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Long may you run and Young wasn’t joking.

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Attack Of The Bonus Tracks [no label, 3CD]

Outtakes, demos, live recordings from 1965 to 1989. Quality varies from good to excellent stereo.

This 3-CD set brings together the bonus tracks only from six obsolete American CD-R bootlegs. The discs were expanded editions of “Time Fades Away”, “On The Beach”, “American Stars & Bars”, “Hawks & Doves”,”Re-Ac-Tor” and “Eldorado”.

“Eldorado” was already available officially (albeit only in Japan), “On The Beach”, “American Stars & Bars”,”Hawks & Doves” & Re-Ac-Tor” were later released officially, and there are now superior bootlegs of “Time Fades Away”. The sound quality of most of these tracks is not especially good, but it is always at least listenable. This is the one-stop destination to get all of these tracks without searching for six otherwise now worthless discs. - Philip Cohen

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Myself, I’ve not come across the 2CD expanded editions Cohen mentions although I have seen bootleg pairings of Time Fades Away and the soundtrack to Where The Buffalo Roams and On The Beach with American Stars ‘n Bars. Neither had the bonus tracks to be found here.

The nice ones are on CD2 and 3. The outtakes from the Old Ways album, that rare acetate with Bobby Charles, You’ll Always Live Inside Me. Never heard of this till now. It comes from Charles’ unreleased second album recorded for Bearsville in 1977. Young sings harmony.

Cohen has also generously included his own rarity of If You Got Love taken from a Netherlands test pressing of Trans (?). This song first appeared as one of the tracks for 1982’s Trans album but disappeared just as casually. Young has explained he thought If You Got Love was “wimpy”. The song got as far as first pressings of the Trans cover art where it was listed as track 2 of side 1.

CD3 opens with three more demos from the Trans session in 1982. Then fast forward to 1986 and you get outtakes of Weight Of The World, Hanging On A Limb and the beautiful/sad and still unreleased I Wonder Why.

This compilation also offers one of Young’s best demos, an acoustic version of Powderfinger. The released electric version always distracted with its energetic solos. While strumming his guitar, Young sings the song’s final verse as a moving anti-war statement.

Shelter me from the powder
and the finger
Cover me with the thought
that pulled the trigger
Think of me
as one you’d never figured
Would fade away so young
With so much left undone

This song was probably for all the rural country boys who were drafted or volunteered to enter the uniformed service because the “powers-that-be” felt that was the best for them. Thanks for sharing Phil.

Note: Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc One:
Elektra Demos 1965:
1. Sugar Mountain (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
2. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
3. Run Around Babe (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
4. Don’t Pity Me Babe (A.K.A. “Ballad of Peggy Grover”)(Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
Track 105. Ain’t Got The Blues (3.6MB)
6. The Rent is Always Due (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)
7. When It Falls, It Falls on You (A.K.A. “Extra Extra”) (Omitted. Available on “Archives Vol.1″)

Track 108. The Needle & The Damage Done (from Johnny Cash T.V. show Feb.17, 1971) (3.0MB)

Live at The Boston Tea Party March 1, 1970:
Track 109. Cinnamon Girl (4.8MB)
Track 110. Cowgirl in The Sand (16.1MB - visit the html page to download the track)

Outtakes & Demos 1974:
Track 111. Pocahontas (4.5MB)
Track 112. Star of Bethlehem (3.6MB)
Track 113. Love is a Rose (3.1MB)
Track 114. Campaigner (4.7MB)

Demos & Outtakes 1975-76:
Track 115. Will to Love (9.9MB)
Click here if you reside in the United States
Click here if you reside outside the United States
Track 116. Captain Kennedy (3.9MB)
Track 117. Look Out For My Love (5.3MB)
Track 118. Too Far Gone (3.6MB)
Track 119. River of Pride (4.6MB)

Disc Two:
Track 201. Like a Hurricane (Live at Hammersmith Odeon,London Mar 31,1976) (12.4MB - visit the html page to download the track)

Outtakes 1977:
Track 202. Human Highway (4.2MB)
Track 203. Already One (6.3MB)

Acetate with Bobby Charles:
Track 204. You’ll Always Live Inside Me (4.4MB)

Outtakes 1977-78:
Track 205. Powderfinger (4.6MB)
Track 206. Hold Back The Tears (6.8MB)
Track 207. Sedan Delivery (7.4MB)

Unreleased “Farm Aid” E.P.:
Track 208. Interstate (7.4MB)
Track 209. Grey Riders (7.7MB)
Track 210. Nothing is Perfect (7.0MB)

