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A/B Road Sessions, January 28, 1969 [Purple Chick PC 28-5/6; CD5/6 of 6]

Complete Purple Chick Set v1.1 (Nagra Reels); “A/B Road” session tapes; Also known as The Nagra Reels; Twickenham Studios (Part 1); Apple Studios (Part 2). Very good soundboard.

The complete series - 83 CDs, 2,187 tracks, 97 hours, 44 mins, 7 seconds. If you are a Beatles fan, you’d likely have this already.

Thanks to the compilers, especially jameskg; Purple Chick; and to everyone who helped to share this over the years.

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Disc 5
Track 501. Dialogue 3:32
Track 502. Something 28.68 0:52
Track 503. Something 28.69 3:27
Track 504. Something 28.70 15:32
Track 505. Something 28.71 4:19
Track 506. Something 28.72 9:15
Track 507. Get Back 28.73 3:13
Track 508. Get Back 28.74 1:28
Track 509. Get Back 28.75 2:06
Track 510. Get Back 28.76 1:19
Track 511. Bo Diddley 28.77 2:20
Track 512. Two Of Us 28.78 2:38
Track 513. Two Of Us 28.79 4:07
Track 514. Two Of Us 28.80 4:33
Track 515. Two Of Us 28.81 2:12
61 mins

Disc 6
Track 601. Two Of Us 28.82 3:53
Track 602. Teddy Boy 28.83 9:21
Track 603. All Things Must Pass 28.84 1:00
Track 604. All Things Must Pass 28.85 1:54
Track 605. Dialogue 2:21
Track 606. All Things Must Pass 28.86 4:30
Track 607. All Things Must Pass 28.87 5:06
Track 608. How Do You Tell Someone 28.88 2:19
Track 609. Greasepaint On Your Face 28.89 1:36
Track 610. Positively 4th Street 28.90 0:08
Track 611. Positively 4th Street 28.91 1:51
Track 612. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 28.92 14:21
Track 613. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 28.93 9:07
58 mins

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  1. 24 Responses to “THE BEATLES - A/B ROAD SESSIONS, JANUARY 28, 1969 [PURPLE CHICK - CD5/6 OF 6]”

  2. Aha! I got in here before the losers start posting their crap. We’re in the final stretch of these now! Thanks Big O for posting all these and not doing them all at once!

    By A.P. on Nov 4, 2020

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    Oh, and track #610 has just got to be the greatest Beatles track for ever and ever.

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  8. Well, track # 610 is just the best song ever!!!
    Thank you Paul, George, Ringo & that other guy.

    By Yummy on Nov 5, 2020

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