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The Amazing Keystone Big Band

Belgium 2018 [no label, 1CD]
Jazz Middelheim. Live at Park Den Brandt, Antwerp, Belgium; August 11, 2018. Very good radio broadcast.

Disney melodies, in whatever language, are engraved in our collective memory and passed on from generation to generation. Even today, there’s no shame in singing along loudly to “Beauty and the Beast” and “Under The Sea”. Although Disney princes might be a bit outdated, Disney continues to inspire all of us. With their project Jazz Loves Disney, the 17-member The Amazing Keystone Big Band from France reinvents the most beautiful Disney classics. On the Jazz Middelheim stage, the delightful voices of Selah Sue, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Hugh Coltman, China Moses (daughter of Dee Dee Bridgewater!) and Myles Sanko will complete the party.

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Thanks to taper Steven; and to gideon77 for sharing the show at Dime.

Pictures by Bruno Bollaert, posted at - Thanks!

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Track 00. Intro 2:01
Track 01. Overture 2:49
Track 02. Introduction 1:53
Track 03. Hakuna Matata (The Lion King) 5:11
Track 04. Talk 0:55
Track 05. When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) 4:02
Track 06. Talk 0:56
Track 07. Beauty And The Beast 4:19
Track 08. Talk 0:58
Track 09. You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story) 4:10
Track 10. Talk 0:22
Track 11. Try Everything (Zootopia) 4:52
Track 12. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella) 3:54
Track 13. Talk 0:54
Track 14. Someday My Prince Will Come (Snow White) 3:17
Track 15. Talk 2:11
Track 16. Why Don’t You Do Right (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) 5:08
Track 17. Talk 0:51
Track 18. I Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book) 2:48
Track 19. Talk 0:49
Track 20. Stay Awake (Mary Poppins) 2:48
Track 21. Talk 0:52
Track 22. Prince Ali (Aladdin) 4:10
Track 23. Talk 0:43
Track 24. So This Is Love (Cinderella) 3:17
Track 25. Talk 0:23
Track 26. Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat (The Aristocats) 4:05
Track 27. Applause 1:16
Track 28. Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid) 5:48
Track 29. Outro 0:18
76 mins

The Amazing Keystone Big Band:
Conducted by Bastien Ballaz (trombone), Jon Boutellier (saxophone), Fred Nardin (piano), David Enhco (trumpet)
Trumpet - Vincent Labarre, Thierry Seneau, Félicien Bouchot, David Enhco
Trombone - Loïc Bachevillier, Bastien Ballaz, Aloïs Benoit, Sylvain Thomas
Saxophone - Kenny Jeanney, Pierre Desassis, Jon Boutellier, Eric Prost & Ghyslain Regard
Rhythm section - Fred Nardin (piano), Thibaut François (guitar), Patrick Maradan (double bass), Romain Sarron (drums)
Vocals: Selah Sue, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Hugh Coltman, China Moses, Myles Sanko


  2. This looks a lot of fun. Merry Christmas BigO

    By Bing Bongong on Dec 23, 2018

  3. 23 Dec 1968
    It was Led Zeppelin’s first journey to the United States
    The members of Led Zeppelin enter the United States for their first American Tour, and we stayed at one of my old Yardbird haunts – The Chateau Marmont. I had been used to touring the States with The Yardbirds over the previous two years, but for first timers Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones, it was not going to take long for them to be initiated in to the ways of the US.

    By Jimmy Page on Dec 23, 2018

  4. I have always associated “…Wish Upon a Star” with Pinocchio…

    By Lobo on Dec 24, 2018

  5. An absolute abomination. An insult to the true legends of Jazz to even say the J word when describing this noise . A big double thumbs down from me .

    By Smashmouth on Dec 24, 2018

  6. They got some brothers and sisters here and blacks are the only true Jazz artists but they got some honkys here to . Honky whites ain’t no Jazz masters . This ain’t that good .

    By Jazz Man on Dec 24, 2018

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