took me two minutes to find several sources for MP3 versions of this programme noting that it ISN’T Mochino’s ‘work’ being recorded but a radio broadcast of O’Connor’s music and there are more 320 Kbps versions than any singular flac snob’s. Leave him be here but if you want a slightly better sound version that’s twice as big.
    So have at it, it ain’t difficult people. No need to be nasty!

    By swappers on Dec 27, 2017

  16. Mochino made the original post on dime and requested it not be transferred to mp3 form; just because plenty of other people didn’t respect his wishes I see no reason why big o should do the same. And yes, as swappers noted nothing posted here is ever exclusive to this site, a simple google search usually reveals multiple sources.

    By moon shot on Dec 27, 2017

  17. Hello moon shot

    Just to clarify - unfortunately, for this show, there was no “no mp3s” advisory at Dime.

    By bigozine2 on Dec 28, 2017

  18. Got it big o, I didn’t think you knowingly went against anyones wishes, though admittedly after reading my post it sounds like that’s what I was saying…anyway thanks very much for all the great shows and for keeping it eclectic!

    By moon shot on Dec 28, 2017

  19. For the record I’m not the Bill who made the insulting comment above , that being said I don’t get the big deal about the whole MP3 vs flac or lossless debate . I really can’t tell a difference, maybe it’s my old ears being damaged by years of listening to loud rock music and standing next to amps when I was in a band years ago. Anyway the music on these blogs is free so I’m grateful for it in any form . As for the whole copyright debate . If it hasn’t been officially released then what’s the harm . People just want to hear their favorite bands and artists. There are hundreds of boots by The stones , Dylan , Led Zeppelin etc and I doubt that they lose any money over shows that are forty plus years old being heard by fans . Peter Grant going into the audience and record stores beating people up didn’t do much to sto the boots did it ?

    By Bill on Dec 29, 2017

  20. Most blogs remove shows if and when they are officially released. Example the stones great boot get your Leeds lungs out was released as part of a delux sticky fingers box set with the first two songs finally added to the show after years of being ommited from the bootleg. My big complaint is the cost of that box set is a whopping $189.00 price . A rip off if you are only getting it for that show . Other bad things about official releases are edits and overdubs. I only trust bootlegs to get the shows warts and all

    By Bill on Dec 29, 2017

  21. hey bill try getting the same source material in mp3 and flac format and give it a side by side listen, I find the difference significant and easily discernable. be sure to play the flac files thru a player that takes advantage of the increased information or its a moot point. if you really damaged your hearing earlier in life it might not make a difference however, how old are you? with regards to illegal downloading I don’t think its the established legacy acts who get pinched, its the newcomers who have to really hustle to make a living since nobody wants to pay for music. happy new year to all.

    By Mark G. on Dec 29, 2017

  22. totally agree about the warts and all, I want to hear what you sound like on a Tuesday night in Idaho with no studio post work, not Madison square garden when you know you’re taping a live album. one of the worst aspects of mtv was that it created a performance aesthetic that couldn’t possibly be matched in reality; you’d watch an actual show and wonder why there weren’t 200 edits and 4 costume changes during a 4 minute song!

    By Mark G. on Dec 29, 2017

  23. From my experience a flak or lossless recording is slightly better if it’s a good source anyway ( soundboards ) but for an average audience tape no difference in fact it can sound worse ‘ picking up noise and enhancing any distortion more so than MP3

    By Stanley on Dec 30, 2017

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