May 17, 2010 – 6:44 am

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Unreleased Second Album 1988? [Legendary Cozy Tapes, 1CD]

Very good stereo soundboard.

It was only on May 11 that news of the unreleased second Mick Taylor album was reported on the net. The report said “Mick Taylor Special Unreleased 2nd Album is a one disc title with the ‘unfinished mixes of the unreleased 2nd album tracks. Taken from the master cassette tape Mick Taylor - Rough Mixes hand written on the cassette index sheet’.”

Thanks to lmlp3321, who shared the lossless tracks on the Dime site, fans can now enjoy this (mysterious?) unreleased album.

These tracks are no longer available for download. (See note below)

Track 01. Special
Track 02. Going To Mexico
Track 03. Blind Willie McTell
Track 04. Separately
Track 05. Downtown Broadway
Track 06. The Blue Note Shuffle
Track 07. Red Shoes
Track 08. Soliloquy
Track 09. Separately (Instrumental)

Mick Taylor - vocal, guitar
Max Middleton - keyboards
Cozy Powell - drums
and unknown member

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I am the owner of those recordings. I  am also an international businessman. Most of my business is done in North America, Australia and China but I have a law firm based out of Shanghai that has an office in Singapore that does work for me in Asia. I would prefer not to involve attorneys but an illegal act of piracy was committed and someone needs to pay for their crime.

The tracks you have on your website were recorded 20 years ago at Dreamland Recording Studio in Woodstock, New York. Cozy Powell does not play on any of the tacks!

Ed Feldsott

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We have it on fairly reliable authority that the artist does not want this show distributed, reliable enough that we’re banning it in the meantime while we verify it…

We’ve confirmed the report.  The artist does not want this material distributed and is reported to be seriously upset about it, doing him no good as he tries to recover from his recent illness.


  2. Saw Mick Taylor at Slane in 1984 with Bob … I wasn’t impressed, but his playing on Infidels was superb. This looks good, too, so thanks for sharing. Cheers.

    By Canute on May 17, 2010

  3. Thanks for posting this. I’ve hear conflicting reports that he did make up with the other Mick, Rolling stones says put down some overdubs on the new exile reissue. Then Richards denouces that he did anything in Guitar magazine. Knock on Wood.

    By James on May 18, 2010

  4. Cozy Powell? Not so. Most of the tracks feature Eric Parker on drums. Two of the tracks are Omar Hakim on drums. Taylor played with Cozy Powell only when Taylor was the “other” guitar player in Alvin Lee’s fall 1981 lineup and at no other time.

    By Ken Buddha on May 18, 2010

  5. Well done, thanks a lot.
    Merci from France.

    By Sidux on May 18, 2010

  6. Saw Mick on the “Experience Hendrix” tour in 2007 in NYC. He was a high point for sure. Wish he wouldn’t cancel so many US dates. Thanks for the post. Great find, BigO!

    By Johnny Kinkdom on May 18, 2010

  7. Concerning Cozy Powell

    I’ve found these infos from Zentraf :

    871015A 15th - 16th October: MICK TAYLOR. New York City, Electric Lady Studios.
    - Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan) -unverified
    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/KR (gtr)Max Middleton (keyb)/Wilbur Bascomb
    (bass)/Steve Jordan (dr)

    880600A (one week in) Spring: MICK TAYLOR. (Near) Woodstock, New York,
    unidentified studio. Studio recordings (unverified). Incl.
    - Downtown Broadway (MT)
    - Soliloquoy (Max Middleton)
    + more
    Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Bernhard Purdie (dr)/Max Middleton (keyb)/Shayne
    Fontayne (gtr)/Wilbur Bascomb (bass)


    By Quiquestone on May 18, 2010

  8. I take it the song “Special” is autobiographical. Still wish Mick Taylor would tour with the Rolling Stones one more time.

