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Paris 2020 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Duc des Lombards, Paris, France; December 1, 2020. Very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to elgaucho for sharing the show at Dime.

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In October 2020, American singer-songwriter Melody Gardot released her fifth studio album, Sunset In The Blue, a collection of originals and standards. For one song, “From Paris with Love”, she invited unemployed musicians from around the world (US, Armenia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Norway, and others) to record their parts in their homes and then to send their recordings to her electonically. Gardot insisted that the musicians be paid fees related to a standard UK musicians studio wage in order to compensate for their time and expertise. Said Gardot, “It is so important that we come together in this moment where there is a deafening silence happening in the arts… we are part of one large family (artists, musicians, singers, painters…) and this album is a testament to that collaborative spirit; a smorgasbord of talent all in one place, and living proof, that even now, we can use the numerous resources we have to break traditional ways of thinking about recordings, if just for the simple sake of continuing to move forward and create great music…”

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TSFJAZZ (FM) / Pioneer F91 / Edirol RH-09R / Audacity / XAct / Flac

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Track 01. If You Love Me * 4:59
Track 02. C’est Magnifique * 4:59
Track 03. It Might As Well Be Spring 6:36
Track 04. If I Fall In Love Too Easily 5:38
Track 05. Love Song * 6:32
Track 06. Berimbau 8:20
Track 07. Corcovado 4:04
Track 08. You Don’t Know What Love Is 11:38
Track 09. Moon River 3:47
57 mins

* Tracks from Sunset In The Blue.

Melody Gardot - vocals
Guilherme Monteiro - guitar
Christopher Thomas - bass
Gregory Hutchinson - drums
Ibrahim Maalouf - trumpet
Philippe Baden Powell - piano

Click here to order Sunset In The Blue.

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