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Guam Thunder Acid Project 043, CD7/8/9 OF 9]

Various venues and locations. Rehearsals 1976. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to original uploader neilyoungson; Captain Acid (remaster); Mr D (artwork); and to exile1972 for sharing the tracks at Dime.

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Captain Acid noted:

i was planing to do this one for a long time. It took lot’s of time to finish it. I did the usual things, phase, level, speed (where necessary) correction and EQ. The main problem was that there was too much bass on some tracks and vocals were down in the mix, i tried to deal with that with EQ. In the end i worked on this nine-disc version, mostly. But It had some micro gaps on some tracks on the first two discs. The same thing was with the six-disc version. I patched those from “Going, Going, Guam” (I did not want to work on that one because it was already remastered). Discs 4 and 5 were bit distorted, so i took those tracks from the dolphinsmile share on Electric Ladyland.

On Disc 9 Tracks 27 - 30 are from sessions with Eric Clapton.(From bootleg “Happy B Erik”). Track 30 is from Clapton bootleg “No Reason To Cry Demos”.

No noisereduction, compression or limiting was done by me.

Acid Project_043

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Original notes:

These comments were authored by others: “The track listing is approximate as it is a rehearsal. Sometimes verses (and even phrases) are practiced, so where one track finishes and another starts is fairly arbitrary. There is a female singing backup vocals. It is not Joan Baez so I presume it is Donna Weiss. The versions of Just Like a Woman and Tangled up in Blue are very interesting. They are clearly practicing the version of Tangled that was performed at Ft Collins. It has interesting tempo changes with each verse and Dylan systematically works through each verse to get a rhythm he is happy with.

Unfortunately the version of Just Like a Woman (with similar tempo changes) only gets one live performance at Salt Lake City and there is no circulating tape of that show. Exact numbers of takes of particular songs are essentially arbitrary, because Dylan sometimes stopped songs to repeat passages with problems, sometimes completed songs and returned to problem spots. Dylan also occasionally sang, hummed, or played a short portion of the opening of a song before trying a full version; those fragments are not listed separately. This project initially circulated without a specific title.

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Disc 7
Belleview Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals, Clearwater, FL; April 17, 1976
Track 701. Maggie’s Farm 76-04-17 5:19
Track 702. One Too Many Mornings 6:15
Track 703. Seven Days 5:44
Track 704. Going Going Gone 07 6:43
Track 705. Going Going Gone 08 0:31
Track 706. Sara 2:00
Track 707. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 4:48
Track 708. It Takes A Lot To Laugh 3:33
Track 709. You Angel You 01 3:27
Track 710. You Angel You 02 1:23
40 mins

Disc 8
Belleview Biltmore Hotel Rehearsals, Clearwater, FL; April 1976
Track 801. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 01 76-04-00 0:27
Track 802. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 02 1:29
Track 803. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 03 1:48
Track 804. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 04 2:13
Track 805. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 05 1:50
Track 806. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 06 2:01
Track 807. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 07 2:32
Track 808. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 08 2:18
Track 809. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 09 0:55
Track 810. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 10 3:21
Track 811. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 11 2:19
Track 812. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 12 1:32
Track 813. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 13 1:36
Track 814. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 14 1:30
Track 815. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 15 1:31
Track 816. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 16 2:13
Track 817. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 17 4:26

Rehearsals, Fort Collins, CO; probably May 23, 1976
Track 818. Rita May 02 76-04-15 3:00
Track 819. I Threw It All Away 02 6:13
Track 820. Instrumental 02 1:37
Track 821. Instrumental 03 3:09
48 mins

Disc 9
Rehearsals, Fort Collins, CO; probably May 23, 1976
Track 901. Just Like A Woman 01 76-05-22 0:46
Track 902. Just Like A Woman 02 0:47
Track 903. Just Like A Woman 03 0:40
Track 904. Just Like A Woman 04 0:45
Track 905. Just Like A Woman 05 1:08
Track 906. Just Like A Woman 06 0:14
Track 907. Tangled Up In Blue 01 0:15
Track 908. Tangled Up In Blue 02 0:33
Track 909. Tangled Up In Blue 03 1:18
Track 910. Tangled Up In Blue 04 2:07
Track 911. Tangled Up In Blue 05 0:47
Track 912. Tangled Up In Blue 06 1:13
Track 913. Tangled Up In Blue 07 2:22
Track 914. Just Like A Woman 07 0:43
Track 915. Just Like A Woman 08 4:55
Track 916. Just Like A Woman 09 4:05
Track 917. Just Like A Woman 10 4:02
Track 918. Just Like A Woman 11 1:15
Track 919. Tangled Up In Blue 08 4:21
Track 920. Tangled Up In Blue 09 1:32
Track 921. Tangled Up In Blue 10 4:27
Track 922. Tangled Up In Blue 11 1:00
Track 923. Just Like A Woman 12 2:52
Track 924. Just Like A Woman 13 2:12
Track 925. Tangled Up In Blue 12 1:16
Track 926. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue 76-03-30 1:43
Track 927. Adios Mi Corason 1:11
Track 928. The Water Is Wide 5:51
Track 929. Idiot Wind 4:51
Track 930. Sign Language 2:55
Track 931. Seven Days (demo) 76-04-17 2:35
65 mins

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