    By Malcolm on May 19, 2010

  9. I have read that Separately is a ‘lost Stones song’ co-written with K.Richards; any clues ?

    Thanks for this fantastic post (another one of the thousands so far)


    By Alberto on May 19, 2010

  10. Quote:
    I take it the song “Special” is autobiographical. Still wish Mick Taylor would tour with the Rolling Stones one more time.

    By Malcolm on May 19, 2010

    I tought the same!

    By Quiquestone on May 19, 2010

  11. Screw Ed Feldsnott, Mick Taylor owns those recordings!!!

    By Screw Ed Feldsnott on May 19, 2010

  12. Feldsnott may “own” the music, but he comes across as a first class prick. Surely he can ask that it be removed without adding “and someone needs to pay for their crime”

    By John McBride on May 19, 2010

  13. Ed Feldsnott may well own the recordings and the right to ask for their removal. Perhaps, being the international businessman that he is, he should consider entering into discussions to secure an official release - then fans and businessmen can all be happy.

    By TerryP1954 on May 19, 2010

  14. …and Mick Taylor will be happy too!

    By Quiquestone on May 19, 2010

  15. Great post! I hope everyone got it before Mr. Feldsnott rained on the parade…

    By TDC on May 19, 2010

  16. The songs are owned by Mick Taylor, he created them.

    I am concerned that unreleased songs were made available to the public against the artist’s wishes. Taylor was planning to finish these tracks before releasing them officially. The fact that they got stolen before he got a chance to do so is very upsetting for Taylor. It should not have happened.

    Ed Feldsott may be in possession of the tape from the studio, but the tracks are Taylor’s intellectual property. Therefore the rights to duplicate the compositions can not be transferred to a label or anyone else without Taylor’s explicit written permission.

    Some of these songs were actually recorded by Taylor before he ever met Feldsott, so the ownership claim is far fetched and certainly does not apply to all of the material.

    By Lawyers Guns and Money on May 19, 2010

  17. I didn’t download anything, but only listened to Special and wow! Hopefully anyone who downloaded this album would also support Mick by buying the official release.

    By Sam on May 19, 2010

  18. @ Sam:
    I have bought all his official releases and even got tickets for the show he was going to give in my city during the tour he recently cancelled!

    By Quiquestone on May 19, 2010

  19. Ed Feldsott - get a life you world class loser……it just kills me when wanna-be’s like this piece of trash claim they own somebody elses songs…….hey Ed, ever write a song in your life, can you even play an instrument?
    Probably not……he’s as slimey as all the lawyers he has!

    By Todd on May 20, 2010


    By jr on May 20, 2010

  21. “Screw Ed Feldsnott,” not a bad thought. I agree with LG&M. These are Mick Taylor’s intellectual property. I would be interested to learn if Mr. F. actually proved to anybody that he owns any of the recordings. Does Mr. Taylor even know who he is?

    Team Big O thank you for making these available. Wonderful music. Thank you for all your work.



    By James on May 20, 2010

  22. This Feldsott guy is a music biz bully, who obviously subscribes to the RIAA’s blatantly false view that the circulation of unreleased, never-to-be-released recordings causes a monetary loss to the record companies, artists, publishers etc.
    If these recordings had such tremendous monetary value, then they would have been released 20 years ago. And even if Feldsott releases them now, a CD of these recordings would sell no more than 5000 copies. Taylor’s solo recording career never really got off the ground.

    By Philip Cohen on May 20, 2010

  23. I’m confused, what is the Vice President of FOLSOMCORP, a company who for 150 years has been ’servicing the sports goods industy’, doing getting involved in this?

    By Tone Ranger on May 20, 2010

  24. Get well Mick!

    By Rafe on May 21, 2010

  25. my brief comments are these, if you think they are fit to add…… if Ed has done business in Australia, he would be well acquanted with the term WANKER, which he no doubt is by what he says and threatens…….. nothing annoys me more than lawyer type wankers getting the idea in their heads that they OWN someone elses artistic ability and output!!!! WTF!!!