Outtakes From “Old Ways” 1984-85:
Track 211. Old Ways (4.8MB)
Track 212. Depression Blues (5.4MB)
Track 213. California Sunset (3.8MB)
Track 214. My Boy (4.0MB)
Track 215. Are There Any More Real Cowboys? (3.9MB)
Track 216. Silver and Gold (4.4MB)

Added exclusive bonus track:
Track 217. If You Got Love (studio version from CBS international Netherlands test pressing) (4.6MB)

Disc Three:
Demos 1982:
Track 301. Raining in Paradise (6.4MB)
Track 302. If You Got Love (4.6MB)
Track 303. Mr. Soul (6.9MB)

Live at The Mike Bloomfield Tribute, The Ritz,New York City
March 2,1981:
Track 304. Baby What You Want Me to Do (8.5MB)
Track 305. Sweet Little Rock n ‘Roller/Nadine (12.4MB - visit the html page to download the track)

Live at Wembley Stadium, England April 16,1990:
Track 306. Rockin’ in The Free World (5.9MB)
Track 307. Mother Earth (6.1MB)

Demos & Outtakes 1986:
Track 308. Weight of The World (8.1MB)
Track 309. Hanging on a Limb (6.4MB)
Track 310. I Wonder Why (5.9MB)

San Francisco Earthquake Benefit, Live From The Cow Palace
Nov 26,1989:
Track 311. Hey Hey, My My (5.1MB)
Track 312. Rockin’ in The Free World (7.2MB)
Track 313. Heart of Gold (4.5MB)
Track 314. Crime in The City (10.3MB - visit the html page to download the track)

For a quick overview of Neil Young’s career, we much prefer newbies start with Decade, originally a triple-LP but now a double CD. All the songs fit on two CDs. Released in 1977, the songs cover the period from 1966 to 1976, a decade. Arguably his best years. Click on the link to order the album.


  2. The Six original CD-R bootlegs that were the source for these recordings weren’t 2-CD sets. They were 1-CD editions with bonus tracks.
    The CBS International test pressing that was my source for Disc two/track 17 was indeed an early track line-up for “Trans”. The test pressing also contained an extended mix of “Like an Inca”, which is now on the official “Trans” CD.

    By Philip Cohen on Feb 4, 2010

  3. POWDERFINGER: The song was written for LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Neil and Skynyrd were actualy friends and Neil had written the song with them in mind… it was Ronnie Van Zant’s voice he heard singing it and Allen Collin’s guitar he heard playing it.

    Skynyrd never got to record it…. the plane crash of Oct. 20, 1977, etc, etc, etc… so Neil kept it himself and performed it on his 78 tour, and it showed up for the first time on his RUST NEVER SLEEPS soundtrack lp of 1979.

    Thank you for this NEIL collection. Do you have any 1973 - 1977 Ronnie Van Zant era LYNYRD SKYNYRD recordings you can offer up? Or perhaps any ALICE COOPER ones as well? You guys are the best!

    By The Russian Assassin on Feb 4, 2010

  4. Great Stuff Top&Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By udo on Feb 4, 2010

  5. anyone ever in ontario canada , actually the little town of omeemee there is a wonderful little neil young museum housed in a quaint little home that was once where neil and his buddy played as children.Well worth checking this out the curator has devoted a lifetime of collecting and amassing rock and roll memoribila and many Neil young items..[there is a town in north ontario]

    By sluggo on Feb 4, 2010

  6. “Star Of Bethlehem” has Emmy Lou Harris on background vocals. Great stuff, thanx!

    By Timmy on Feb 4, 2010

  7. Great set. Thanks.

    By BigLou on Feb 5, 2010

  8. Philip C!! You’ve done it again! Thanks for sharing these gems! Looking forward to the next surprise addition ;>()

    By eponymus on Feb 5, 2010

  9. Isn’t “Love is a Rose” the same version thats on the Legal “Decade” LP Set?

    By ToddS on Feb 5, 2010

  10. “The released electric version [of Powderfinger] always distracted with its energetic solos.” With all due respect: are you INSANE? That’s only one of the single greatest guitar riffs ever recorded! It’s epochal, iconic, transcendent!

    Well, like my daddy would say, “That’s what makes horse races.” Thanks again for all the continued great BigO postings. You’re one of the best…

    By Pober Saltine on Feb 5, 2010

  11. “Interstate” and “Grey Riders” are two of my favorite Neil Young songs of all time. Keep them coming, Mr. Cohen! You are great to open your archives like this. Much appreciated. Thank you, Big O. You have a site that I check daily just to see what kind of cool things appear.

