March 27, 2010 – 4:15 am

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Last Rave-Up In LA [Goldtone, 2CD]

Live at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, May 31 and June 1, 1968. Good to fairly good audience recording.

The Yardbirds virtually wrote the book on guitar-oriented blues-based rock & roll. They were a crucial link between mid-Sixties British R&B  and late-Sixties psychedelia, setting the groundwork for heavy metal. This seminal band spawned three major guitar heroes - Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck - who, with the Yardbirds, pioneered almost every technical guitar innovation of the era, including feedback and fuzz tone.
- The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia Of Rock & Roll (1995)

According to, there are only four shows with Jimmy Page on guitar that have “survived to this day and age”. The shows are: Stockholm (April 4, 1967); Fillmore West (May 1968);  and Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles (May 31 and June 1, 1968). The best sounding of the lot is probably the Stockholm show, though it is a mono soundboard but “clear and balanced.”

As for the Shrine Auditorium shows, Philip Cohen explains: “Last Rave-Up In LA is a 2CD set of primitive 1968 audience recordings of two Yardbirds concerts, recorded May 31 and June 1 at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. This was originally released as a 3 LP vinyl bootleg on the ‘Glimpses’ label, then later as a limited, hand-numbered 2CDR set on the ‘Goldtone’ label. ‘Goldtone’ obviously had access to the original masters, because, though they dropped at least one track from the May 31 show (Glimpses) they present many previously unreleased takes.

“The vinyl set presented only a few tracks from the June 1 set, but the CDR edition apparently presents the entirety of the June 1 show. The Yardbirds are in fine form, though the recording quality leaves a great deal to be desired. The CDR edition is also augmented with four selections from the German TV show, Beat Beat Beat.”

According to Greg Russo’s Yardbirds: The Ultimate Rave-up, the poor sound on the two Shrine shows was because the the taper hid the recorder and mic under his pregnant girlfiend’s dress.

The quality of the sound notwithstanding, this is a must for Yardbirds and Jimmy Page fans and it really shows what a powerful group the Yardbirds were as a live band.

Thanks to Phil Cohen for sharing the tracks.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1 (Shrine Auditorium, May 31, 1968)
Track 101. Train Kept A Rollin’ (4.7MB)
Track 102. Mister You’re A Better Man Than I - Heart Full Of Soul (11.3MB)
Track 103. Dazed And Confused (12.3MB)
Track 104. Shapes Of Things (4.7MB)
Track 105. I’m A Man (18.7MB)
Track 106. Smokestack Lightning - Waiting For My Man (17.7MB)
Track 107. Bye Bye Bird (8.7MB)
Track 108. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (4.6MB)
Track 109. Drinking Muddy Water (4.4MB)
Track 110. New York City Blues (2.2MB)
Track 111. Wish You Would - Hey Gyp (10.6MB)

Disc 2 (Shrine Auditorium, June 1, 1968)
Track 201. Train Kept A Rollin’ (5.0MB)
Track 202. Mister You’re A Better Man Than I - Heart Full Of Soul (11.9MB)
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Track 203. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (4.8MB)
Track 204. Wish You Would - Hey Gyp (19.3MB)
Track 205. Drinking Muddy Water (4.4MB)
Track 206. New York City Blues (7.6MB)
Track 207. I Ain’t Done Wrong (11.1MB)
Track 208. Over, Under, Sideways, Down (2.8MB)

Bonus (Hamburg, Germany, March 1, 1967)
Track 209. Shapes Of Things (3.1MB)
Track 210. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (3.3MB)
Track 211. Over, Under, Sideways, Down (3.0MB)
Track 212. I’m A Man (7.6MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America

Keith Relf - vocals, harmonica
Jimmy Page - guitar
Chris Dreja - bass
Jim McCarty - drums

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  2. Let us not forget:
    Before Led Zeppelin, there were the Yardbirds.
    Before Robert Plant, there was Keith Relf.
    Their legend continues to loom large.