    If I were Mick T I’d be proud that fans are still so fascinated by the older unreleased material……. maybe releasing the songs officially is the way to go, even using the Exile remaster recently released as a marketing tool, seeing Mick T was uncredited with so many Stones tracks while with the band. As long as Ed the Wanker gets zero dollars from the deal.

    Keep up the great work BigO, you have enlightened me to so many obscure recordings that are all top notch.

    cheers to all and yes, get well soon Mick T
    regards, Tony in Oz

    By Tony on May 22, 2010

  26. I missed a very valid piece of important info from Lawyers Guns and Money….. too many beers?? LOL Being a member of the archival part of government, intellectual property is a MOST important part of copyright law, so whilst the recordings are available in ‘cyber land’, care must ensue that the owner is at least acredited to the recordings……….. even though us fans delight in enhancing our collection with such wonderful recordings……. a double standard on my part, I know, but hey, “its only rock and roll” etc (did Ronnie ever get any royalties from that deal????)

    AsLong Live Rock and Roll

    By Tony on May 22, 2010

  27. I did not get a chance to download this album before it was removed. I am quite happy that you respect the artists wishes and will get over my disappointment. Hopefully this will see an official release.

    By Bob W on May 27, 2010

  28. i think if people who did dl it wish to help others who didnt get the chance to they could set up some private trades etc. or a vine thingy. feel free to contact one another and try to do this. i dont mind helping out. [email protected]

    By whodatxx on May 30, 2010

  29. I think that could be a great album ;-)

    By CazzoDuro on Jun 2, 2010

  30. Well done for acting so swiftly after Mick Taylor’s feelings were revealed.
    However, my sympathy kind of melted away after visiting his website.
    There, on the multimedia page are one or two Rolling Stones live recordings that I don’t remember being officially released.
    The version of “Angie” sounds suspiciously like the version on the “Brussels Affair” bootleg.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    By andy on Jun 9, 2010

  31. Andy, which website are you talking about? By the way, there’s a big difference between a live bootleg and a studio album that is being planned for release.

    By Pete Mentarro on Jun 11, 2010

  32. Andy, the site you’re referring to is not his official site, so MT is not “having it both ways”.

    By Doug on Jun 24, 2010

  33. My sincerest apologies to all concerned.
    Stupid stupid stupid.

    By andy on Jul 2, 2010

  34. OK, these comments sparked a few things I would like to support on here. TerryO1954 said, …”he should consider entering into discussions to secure an official release - then fans and businessmen can all be happy.”

    yeah, and Feldsott could actually MAKE SOME MONEY from it, so HE should be happy. I just hope that Mick didn’t TOTALLY sell his rights to these, because if he didn’t, then Mick could be making some more money as well.

    I am of the mindset that anything that is shared (predominantly live shows) should actually be encouraged, because the majority of people (myself included) who download these items are big enough fans that they buy any official release (and I REFUSE to download anything that I can buy in a store — I am a musician and artist, so I support purchasing what is available), AND they buy tickets for concerts (and believe me, the musicians make WAY more from ticket/concession sales than they do from royalties).

    To me, any sharing of live shows is just INTENSE ‘word-of-mouth” advertising for musicians, and as long as it is NOT something you can get at your local record store (screw Best Buy and WalMart), I say download it, copy it, and pass it on — just don’t try to profit from it…

    By Jerry Dunaway on Aug 1, 2010

  35. OK, first of all the email that was posted by http://bigozine2.com was private and should never have been put on their website. Mick Taylor is the one who asked me to make sure this website took down the tracks of this unreleased CD. He was quite upset about it as was I. So the letter you read was sent with Micks knowledge and approval. Neither of us know how these songs got on the internet to begin with. For the record, I have known Mick Taylor for over 20 years and consider him to be a very close friend. I would never do anything to hurt him in any way. The tracks posted in the internet are raw tracks. Mick intends to finish them in the near future so they can be released. Hope this answers some of the comments that were made.

    By Ed Feldsott on Sep 5, 2010

  36. I came here after googling to see if there was any info on this “unreleased album” so I’m all set.

    IMHO “Special” is the best new song Mick Taylor has come up with this side of 1974. Sure the lyrics need some polishing but the music is really good.

