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Bremen 2019 [no label, 2CD]

Live at KITO, Bremen, Germany; November 5, 2019. Very good digital broadcast.

Irish Chanteuse Eleanor McEvoy is best known for her songs Sophie and the Irish standard Only A Woman’s Heart. Her career originally started as a session musician, which included a long stint with The Irish National Symphony Orchestra and with The Mary Black Band. McEvoy decided to develop her own career, and quickly had the title track on The Woman’s Heart compilation and a US record deal with Geffen Records. She was soon touring the world to promote her eponymous debut album for Geffen, which went on to sell 250,000 copies. At the same time, A Woman’s Heart entered the Irish charts, selling over 750,000 copies - and remains one of Ireland’s biggest selling albums of all-time. These successes established McEvoy as one of Ireland’s biggest stars, launching a career that has since seen her release twelve studio albums and tour the world.

A Woman’s Heart: Eleanor McEvoy on the song that changed her life [click here]

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Disc 1
Track 101. Look Like Me 3:17
Track 102. The Thought Of You 4:11
Track 103. Deliver Me (From What You Do) 3:59
Track 104. Isn’t It A Little Late 2:03
Track 105. Heaven Help Us 4:59
Track 106. Slow Hand 4:30
Track 107. Harbour 3:56
Track 108. Sophie 4:22
Track 109. Oh! Breathe Not His Name 2:05
Track 110. Oft In The Stilly Night 3:21
Track 111. The Spanish Word For Heart Is Corazon 5:06
Track 112. Wrong So Wrong 2:54
45 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. The One In ‘E’ 1:54
Track 202. Only A Woman’s Heart 4:34
Track 203. The Way You Wear Your Troubles 2:40
Track 204. Eve Of Destruction 4:32
Track 205. Whisper A Prayer To The Moon 4:10
Track 206. talk 1:56
Track 207. True Colours 3:30
Track 208. I’ll Be Willing 4:33
Track 209. Ave Maria 4:22
Track 210. Milord 4:49
Track 211. People Get Ready 4:25
Track 212. Calleach An Airgid 1:05
Track 213. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 3:21
46 mins

Click here to order Eleanor McEvoy releases.

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