    By Nick on Mar 27, 2010

  3. I have this box set lp collection but not on cd ..I love you guys..thanks !!

    By sluggo on Mar 27, 2010

  4. Sluggo,

    I’ve got the vinyl too, and you’ll note that this CD edition has a lot of material from June 1,1968 that wasn’t on the vinyl. If I had the time to do an in-depth comparison between the vinyl & CD editions, I might have been able to find out if there were any tracks other than “White Summer”(I mistakenly said “Glimpses”) that were exclusive to the vinyl, and perhaps done a supplemental disc of tracks that were exclusive to the vinyl edition.

    By Philip Cohen on Mar 27, 2010

  5. Phil I intend to give both a thorough listen later on..thrilled to get I said I have the vinyl but now I can listen anywhere..long live the Yardbirds..
    have to gloat a bit but I still have my Canadian mono lps on Capitol 6000 series which sound glorious..If you haven`t heard the capitol 6000 series “Over Under Sideways Down” lp in mono then you haven`t heard it at all..different mix and more guitar!!!

    By sluggo on Mar 27, 2010

  6. hey bigo, philip, i haven’t listened to the yardbirds much, but this is pretty good. even jimmy used a bow then. i was playing it and santana-village recordings walking. that was offered in late sept. i got it 9.29 so a day before bigo offered. i usually get most of my stuff the early the next morning cause i don’t sleep much.

    more avant!


    By Ed Saad on Mar 27, 2010

  7. Per the number of recoreded shows with Jimmy P., I have/had a recording on cassette (buried somewhere) that states the Winter Garden in NYC. It was recorded either from WMMR in Phila. or 102.7 in NYC.I remember it having Train Kept a Rollin’, Dazed and others. Could this be the Fillmore show instead? It will take me a day or two to find the cassette.

    By Bubbles on Mar 28, 2010

  8. keep looking and find a way to post it bubbles…never nuff Yardbirds…

    By sluggo on Mar 28, 2010

  9. got it now..thanks again BIGO just another reason this site is so good! You guys made my day with this one.

    By sluggo on Mar 28, 2010

  10. Thanks for putting the Yardbirds up for all to listen. Too bad the taper didn’t at least take the microphone out from under the dress of the pregnant girlfriend. Must have been uncomfortable for her. LOL. Any other yardbird tracks would be appreciated.

    By Malcolm on Mar 30, 2010

  11. A “semi-official” live album from this era (supposedly intended for legit release but cancelled after the band broke up) called “Live Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page” has surfaced a couple of times over the last 40 years but been forced back off the market each time by Page’s lawyers. Is that from one of these shows?

    By drkrick on Mar 31, 2010

  12. Follow up - that was supposedly a show from 3/30/68 at the Anderson Theater, NYC. Setlist is similar but not identical to these: Train Kept A-Rollin, You’re a Better Man, Heart Full of Soul, Dazed and Confused, My Baby, Over Under Sideways Down, Drinkin’ Muddy Water, Shapes of Things, White Summer, I’m a Man

    By drkrick on Mar 31, 2010

  13. drkrick,

    Thanks for the Anderson Theater lead. I’m still trying to find the TDK cassette. May need to check with my brothers, who have been known to borrow my boots!

    By Bubbles on Apr 2, 2010

  14. very nice post. I used to collect a lot of YB stuff. Time to start again

    By Matt on Apr 4, 2010

  15. How much is the original last rave up in l.a.3 lp box set (1000 printed) worth?

    By Roger on Sep 11, 2010

  16. Howdy…I remember my brother turning me on to the yardbirds in the early 70’s…him saying to me “I know you know the byrds, but rob, have you heard of the YARDBIRDS?” It was from then on that I became a diehard fan of the band…and now I also own a copy of the Anderson Theatre gig not only on epic, but on the Columbia Records Special Products label, which I bought dirt cheap (a fiver) but knew nothing about, but had an inkling it meant something. I too have a copy of the 33 1/3 vinyl of “the last rave up”…an amazing band indeed…I have even been lucky to meet Paul Samwell-smith the night of the MARQUEE Club’s 25th aniversary hosting the Yardbirds runion in 1983…it was a great night…I’m just a lucky so and so…have to admit it. Is there any other live Yardbirds with BECK-OLA ?