    It’s hard to understand why he didn’t finish it off for “Stranger in this Town” (yes I bought the CD in 1990) that was an odd “album”, with a mix of studio and live tracks and some (rather boring) originals with some tired covers (Jumping Jack Flash if memory serves).

    Mick Taylor certainly didn’t have the solo recording career he could have had…

    By mickfan on May 10, 2011

  37. Hallo!
    Mir ist unverständlich warum es soviel Aufregung gibt bzgl. des „Unreleased Second Albums“ von MICK TAYLOR.
    Es ist doch klar, dass, wenn ein Tape von Aufnahmen auftaucht, die noch nicht veröffentlicht wurden, dass diese heutzutage sofort im Internet zu finden sind.
    Die Erklärung, dass diese noch von TAYLOR neu abgemischt werden sollen und dann erst veröffentlicht, halte ich schlichtweg für einen Witz.
    Die Aufnahmen sind von 1988, mittlerweile also 23 Jahre alt. Hätte er die Aufnahmen veröffentlichen wollen, dann hätte er das längst getan.
    Außerdem sind diese Aufnahmen für einen guten Fan nichts absolut neues:

    1.) Special: Der Titel wurde bereits von CARLA OLSON auf dem Album „Wave Of The Hand“ 1995 veröffentlicht. TAYLOR wird als Composer vermerkt, spielt aber selbst nicht mit. Allerdings klingt der Titel viel besser von CARLA.
    2.) Going to Mexico: TAYLOR spielte den Titel erstmals bereits 1988 live in New York.
    3.) Blind Willie McTell: Eine BOB DYLAN Komposition, die TAYLOR schon lange in seinem Live Repertoire hat und bereits zweimal mit seiner Beteiligung veröffentlicht wurde. In 1997 von BLACK CAT BONE zusammen mit TAYLOR auf dem Album „Taylormade“ und 1998 von TAYLOR auf „A Stones’ Throw“.
    4.) Seperately: Als einer von zwei Bonus Tracks auf der Japan Version von TAYLOR’S „A Stones’ Throw“ veröffentlicht.
    5.) Downtown Broadway: TAYLOR spielte den Titel erstmals bereits 1988 live in New York.
    6.) The Blue Note Shuffle: TAYLOR spielte den Titel erstmals bereits 1987 live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    7.) Red Shoes: Wurde auf dem Sampler „Guitar Speak (Various Artists)“ in 1991/1993 bereits veröffentlicht.
    8.) Soliloquy: TAYLOR spielte den Titel erstmals bereits 1987 live auf seiner Japan Tour.

    By Michael Ruf on Sep 22, 2011

  38. @ Michael Ruf

    good, you found the hot water!

    By Sicily Frank on Sep 22, 2011

  39. Ruf: Wie gehts. Ich habe eine problem. Ich nicht verstahen (sp) Sie. Das ist abba shader (sp).

    By 3yrsnojob on Sep 22, 2011

  40. I too know Mick personally, and he really doesn’t mind live recordings being passed around, but last I heard, he has denounced the Stranger In This Town, due to a dispute with Jim whatever his name was and Maze Records. I happen to like that album, and was lucky enough to be at the Lone Star Roadhouse for the release party. The album has a nice, raw feel to it. You Gotta Move was actually taped by Dan Shafner on a portable cassette in Philadelphia back in ‘89.

    By Tony Michaels on Oct 15, 2011

  41. Tony Michaels:
    What we’re discussing here is not a live album.
    I’m sure you haven’t talked with Mick Taylor about the unauthorised release of these unfinished studio tapes. How else can it be that nothing in your comment indicates that you understand how upsetting he finds this.

    By Lawyers Guns and Money on Dec 20, 2013

  42. I’m glad Mick Taylor got to do a few songs per concert during the Stones last tour in the US. HIS work sounded good!

    By Job Hunter on Dec 20, 2013

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