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When the DJs came a-calling.

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Schöne Neue Welt - Re-Mix, Re-Model [Ping Pong 9401, 1CD]

Europe bootleg released in the ’90s. Excellent soundboard stereo.

“This is a collection of unofficial dance remixes created by club DJs from around the world. Considering that the remixers didn’t have access to the multi-track tapes and they had to work from records and CDs, they did a very good job.” - Philip Cohen

After half-a-decade, Kraftwerk suddenly emerged with The Mix, a 1991 remix album. Then, DJs also wanted to show their skills and made their remixes of Kraftwerk tracks. This bootleg arrived shortly after. Remixes are now the norm in dance and pop music.

Kraftwerk was a pioneer of electronic pop music, simple rhythms played on synthesizers and electronic keyboards that gave a mechanical drone sound and vocals that were synthesized to sound like a machine singing. The MIDI and the laptop has made it possible now for anyone with an interest to remix a hit single or do a “mashup”. The arrival of the internet means D.I.Y. work can be shared worldwide.

You would think Kraftwerk would be pleased but the founder pair of Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter have also displayed human foibles. For instance, they take offence at their music being sampled without permission. Wiki reported that in November 20, 2008, Kraftwerk sued and won a case against rap producer Moses Pelham for sampling two seconds of their 1977 song “Metal On Metal” in the track “Nur Mir” by Sabrina Setlur.

The very next day, Florian Schneider officially left Kraftwerk. Musical differences was cited. It really doesn’t matter who’s remixing what on this bootleg. Kraftwerk’s automaton music was meant to be a D.I.Y. experience. You didn’t need to spend hours a day learning how to strum or play the keyboards.

In case you’re wondering, just a snippet of Kraftwerk’s famous The Model is part of track 7’s Re-Worked. Thanks for sharing, Phil.
- Professor Red

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Electric Cafe (Mixx-It-Remix) * (7.0MB)
Track 02. Die Roboter (US-Rap-Mix) (8.0MB)
Track 03. Sex Objekt (Demo Mix) * (5.9MB)
Track 04. Computerwelt (US-DJ-Promo-Mix by Razormaid) (13.7MB)
Track 05. Powerwork Megamix (12.6MB)
Track 06. Telephone-Mix * (13.7MB)
Track 07. Re-Worked (Music Factory Mastermix) (6.4MB)
Track 08. Razormaid / Gridlock Mix medley (19.4MB)
Track 09. Sex Objekt (US DJ-Promo-Mix By Razormaid) * (10.4MB)
10. Housephone ** (OMITTED)
Track 11. The Telephone Call (Re-Mix) * (5.2MB)

* Tracks first found on 1986’s Electric Cafe. In 2009, this album was reissued under its original title Techno Pop.

** This track was originally slated for Techno Pop, the first incarnation of Electric Cafe. It was left off the album but was instead released as a b-side of The Telephone Call in 1987. You can now get a copy of this track on the 2009 reissue, Techno Pop.

Kraftwerk’s The Mix was their attempt at reinvention. It was an all-digital recording, a first at the time. A newly remastered edition of The Mix was released by EMI and Mute Records (in the UK) on CD and digital download in October 2009, with a heavyweight vinyl edition released in November 2009. The US version is released by Astralwerks Records as part of The Catalogue box set. Click on the link to order the album.


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