August 31, 2008 – 5:29 am

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The Main Point 1973 [no label, 1CD]

Live at The Main Point, Bryn Mawr PA, August 15, 1973. Excellent pre-FM stereo.

Of all the people and the song to use! When John McCain used Jackson Browne’s Running On Empty in his TV ads, the noted rocker and activist felt “incensed” and decided to sue the Republican presidential candidate.

On one hand, Jackson Browne’s songs are considered confessional, on another, this is a musician who has a “broader vision of social change and justice.” Give him an intimate setting like The Main Point in Bryn Mawr, Browne can also spin some mean stories.

In 1972, Browne had released his self-titled album. While a number of the songs he performed at The Main Point were from that album, he also treated his audience with tracks that would surface on For Everyman (the album would be released about two months later).

The set opened with Take It Easy, a song that is associated with The Eagles although not many remember that Browne had co-written it with The Eagles’ Glenn Frey. The other new songs were These Days, Colors Of The Sun and Red Neck Friend. Take It Easy might also be the theme for the night as Browne was in good humour, especially when he covered Del Shannon’s Runaway, with the audience happily joining in. Browne might not have been an activist that night but he sure brought a smile to many faces and probably won over many new fans (if they weren’t already).

Thanks to Hezekiahx2 for sharing this at Dime.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Take It Easy (5.2MB)
Living For Jesus (6.5MB)
Jamaica Say You Will (6.8MB)
Rock Me On The Water (9.6MB)
Song For Adam (9.2MB)
These Days (10.0MB)
Colors Of The Sun (false start) (4.9MB)
Reel Of The Hanged Man (8.7MB)
Colors Of The Sun (12.0MB)
Red Neck Friend (5.4MB)
Sweet Little Sixteen (6.0MB)
Runaway (4.8MB)
My Opening Farewell (7.6MB)

Jackson Browne - vocals and guitar
David Lindley - vocals, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and steel guitar

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  1. 12 Responses to “JACKSON BROWNE - MAIN POINT 1973”

  2. Awesome. I have a cassette of a JB from the Main Point in the late 70s (famous for his rendition of “Werewolves Of London,” in which he pokes fun at Bruce Springsteen), and the venue truly did always inspire great performances, many of which were broadcast on the radio (I believe usually on WXPN-FM) and Jackson is not one to disappoint.

    Thanks so much for this. :)

    By Society's Pliers on Aug 31, 2008

  3. Thanks for the music…as a small correction to Society’s Pliers’ post, most of these Main Point shows were broadcast on the once-great WMMR in Philadelphia, which is now (apparently) a shadow of its former self. From ‘68 until about ‘84, however, it–along with WNEW in NYC–were among the very best rock stations in the country.

    By thethinwhiteduke on Sep 1, 2008

  4. Thanks for the correction.

    I miss the “WMMRchives,” where they’d play all the live stuff. Especially the “Archives Weekends.”

    By Society's Pliers on Sep 3, 2008

  5. The Main Point concert is wonderful but …
    the real title of the song “Living for Jesus” (as reported on the tracklist)is “Jesus in 3/4 time”, a J.D. Souther song.

    By Max on Sep 9, 2008

  6. Sorry, it was not WMMR or WSP that pushed AOR in Philly, it was the great Ed Shockey at 102 WIOQ that had all the great concerts, Billy Joel and CW Post, acostic Fleetwood Mac , and to prove it Ed is mention by JB in Werewolves of London along with Bruce. I loved the other two stations and spent many a night a Bulwinkles with Mark Goodman in his pre MTV Days at MMR, but with all that said IOQ had the best format, the DJ’s played what they wanted to. An album came out you heard it all the day LOng live the memory of AOR at IOQ

    By Don on Oct 7, 2009

  7. God bless the late great Ed Sciaky.

    By Nick on Oct 8, 2009

  8. I was not around philly for WIOQ… but I remember well the sister stations WNEW and WMMR back in the day, and what a day it was. Radio has never been the same since those greats succumbed to programming by accountants… Well, we still have WXPN and a great little station in Hackettstown NJ… WNTI 91.9 FM

    Oh yea… Awesome show… brought back great memories, Lindley was the man, uh? Priceless Take it Easy, I always knew JB helped write that song! I always hated that the Eagles got the hit and JB didn’t.

    By Mark on Apr 15, 2010

  9. Ed Sciaky wasn’t always at WIOQ.

    He actually moved around the dial.

    I believe he got his start on college radio at Temple University.

    I first encountered him at WIOQ and I was an avid WIOQ listener in the late 70s and early 80s.

    But I think Ed is mostly known for his tenure at WMMR. I’m not sure of the exact years - but I believe that was his employer when he first started pushing Bruce, Billy Joel, and Yes. I’m pretty sure the 1975 Springsteen broadcast that starts with Ed’s introduction mentions WMMR.

    I remember Ed was at WIOQ in 1978 when WIOQ broadcast Springsteen from the Capital Theater in Passaic. On that same evening, WMMR was rebroadcasting bruce’s 1973 appearance at the main point. I actually somehow taped bits of both that night.

    I think the most influential DJ associated the Main Point however was Gene Shay. By the late seventies, I think he had been relegated to an hour or so broadcast of folk music on Sundays.

    I believe Ed eventually ended up on WYSP after WIOQ melted down. I remember he had a pretty good show on sunday evenings (and probably ONLY sunday evenings) where he focused on what he called “the progressive era” (which was mostly like late 60s early 70s…

    I specifically remember hearing that show in 1985 the day after Live Aid. Ed was still excited about the day previous - as was I.

    When he died, I think he was working for WMGK.

    At one point I had a very funny version of “Growing Up” by Springsteen with a very funny story in the middle of the song where with bruce talking about a martian stuck in the mud in NJ - after he had abducted Ed Sciaky… who was hungry (”I got abducted over an hour ago - and ain’t had a bite to eat since”)

    I’ve always wondered when that was recorded.
    My guess it was in August 1978 at the Spectrum.
    It was a soundboard - but I don’t think it was ever from a concert broadcast. I think Bruce literally gave Sciaky a copy of the song - because it features a story about him.

    Some people have postulated that it was recorded at the Tower theater - but I have yet to every talk to anyone else who knows the version I’m talking about. I know I must have taped it from WIOQ in 1978.

    By tom b on Apr 29, 2011

  10. Awesome stuff here too much to say but thanks to whoever posted this!!

    By Frankd on Oct 9, 2011

  11. Excellent find this. I was at this concert, in fact all of the years that was the only time I saw him live, just Jackson and David Lindly.

    Regarding what station did all of the free on air concerts it was WMMR, I still have audio tapes of a Bonnie Raitt concert and a Flying Buritto Brothers concert that I recorded off the air from MMR.

    By Dennis on Jan 9, 2015

  12. There is clearly also a piano on some of these tracks, such as Rock me On The Water. fyi

    By Kelly on Feb 1, 2015

  13. the titles9 is not available!!!

    By bruno on Jul 15, 2015

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