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78 California Man [no label, 2CD]

Live at The Paradise Theater, Boston, MA, June 10, 1978; and The Bottom Line, New York, June 12, 1978. Very good soundboard.

A two-LP vinyl release (Audifon) recorded while touring behind their third album Heaven Tonight. The first three sides were recorded at The Paradise Theater in Boston, and the fourth side was recorded at The Bottom Line in New York City. The sound on Side One is fairly thin, due to the bootlegger’s decision to pack 28 minutes of music onto one side.

The album was pressed by legendary bootlegger Andrea Waters (you can read about her in Clinton Heylin’s book “Bootleg”). Ms. Waters was shut down by a lawsuit by CBS Records, and the previously pro-bootleg Bruce Springsteen turned anti-bootleg (probably at CBS’ urging) and came after Ms .Waters in court for monetary damages. Ms. Waters then gave away all of her possessions to thwart Mr. Springsteen from pursuing the lawsuit any further. - Philip Cohen

In America, Cheap Trick’s first three albums weren’t the hit releases they were hoping for. Though they were big in Japan, one would have thought that they were similarly feted from the sound of the fans and the band’s rapport with their audience on these discs. Also, their catchy songs and frantic power pop are very well served in a live setting.

Alex Henderson, in the All Music Guide, commented: “Those who acquired this two-LP set found that while the sound quality is good, it isn’t perfect; perhaps the bootlegger was working with a second or third-generation tape of the show. Nonetheless, California Man 78 is an exciting document of Cheap Trick’s 1978 tour. From Surrender and Southern Girls to Big Eyes, Come On, Come On and Clock Strikes Ten, the band really tears into the material and never fails to sound inspired.”

Thanks to Phil for liberating and sharing these tracks. And to think that Cheap Trick would be remembered by many younger fans as the band that provided the theme song to That ’70s Show.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
The Paradise Theater, Boston, MA, June 10, 1978
Track 101. Hello There (2.2MB)
Track 102. Come On, Come On (4.9MB)
Track 103. Stiff Competition (6.5MB)
Track 104. On Top of The World (8.9MB)
Track 105. Big Eyes (8.3MB)
Track 106. High Roller (8.2MB)
Track 107. Clock Strikes Ten (6.8MB)
Track 108. Need Your Love (14.1MB)
Track 109. Southern Girls (5.3MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Surrender (8.4MB)
Track 202. California Man (5.9MB)
Track 203. Goodnight Now/Rock & Rule
Track 204. Auf Wiedersehen (7.6MB)

The Bottom Line, New York, June 12, 1978 Palladium, September 22, 1978 - Omitted
205. Hello There
206. Southern Girls
207. Need Your Love
208. California Man
209. Goodnight

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  2. hey bigo, thanks! i needed some cheap trick in my library. vinyl boots rule. i have van halen-die laughing on my ipod right now.

    i was supposed to see cheap trick last year with now sucky def leppard and lame poison, but the show got canceled. maybe they’ll come back this summer. they play here regularly.

    i’d be interested in an early def leppard show, if you have one phil! nwobhm era is what i like.


    By Ed Saad on May 2, 2010

  3. Thanks, it’s been a long time since I thought about Andrea or Matt. Long Live “Beggar’s Banquet”

    By Dean Esgrow on May 2, 2010

  4. I’ve heard several Cheap Trick boots from this era plus, of course, the Budokan LP, and they are all great. What a band! I definitely regret never seeing them during that period–and I had my chances. Thanks for another fantastic listen.

    By Dave C. on May 3, 2010

  5. Great post… I saw them live in 12/78 in Poughkeepsie, NY after the saturation of “Heaven Tonight” LP - ‘Surrender’ was an minor “FM” hit and they being featured in many teen mags of yore. The Midnight Special also did a Thanksgiving show that featured CT with Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Journey and I believe AC/DC. This boot lp recording was early in the year when they were technically still shedding the “opening” act syndrome and were trying to break into the mainstream theater circuit. There is an essential Dan Lampinski recording of the 12/78 Boston show circulating around that will give a much better picture of what I’m describing, not to mention the excitement surrounding them with the younger crowd. In two small months, Budokan was released nationally and that sealed their fate forever. I own this LP, and tried to have them sign it… they refused, claiming it was illegal and they don’t condone that. However, Bun E got the idea and starting selling their own stuff ala Bun E’s Basement bootlegs… An incredible band… Long live CT!

    By Woodstock on May 5, 2010

  6. Funny that they’re uptight about being bootlegged……because, the group has rarely been bootlegged, on either CD or L.P.

    By Philip Cohen on May 5, 2010

  7. Well, it is funny how the shoe fits… Bun E confided he was a big bootleg fan in the 60’s/70’s had the gamut of TMOQ etc. vinyls and a huge tape collection. He also told me he recorded Jimi Hendrix in Chicago — so he was a real closet fan of it. Early CT even did some Dylan covers from The Basement Tapes… They did see many boot cd titles released during the 90’s of classic shows and others mostly from Japan… but yes, the 70’s/80’s were very dry for boots due to Budokan. How can you top that one ?

    By Woodstock on May 6, 2010

  8. Shreds. EXCellent!

    By Rex on May 12, 2010

  9. I probably have about 40 Cheap Trick boots right now…….the best being the “new” studio re-recording of “In Color….And In Black And White” they did with Steve Albini producing jsut a few short years ago, I think it was around 1998 but don’t peg me to it. Do a search for it…you WILL NOT be disappointed!!!

    By Todd on May 20, 2010

  10. Side 4 was apparently not recorded at the Bottom Line but at the Palladium on September 22 ‘78. It’s a KBFH recording now owned by wofgangsvault and you can find the longest version (2 extra tracks!) on their website.

    By Guido on Aug 18, 2011

  11. Hello Guido

    Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Aug 18, 2011

  12. @Todd:

    I’ve done the research on the Albini version of In Color and found it languishing in dead Megaupload links only. Got any clues for newer uploads?

    Classic show and vinyl boot here from Boston 78, thank you bigo.

    By kingpossum on Oct 26, 2013

  13. Can I request Cheap Trick at the Forum in Inglewood New Years Eve 1979? I know it’s out there somewhere.


    By steve on Oct 26, 2013

  14. Saw Cheap Trick in a club in Connecticut 1979, awesome. They were so loud they could part your hair down the middle. Great show!! Seems like only a short time ago. My how time flies. Thank god some forward thinking people recorded these shows so we can have them forever more. Keep posting these wonderful memories.

    By Webwar on Oct 27, 2013

  15. Download links for tracks 103 105 108 203 and 204 don’t work anymore. Bad, real bad

    By mrbelette on Nov 28, 2016

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