    By robert romero on Dec 19, 2010

  17. I have the following Yardbirds vinyl albums, in VF/NM cond, all purchased in the mid 80s:

    1) Last Rave-Up in LA, triple album, 2nd printing, 513/of 1000 copies,
    Glimpses Records GR001, color cover (1968 rec of their last Shrine perf) cost $60 in 1985

    2) Last Hurrah in the Big Apple, TAKRL/1914 (boot of their Anderson
    Theatre perf in NYC)

    3) Golden Eggs (TMQ 61001 Deluxe Series) color cover by William Stout,
    mostly the Little Games recordings while the original was out of
    print. Nice!

    4) More Golden Eggs (TMQ 61003 Del Series) color cover by Stout,
    includes 6 pp insert–interview w Keith Relf–nice!

    5) Afternoon Tea (Rhino) picture disc interview w McCarty and Dreja

    6) Blow Up soundtrack - 1967 (1981 pressing)

    7) The Yardbirds Collection - “2 record set” - D-547 - Page era
    (Stockholm ‘67) and BBC recordings - cover is B & Yellow colored copy of band foto from Page period, Page in the front. Boot.

    8) Les Yardbirds - “Anyone Can Play! Its Fun” (YB-1965) 1967 studio, BBC, 1963 studio, B & Yellow-Orange cover, copy of band foto from
    Beck/Page period. Boot.

    9) Yardbirds - Roger the Engineer - stereo YAX3126, stereo SCX6063,
    1966 studio album, printed before 1985

    Please let me know if you would like to buy them, thanks for your time :-)

    Jeff (in NY)

    By Jeff on Jul 7, 2012

  18. My half brother who was 15 years older than me recorded “Last Rave Up” with a small reel to reel. I don’t believe there was a pregnant girlfriend whose shirt it was hidden under involved. Just him there with the recorder. He was 19 at the time. His name was Dale Strange, hence the “Etrange” listing as the producer’s name in the credits. I had a copy given to me by him, not sure of the number but I think it was in the 500s. Gave it to a friend in high school who was a giant Page fan. As far as I know he still has it. The 3 record box set that is.

    By Doug Morrison on Sep 7, 2013

  19. Actually, in my memory there were only 500 made. Should get in touch with my old HS friend. Wish I had that record now.

    By Doug Morrison on Sep 7, 2013

  20. My copy was definately from the first printing. Dale died in 1981. Someone else, perhaps Dave Cole printed more later. My copy was numbered less tha 500

    By Doug Morrison on Sep 7, 2013

  21. Thank you

    By aybsee on Sep 8, 2013

  22. Wow. The number of comments says it all about the crucial nature of this band. For me, this recording is one of those cases where inferior sounds actually helps the vibe. Weird perhaps, but history in the making is sometimes best served with rough edges.

    Thanks for the post,

    By kingpossum on Sep 9, 2013

  23. I’m sick of these ‘visit the html page to download the track’ scams. It’s a scam. I’m not stupid. I used to do this all the time. Now I can’t find a ‘download’ that comes as an .mp3. They all appear as html pages. Then there are all these exe files that appear behind the download tabs. It’s bogus. Can anyone help me find the mp3 files without feeling like I’m having a fucking nightmare? I don’t want any other comments just help. If help is not available then screw it.

