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Basel 2020 [no label, 1CD]

Jazz Festival. Live at the Stadtcasino, Basel, Switzerland; August 31, 2020. Very good satellite broadcast.

Composer Iiro Rantala is one of the best known Finnish jazz pianists, both in Finland and abroad. His recognition in Finland continues: in 2013 he was given Finland’s highest award for artists the Pro Finlandia medal, and in 2015 a substantial five-year grant for artistic work by Finnish state.

After recording for renowned jazz labels like Blue Note/EMI and Verve/Universal, Iiro Rantala now enjoys life in the indie field. Always eager to help young musicians get ahead, the piano superstar is giving back more than ever. Rantala in 2019 set up an agency called Apollo Artistit to boost nine promising musicians. His handpicked selection comes from jazz and pop as well as classical.

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Thanks to unclewolfi for sharing the show at Dime.

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(mpeg1 layer 2/256 kbps) [radio station - srf2]

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Track 01. Tears For Esbjorn 6:26
Track 02. talk - Iiro Rantala 1:01
Track 03. Vienna 5:18
Track 04. talk 0:40
Track 05. From Gagarin’s Point Of View 6:18
Track 06. talk 0:40
Track 07. Elevation Of Love 7:25
Track 08. talk - Iiro Rantala and Adam Baldych 1:15
Track 09. Letter To E 12:31
Track 10. talk 0:44
Track 11. Waltz For The Lonely One 3:49
Track 12. Equilibrium 6:05
Track 13. talk 0:24
Track 14. Shining On You 6:07
Track 15. talk 0:33
Track 16. Dodge The Dodo 7:28
Track 17. Love Is Real 4:18
71 mins

Iiro Rantala - piano
Ulf Wakenius - guitar
Adam Baldych - violin
Magnus Lindgren - saxophone, flute
Mattias Svensson - bass
Rasmus Kihlberg - drums

Viktoria Tolstoy - vocals

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  2. Well, well, OUR OWN BOY, formerly very heavy Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala, who has lost his weight, but not his great ability to tickle ivories ! A BIG THANK YOU !!!!!! !

    By Arto Parviainen on Dec 20, 2020

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