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…And falling fast. Roxy Music greeted the new decade with an album that for the first time included cover versions. Drummer Paul Thompson also said goodbye.

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King Biscuit Flower Hour 1980 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK, August 02, 1980. The was the last show of the UK tour. Ex FM stereo.

It’s never a good sign when a band that had previously been original and arty, as Roxy Music were, resorts to cover versions, however good, to pad an album. Their new album was Flesh + Blood and it included The Byrds’ “Eight Miles High” and Wilson Pickett’s “In the Midnight Hour”. Like a bad omen, Roxy Music sundered by 1983, for the second time. Manifesto from 1978 was their first reunion album.

Before the split, they did leave behind the gem of an album, Avalon. Frontman Bryan Ferry’s solo career is littered with cover versions, his last being a whole album of Dylan remakes. Whereas his bandmates have all ventured forth with quite adventurous solo albums. Hardly pop music.

This concert at Wembley was to celebrate the new album, Flesh + Blood. From the performances, they are still at the top. Ferry had recovered from a kidney infection. This band has always been Ferry’s vehicle. His personality shines with some very good singing in his mumbling style. There’s a good mix of fast and mid-tempo numbers. Roxy Music can still command crowds. Currently, Roxy Music have signed up to play at Lovebox Festival in London on July 17, 2010.

We had a hard time identifying the songs except for Eight Miles High. It was on their next album, Avalon, that Roxy Music would add another two memorable songs in More Than This and Avalon.

According to Philip Cohen, this show was recorded direct from radio. It is an incomplete show but the complete broadcast. The sound is excellent. This show also seems to be poorly circulated. Thanks Phil.
- Professor Red

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Below is the setlist for the complete show. Only numbered tracks are available.

Set I
Track 01. The Bogus Man 5.24m (7.4MB)
Track 02. Trash 2.41m (3.6MB)
Track 03. Both Ends Burning 5.15m (7.2MB)
Track 04. Rain Rain Rain 3.32m (4.8MB)
Track 05. Flesh And Blood 5.23m (7.3MB)
Track 06. Oh Yeah 5.33m (7.6MB)
Track 07. A Song For Europe 7.32m (10.3MB)
Dance Away

Set II
The Same Old Scene
Track 08. My Only Love 7.06m (9.7MB)
Over You
Track 09. Eight Miles High (Byrds cover) 8.21m (11.4MB)
Love Is The Drug
The Thrill Of It All
Do The Strand
Editions Of You

The Band
Bryan Ferry - lead vocals, keyboards
Andy MacKay - saxophone, woodwinds
Phil Manzanera - guitars, vocals

Neil Hubbard - guitar
Gary Tibbs - bass
Paul Carrack - keyboards, vocals
Andy Newmark - drums

Click here to download the complete concert.

The tour was to promote the new Flesh + Blood album. Click on the link to order Roxy Music releases.

In 1990, Roxy Music released their second live album, Heart Still Beating, that compiled performances from shows in Europe in 1982. As far as we know, no performances from the 1980 tour has ever been released. Click on the above link to order Heart Still Beating.


  2. Thanks for finding the song titles and information. On many occasions, I recorded radio concerts from the radio, even if they were artists that I didn’t collect. It was a chance to hear artists & groups that were new….to my ears.

    By Philip Cohen on Mar 31, 2010

  3. Thats Eight Miles High Great!

    By Udo on Mar 31, 2010

  4. Thank you Philip for sharing this uncirculated King Biscuit material! As someone who loves the Flesh & Blood album the live renditions you’ve selected are most enjoyable!

    By dandor on Apr 1, 2010

  5. Dear Dandor,

    It is not I that selected the tracks. This is all that was broadcast.

    By Philip Cohen on Apr 1, 2010

  6. Beautiful. There was a time when Roxy Music reigned gloriously over the airwaves of Los Angeles. This helps to shed light on that disco-ish/Psychadelic era. Thanx!

    By Timmy on Apr 1, 2010

  7. Don’t be so negative, Professor Red. I think there should be a law that every band plays some cover versions or makes at least one cover versions-album in their career. :-)
    I prefer the “avant”-Roxy, but I also like their stylish and very elegant later records like “Avalon” or “Flesh and Blood”.

    @ Phil Cohen: thanks for this, but do you also have older recordings of Roxy Music? Or Cockney Rebel, early Bowie, T.Rex,…

    By walter on Apr 2, 2010

  8. brian ferry`s dylan disc is great.

    By sluggo on Apr 2, 2010

  9. Ah, now i see: thanks for the clarification, Philip! By posting the full setlist including songs not featured in the shortened King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast you kindly shared, this is a signal to another website that owns that material to post a streamable version of the complete Roxy 1980 Wembley taken from the master reels!

    By dandor on Apr 6, 2010

  10. Are the London 1980 and King Biscuit Flower Hour concerts both from the same source?

    By Richard on May 23, 2010

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