September 7, 2008 – 4:48 am

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This Flyer [Scorpio, 2CD]
Said to be recorded at Jimi’s house at Traver Hollow Road near Shokan, NY in 1969. Very good soundboard?

“There’s a fairly general consensus y’know, among the leading jazz musicians who had taken the opportunity to get into Hendrix, that had he taken a strict jazz direction with his music, which he was certainly capable of doing, that Jimi would have been one of the jazz greats.”
- Miles Davis

“Hendrix’s soloing was definitely in the jazz tradition, and a lot of members of the jazz community picked up on it. Not everyone, of course - there’s a lot of players from the old school who couldn’t stand to listen to Hendrix. But of my generation, most everyone will admit he was a leader.”
- Al DiMeola

Jimi Hendrix - rock’s prodigy - that’s probably what most people think of. But Hendrix as a jazzman? In his book, Crosstown Traffic, Charles Shaar Murray makes a case for Hendrix and his impact on the then-new generation of jazz players such as Pat Metheny, Lester Bowie and Defunkt.

And those listening to This Flyer for the first time will probably walk away with the impression that Hendrix was steeped into jazz, improvisation, the avant garde, rather than as a hard rocker/guitarist. Just sample the first four tracks on Disc One.

Long-time Jimi Hendrix fans might have picked up This Flyer when it was first released as a vinyl bootleg. Now comes the double CD from Scorpio - thanks to Tallboy333 for sharing the tracks on the internet.

This is what Tallboy333 noted: “This is the recent release entitled This Flyer put out by Scorpio Records. As most of you know, there has already been a vinyl release by this name (it was the first bootleg ever released of Jimi Hendrix) and a two-CD release which incorporated some of the vinyl material as well as some additional music.

“Now comes this release, which turned up a few months ago. Still called This Flyer, it contains material which, as far as I can tell, is mostly uncirculated. The sound quality is excellent, there is little doubt it is copied off the master reels. Where these master reels came from or how they got there is still up for speculation. These jams purport to be from the Traver Hollow house which Jimi rented around the time of Woodstock in Shokan, NY. Since these were not ‘official’ studio sessions documentation is sketchy to say the least.”

Meanwhile, another fan, ldb2, commented: “This is all circulated, in fact, most of it comes from the grey-market “At His Best” LPs that have come out a zillion times. Also some small portions from the old Flyer bootleg LP. My guess is this is taken from the ATM of this material… The copy of the Scorpio release that I looked at actually omits one of the listed tracks, so this version of the music is incomplete.” The ATM series that ldb2 mentions is ATM193-194: Jimi Hendrix - At His Best: Mike Ephron Sessions.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Disc 1:
Track 101. Baroque 1 - Gypsy Boy/New Rising Sun/Young Jim/Free Thunder/Swift’s Wing/Down Mean Blues/Fried Cola
Track 102. Baroque 2 - Flying Virtuoso/Spiked With Heady Dreams/Monday Morning Blues/Lift Off
Track 103. Madagascar
Track 104. Key To The Highway
Track 105. Cave Man Bells
Track 106. Stepping Stone

Disc 2:
Track 201. Villanova Junction
Track 202. Earth Blues
Track 203. Baby Chicken Strut
Track 204. Message From Nine To The Universe
Track 205. Message To Love
Track 206. Mannish Boy Take 1
Track 207. Mannish Boy Take 2
Track 208. Villanova Junction - alternate mix
Track 209. Izabella - earliest home recording

According to the back cover, recorded on Friday, September 19, 1969, at Jimi’s house at Traver Hollow Road near Shokan, NY (from Jimi’s original home recording tapes).
Disc 2, tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 recorded in August 1969, Traver Hollow Road near Shokan, NY.
Disc 2, track 9 recorded in June 1969, Beverley Rodeo Hyatt House.

Jimi Hendrix - guitar, vocals
Juma Sultan - flute, percussion
Jerry Velez - percussion
Mike Ephron - keyboards
Billy Cox - bass
Mitch Mitchell - drums

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  1. 14 Responses to “JIMI HENDRIX - THIS FLYER”

  2. Wow,-what a surprise.Fantastic ! Thank you guys !
    This recording I have never heared in my life.
    What a good quality.

    By Joe "The Catman" on Sep 8, 2008

  3. Unbelievable man what a total blow out mate the ultimate live set with all the talking and all the things that are cut out of live recordings man I just love it, it will be an added part of my obsession for Jimi and all that was a part of him all the people who shared a moment of his life, love it

    By michael avalos on Sep 9, 2008

  4. Anything by “THE MASTER” just adds to his legend. The more I discover, the happier I get. Just purchased the new release from the web site “LIVE PARIS OTTAWA 1968″ and I highly recommend it. Even though it’s old material, for anybody that calls themselves a true fan of “THE MASTER”,it’s a must have, even if for historic purposes.

    By freakazoid on Sep 10, 2008

  5. kinda different. i guess track 4 is Cave man bells since track 5 is key to the highway

    By bob dee on Sep 10, 2008

  6. Wonderful material for addicted guys like me. You beamed me up in Hendrix heaven. Thanks so much!

    By Tony Lauber on Sep 19, 2008

  7. Even though I’m not that heavy into Hendrix, this was MORE than worth the time and effort. Thank you for the jewel. Cheers-

    By platterpile on Sep 22, 2008

  8. Absolutely amazing… many thanks!

    By sensen on Oct 14, 2008

  9. Thank you very much for this good musik and background information.Very many of this percussion jams Jimi Hendrix-This Flyer you can hear also in this LPs all with the same jam sessions and the same cover:Italy — Joker/Sagapan 1972 Jimi Hendrix at his best Volume 1-2-3 (3*1 LP)or the same as The Jimi Hendrix Story(3LP Box)or 1LP Jimi Hendrix UK Label 1971 PAN 6307.
    Italian original from 1972 on JOKER/SAGAPAN including home recordings from 1969 low-fi recordings from a series of loose home jams with pianist MIKE EPHRON and percussionist JUMA SULTAN…recommended only for hardcore HENDRIX fans

    By Eva on Dec 11, 2008

  10. Have seen this listed elsewhere at appx. 38 minutes, or about the usual vinyl LP length. How did it come out to be two CDs?

    By Jim on Apr 7, 2009

  11. Album: The Jimi Hendrix Story
    Box 3 DISCHI STEREO C35/3
    I have a copy of this album/ is it rare?
    Please let me know.

    By Gary on Jun 9, 2009

  12. where can i get

    By josh on Jan 22, 2010

  13. gran material de jimi hendrix saludos.

    By taxbluesman on Aug 30, 2012

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  15. I’m glad to hear this on the net. I remember buying the “At His Best” albums and being disappointed at first… then listening again… with the proper time frame context in mind and gaining a whole new perspective…god I love that Madagascar! Wow, this along with the Hendrix/Traffic Jam sessions are really inspiring!

    By steve on Feb 13, 2015

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