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Complete Rooftop Concert 1969 [Misterclaudel mccd 085-86-87, 3CD]

Rooftop of the Apple Building, London, UK; January 30, 1969. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to Soundbaron for sharing the tracks on the net.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Complete Rooftop Concert
Track 101. Stage Settings 1:00
Track 102. Get Back #1 2:50
Track 103. Get Back #2 3:57
Track 104. I Want You 1:32
Track 105. Get Back #3 3:21
Track 106. Don’t Let Me Down #1 3:21
Track 107. I’ve Got A Feeling 5:14
Track 108. One After 909 #1 0:18
Track 109. One After 909 #2 2:46
Track 110. Danny Boy 0:42
Track 111. Dig A Pony #1 1:21
Track 112. Dig A Pony #2 4:12
Track 113. God Save The Queen 2:21
Track 114. I’ve Got A Feeling #2 3:33
Track 115. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody 0:10
Track 116. Get Back #4 0:13
Track 117. Don’t Let Me Down #2 3:22
Track 118. Get Back #5 3:46

Rooftop Concert (Movie Film Soundtrack)
Track 119. Stage Settings 0:51
Track 120. Get Back 3:14
Track 121. Don’t Let Me Down 3:34
Track 122. I’ve Got A Feeling 3:44
Track 123. One After 909 2:44
Track 124. Danny Boy 0:17
Track 125. Dig A Pony 3:54
Track 126. Get Back 3:15
66 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Get Back camera A 25:58
Track 202. I’ve Got A Feeling #2 camera A 11:19
Track 203. Get Back camera B1 16:20
Track 204. One After 909 camera B1 14:55
69 mins

Disc 3
Track 301. Camera B1, Announcement Only 1:01
Track 302. Camera B1, Beatles In Apple Studio 16:04
Track 303. Camera B3, Roll Saville Row Street 5:48
Track 304. Camera C, Recordings At Apple Reception Desk 11:09
Track 305. Camera D, Roll 1 Take 3 Rooftop 18:07
Track 306. Camera D, Roll 3 Rooftop 6:36
59 mins

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  1. 32 Responses to “THE BEATLES - COMPLETE ROOFTOP CONCERT 1969”

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    By U L E on Dec 30, 2020

  3. Thanks BigO. I got part 3 as I already had the first 2. And of course you know the Beatles Rooftop Concert happened after the Airplane did it in New York.

    By sking on Dec 30, 2020

  4. Rumor has it the Fab Four was a band of Lil Uns

    By U L E on Dec 30, 2020

  5. With John being the Lilst Un

    By U L E on Dec 30, 2020

  6. Track #115 just has to be my most favorite Beatles track ever.

    By HHH on Dec 30, 2020

  7. you sure do love your Beatles at Big O.
    I met them all a few times.

    By Darth on Dec 30, 2020

  8. And then Darth you woke up…

    By DD on Dec 31, 2020

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  18. Curious to know how to turn this into a film disc or does it only make a sound disc? Thanks anyway and here’s hoping for a reply to this….Cheers.

    By Canute on Dec 31, 2020

  19. Isn’t it just beautiful to have recordings like this.
    Thank god for bootlegs otherwise we would have nothing but comerical recordings….and fuck that !

    By Grim Reaper on Dec 31, 2020

  20. First two only was me . Rest all fakes

    By U L E on Jan 1, 2021

  21. I doubt that is really darth. He was never that short with his comments. Some of them went multiple paragraphs.

    By George on Jan 1, 2021

  22. Hey Canute, what are you on? Film disc? Really?

    By Derrick on Jan 1, 2021

  23. I’m Darth too. He was a bigger asshole than me.

    By Corey M on Jan 1, 2021

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