    By Chis on Sep 14, 2013

  24. Chis, one workaround (for Microsoft machines) is this: If you don’t have Freecorder, do a search for that. download that. Once you get it going, it puts up a a toolbar. One of the items is a musical note. Once the toolbar is up, come back to this page. If you’re in North America, left click that selection. Wait awhile for it to buffer. Once it starts to get closer, say about 50-70%, it depends, click the musical note, then click the next button that comes up in the box. You will see a flat line wave. Hopefully you get that before the music starts. Then freecorder will record any sound that is playing on your computer in MP3 format. Once the song ends, wait a little bit then click the small close box. It stores the song in your Freecorder directory under the date and time it was recorded. then you can rename it. Oh, to get best quality under MP3, choose 320 kbps, or whatever you wish in their selection. I hope this helps you to capture anything that plays on your computer in MP3 format. You can go under the tools icon - looks like a gear - and choose Manage add-ons to see the freecorder. You can then click disable to make the toolbar disappear. If you want to use freecorder again, just go back and click Freecorder and then click enable.

    By 5yrsnojob on Sep 14, 2013

  25. OOPS! ignore what I said about North America. Instead, when you’re doing a ‘visit html’ song, left click the track 106, for instance, then when you get to the html screen, it gives you the option to stream the MP3. Click on that arrow and the song will begin soon. You want to have the freecorder all set to record before the song starts. Then all the rest is the same. Sorry that it’s not a straight download this way, but it’s doable.

    By 5yrsnojob on Sep 14, 2013

  26. seriously? 5yrs.. if he cant get past the 2ndary page to dl an mp3 with the slightest bit of patience and a little trial and error do u really want him to follow that sort of direction? i do have to thank u. u provided me with a really good laugh today. good one. not quite enough to make me cry but not bad.
    i was thinking of finding a copy of this where he could just dl it easily without the bonus material. ill post this and then ill go looking. gimme a couple of minutes.

    By darth on Sep 14, 2013

  27. Thanks for your help 5yrs… [bigO] e-mailed me. All I had to do was register a membership 4Shared. It’s working fine now. I’ve done the downloads for years without the membership. As you were and thanks again.

    By Chis on Sep 14, 2013

  28. Chis, there are others not wishing to register a membership on any torrent or file sharing site. Thought you were thinking along those lines, sorry.

    By 5yrsnojob on Sep 14, 2013

  29. hey chis it took me a while to work around the‘visit the html page to download the track’ as well, so your not alone dont let darth hassle you he’s a prick thank god for big o

    By the duke on Sep 14, 2013

  30. Chris, I too remember when you didn’t need to sign up with 4Shared to get downloads. GoldWave is a fine program for Windows to record streaming audio. You’ll have to pay for it, but It has many other useful features. Audio Hijack Pro and Fission work well for Macs, these are not free either. Personally, I don’t care to sign up with a download service if I can record the streaming audio.

    the duke is right.

    By Dingus on Sep 14, 2013

  31. seriously? 5yrs.. if he cant get past the 2ndary page to dl an mp3 with the slightest bit of patience and a little trial and error do u really want him to follow that sort of direction? i do have to thank u. u provided me with a really good laugh today. good one. not quite enough to make me cry but not bad.

    because no one is as smart as you, right darth?

    By c 90 on Sep 15, 2013

  32. well many are but youre certainly not. no.

    hey duke.. how was i hassling chis? i was the one attempting to help him dl the item since he was having a hard time.

    By darth on Sep 15, 2013

  33. btw.. the reason i never ended up posting another link / source to dl the item was that everyone who had it (and there were dozens of sites that had it including the site where bigo got it) had expired links. they were all dead. there was no need to post a dead link of course. so i kept looking and ultimately gave up til i had to reboot and then when i returned i had forgotten what i was doing. haha. sorry. but as long as u can now dl the above item. all is well.
    i was going thru my collection and there really doesnt seem to be that much yardbirds material out there. from what i can best tell there isnt much more than 15-20 yardbirds boot items. i guess a lot of the multiple cd sets and collections that have come out are making many of the boots that have existed useless. not all of them of course but many.

