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Off The Walls (Summer Of 1974) [Masterfraction MCFD 005, 1CD]

Alternate mixes and sessions. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to Soundbaron for sharing the tracks on the net.

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It was 40 years ago today…

Around 5 pm on December 8, 1980, John Lennon autographed a copy of Double Fantasy for fan Mark David Chapman before leaving The Dakota Apartments with Yoko Ono for a recording session at the Record Plant. After the session, Lennon and Ono returned to their Manhattan apartment in a limousine around 10:50 pm. They exited the vehicle and walked through the archway of the building when Chapman shot Lennon twice in the back and twice in the shoulder at close range. Lennon was rushed in a police cruiser to the emergency room of Roosevelt Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 11 pm. Lennon was 40.

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Interesting to note that John Lennon’s 1974 album, Wall And Bridges, didn’t get a glowing review in The Rolling Stone Record Guide (1979):

Both Mind Games (1973) and Walls And Bridges (1974) were drastic retreats from the anti-pop stance of Some Time In New York City (1972), and both produced hits: Mind Games, the trendy Whatever Gets You Thru The Night and #9 Dream. The sound was lush and conventional, the singing assured, but there was no real point of view at work - no point at all, in fact, save for continuing a career for its own sake; only Going Down On Love recalled the gutty realisim of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band which seemed very far away.

Like so many veterans of the ’60s trapped by the ’70s, Lennon (by then the subject of a brutal but accurate parody on the National Lampoon’s Radio Dinner LP) had no idea of how to relate to his audience: with what appeared to be panic, he substituted production techniques for soul, building a bridge to his listeners with his sound but erecting a wall around himself with empty music.

Today, for Lennon and Beatles fans, it’s quite impossible to think of a world without the Walls And Bridges album.

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Track 01. Bless You [Monitor Mix] 5:19
Track 02. Move Over Ms L [Monitor Mix] 2:47
Track 03. Scared [Monitor Mix] 4:48
Track 04. Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) [Monitor Mix] 3:05
Track 05. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night [Monitor Mix] 3:06
Track 06. Going Down On Love [Monitor Mix] 3:51
Track 07. Nobody Loves You (When You’re Down And Out) [Monitor Mix] 5:04
Track 08. What You Got [Monitor Mix] 3:58
Track 09. Old Dirt Road [Monitor Mix] 2:34
Track 10. Beef Jerky [Rehearsal Session] 3:22
Track 11. Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) [Rehearsal Session] 3:39
Track 12. Going Down On Love [Rehearsal Session] 4:03
Track 13. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night [Rehearsal Session] 1:47
Track 14. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night [Rough Mix] 3:33
Track 15. Steel And Glass [Monitor Mix] 4:17
Track 16. Old Dirt Road [Monitor Mix] 4:54
Track 17. #9 Dream [Rough Mix] 4:42
65 mins

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  3. Walls and Bridges is a very under appreciated album IMO. The songs are great and varied and there is a real warmth about it. I had not seen that review but am surprised at how negative it is. A bit of tall poppy syndrome perhaps.

    By Macca on Dec 9, 2020

  4. The tracks are too long! I don’t have a favorite track on this album!

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  13. Thank you for this. Have you also Plastic Ono Band-, Rock´n Roll- and Mind Games -sessions. I think Mind Games sessions is called Absolute Elsewhere. Cheers. Henry

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  32. Thanks. I couldn’t find this version. Mine has less tracks.

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