    By Texas Tom on Feb 5, 2010

  12. Excellent post, despite I had heard most… but please stop using 4shared, it totally SUCKS.

    By Peter on Feb 6, 2010

  13. Much more cool music to come from “The Phil Cohen Collection”.

    By Philip Cohen on Feb 6, 2010

  14. You are my heros Phil & BigO

    By Matt on Feb 9, 2010

  15. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Great Neil Stuff on BigO. By the way, “Rockin’ in the Free World” and “Mother Earth” are from the Nelson Mandela Benefit in 1990. It was broadcasted on the radio. Neil only played these two songs that night.

    Most of these Seventies-Songs make up the still unreleased “Chrome Dreams” album.

    By Steven on Feb 9, 2010

  16. Hey Sluggo

    Oh My My I’ve never been to Omeemee. But I’ll keep it in mind when I go out that way.

    By Chis on Feb 13, 2010

  17. Neil Young. Am looking for live bootleg versions of Neil Young’s tracks Captain Kennedy, Will to love, Hold back the tears and Look out for my love. Can any possibly help. Many thanks for any help you can give.

    By Lorton on May 25, 2014

  18. lorton - try youtube for these things.
    for example on the captain kennedy track -

    will to love -

    hold back the tears -

    look out for my love -

    By darth on May 25, 2014

  19. @darth, thank you for your help, the only one I could use was Hold back the tears. The rest are either unplugged or album versions. One more off my list anyway. If you come across any more it would be appreciated. Even if you know of any concerts these songs were played it would help. Once again many thanks.

    By Lorton on May 25, 2014

  20. each time u click on one of those links.. u can go to the bottom of the page if u dont find something u are looking for on that listing and click to the next page. for example..with the first one.. there were 1960 results. im sure theyre not all matches to what u are looking for. they never are. but u still have to look thru them and see. just in case. sometimes matches that are totally wrong and have nothing to do with what u were looking for will pop up and u just scroll past those and see if others that come up after that do match what u are seeking. with 1960 results on that one alone.. surely there are some rare live versions.
    check the others too. unplugged is a great source for items. unless of course its from his officially released unplugged which then u wont need. but much of his performances are unplugged and still wonderful. u didnt specify that u were only looking for electric versions. i saw many live versions for will to love on there that werent unplugged. check again.

    another idea is if u figure out which shows he did the songs u want at then u can ask for those particular shows. u can also go to sugarmegs and look thru the set lists the the shows u want. there are 100s of neil shows listed there. if u find out which boot lp’s or cds happen to have the songs u are looking for.. u can also look for those particular titles.
    when its one song or two that u are looking for here or there.. the best fastest and easiest thing u can do is look on youtube.

    By darth on May 25, 2014

  21. @darth,

    Thank you darth, will keep looking though all the items listed on youtube in the hope of finding related items. Unplugged although brilliant is an official release. I’m looking for either acoustic or electric versions not officially released. Obviously good quality is desired. Have looked at sugermegs and there is a huge mountain to climb there. I will work my way them al when I get a chance. You never know what gem may turn up.

    By Lorton on May 25, 2014

  22. @darth, Sugarmegs has given me some good info. Two have never been played live and a few copies of hold back the tears are on there. Thanks for the directions.

    By Lorton on May 26, 2014

  23. i dont know how u found thru all the shows neil has done that are on the sugarmegs site which ones had the songs u wanted in such a short time. if 2 songs have never been played live then looking for them having been played live seems like a waste of time. doesnt it? i know there is a neil base just like a dead base for every song and which shows and of course u can then cross reference that with sugarmeg.

    keep in mind.. however.. many people will post the word ‘unplugged’ for a song on youtube even if its not from the actual show called unplugged to signify that a track is live and acoustic. neil did an unplugged performance that wasnt released as well as one that was. in 89 i believe it was.. he recorded a performance that was intended to be used for the unplugged tv program and it wasnt used. then later on they did use one. later on one was issued. jones beach was used as partial performance for an unplugged performance. wttv studios in chicago il 93 were also used for a long set all totally unplugged and that was brdcst and in many places people list that as his unplugged session. i have seen another show he did but im not looking at which one it was right now as being his unplugged performance. i believe it was somewhere between 89 and 92.

    incidentally.. a 2nd book is underway. they didnt make an audio book of his first one but i have an amazing 3 disc set of a fan made one with music on it. talk about rare!!!
    and now we have another archives release coming soon too. woohoo!! cant wait.

    By darth on May 26, 2014

  24. i dont know how u found thru all the shows neil has done that are on the sugarmegs site which ones had the songs u wanted in such a short time.

    Lorton,he`s calling you a liar.

    By scopesmonkey on May 26, 2014

  25. If you go here, you can search by song for reference…

    “Captain Kennedy” and “Will to Love” have never been performed live.

    By vertigone on May 31, 2014

  26. vertigone, that is an amazing site. Just the statistics page is staggering. I wish that type of info was available for every artist.

    By Job Hunter on May 31, 2014

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