    By darth on Sep 15, 2013

  34. seriously? 5yrs.. if he cant get past the 2ndary page to dl an mp3 with the slightest bit of patience a, sorry my mistake lets hope i never need your help so you can insult music lovers with your smart mouth now piss off!

    By the duke on Sep 15, 2013

  35. well many are but youre certainly not. no.
    i hope thats not a threat, you are a playground bully darth and im sorry to every one else for giving you a chance to wank on regards the duke now go away

    By the duke on Sep 15, 2013

  36. Hi, if anyone got any of catalog/studio LPs or bootlegs of the Yardbirds in excellent or mint condition and wish them to get find a new home just PM at [email protected]

    By zed on Apr 8, 2014

  37. To clear thngs up. I recorded the Yardbirds at shrine. Both nights. The recorder WAS under my girl friends dress. (Pam, who become my first wife) It was a brand new RCA table model “portable” stereo cassete recorder. The mikes were Sony 15 dollars each. The mike wires were threaded through the sleeves of my levi jacket and over to the recorder. So we had to stand side by side. That’s me shouting “Sit down Goddammit” at the beginning.

    My friend Dale Strange had a friend who did vinyl bootlegs. We chose what seemed to be the best tracks to keep the album on three records. Dale found the guy who had taken photographs and those are on the box set. I wrote the liner notes and inside insert.

    There were two series of hand numbered Dale and I were involved with. The later unnumbered bootlegs and Goldtone cd I suspect were done by the bootlegger. He continued to sell these on ebay. Neither Dale or I tried to make money on it. It was strictly released as an act of love. It was our dollar outlays that financed the pressings. I never met the bootlegger, who was apoarently in it for the money after Dale died. Once I talked to the ebay salesman on the phone who admitted he knew Dale, but was cagey about admitting it was he who originally pressed the album and still selling it.

    No one has the original cassettes but me.

    The night before Dale died of a ruptured esophagus from alcoholism, he called me and told me he was scared. I ended up losing lots of my recording equipment, drums and recordings which were in Dale’s house, which was taken by Dale’s new wife’s family. (She, Joanna, passed away in a car accident on the way to church to offer candles on the one year anniversary of Dale’s death.).

    By dc on Dec 16, 2014


    By darth on Dec 17, 2014

  39. thanks for the recording details dc. sorry to hear about Dale Strange.

    By barth on Dec 17, 2014

  40. Hello !
    I’m a yard birds lp collector and I’ve this LP box in my collection. I’m looking for information about the number of issue of this box because I saw some boxes upon which it was written 125/500 (for example) and others 356/1000. I always thought it was a limited edition of 500 issue only, not 1000. So what’s the truth ?
    Thanks in advance

    By Arnaud on Mar 26, 2015

  41. Arnaud its been reissued.

    By sluggo on Mar 27, 2015

  42. Dave Cole I’d love to talk to you.
    Doug Morrison, Dale’s half brother.
    [email protected]

    By Doug Morrison on Sep 19, 2015

  43. Looks like we lost track 204

    By Snoofus on Jul 10, 2016

  44. Hey DC

    My apologies hearing that your friend had passed way and that you’ve been likely lost of your tapes and gear. So sad reading such stories.

    Fortunately your effort is unforgettable and low gen copies of both shows are in circulation.

    My question is: do you still have those tapes by any chance or any other tapes you recorded?
    I am keeping myself far away from bootlegger’s scene so I assume we can find a similar level of interest in sharing our fav music.
    I am going as a professional soundman, can do some miracles with the sound. Specializing in achieving and remastering of old audios, especialy those which were recorded on amateur equipment.
    Would be great to work on these Yardbirds just to make the quality better.
    Of course it will stay private as long as it can be preserved from the bootleggers.

    Hope to hear back from you!
    In any case you wanna give me a shout, you can PM at [email protected]


    By PK on Sep 2, 2020

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