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Live 02: Live Before America [Purple Chick PC-159/60, 2CD]

Live in Europe May 1963 to January 1964. Released July 2008. CD1 live in England and Sweden 1963. CD2 live in England and France. Very good radio and TV broadcasts.

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Disc 1
Pops and Lenny - May 16, 1963
Track 101. From Me To You (video) 0:40

The Mersey Sound - August 27, 1963
Track 102. Twist And Shout (Can You Hear Me) 2:12
Track 103. I Saw Her Standing There (Can You Hear Me) 0:33
Track 104. She Loves You (Can You Hear Me) 2:25

Sunday Night at the Palladium - October 13, 1963
Track 105. intro (Road Runner + Mythology) 0:29
Track 106. From Me To You ((M + RR)2 + Mythology + Anthology 1) 2:30
Track 107. I’ll Get You (Anthology 1 + Mythology) 2:18
Track 108. She Loves You (Mythology) 3:32
Track 109. Twist And Shout (Mythology + Road Runner) 2:39
Track 110. outro 0:53

Pop 3 - October 24, 1963
Track 111. intro (Swedish Radio Show) 0:46
Track 112. I Saw Her Standing There (Swedish Radio Show) 2:50
Track 113. From Me To You (Swedish Radio Show) 2:06
Track 114. Money (That’s What I Want) (Swedish Radio Show) 2:51
Track 115. Roll Over Beethoven (Swedish Radio Show) 2:26
Track 116. You Really Got A Hold On Me (Swedish Radio Show) 3:05
Track 117. She Loves You (Swedish Radio Show) 2:31
Track 118. Twist And Shout (Swedish Radio Show) 2:44

Drop In - October 30, 1963
Track 119. intro 1:04
Track 120. She Loves You (In Case You Don’t Know) 2:53
Track 121. Twist And Shout (ICYDK + Anthology DVD) 2:48
Track 122. I Saw Her Standing There (Anthology DVD) 2:52
Track 123. Long Tall Sally (Anthology DVD) 1:30
Track 124. outro (Anthology DVD + video) 0:46

The Royal Variety Performance - November 4, 1963
Track 125. From Me To You (vid + Ant dvd + M + Ant 1) 2:10
Track 126. She Loves You (Anthology 1) 2:48
Track 127. Till There Was You (Anthology 1) 2:53
Track 128. Twist And Shout (Anthology 1 + Mythology) 2:39
Track 129. outro (Mythology) 0:39

The Early Beatles - November 9, 1963

Track 130. I Saw Her Standing There (We’re Like To Carry On) 0:47

The Jack Paar Program - 16 November 16, 1963
Track 131. From Me To You (Live! Make As Much Noise As You Like) 1:04

The Beatles Come To Town - November 20, 1963
Track 132. She Loves You (November 1963) 2:35
Track 133. Twist And Shout (Addendum 1) 1:15
Track 134. From Me To You (reprise) (November 1963) 0:15

Morecambe and Wise - December 2, 1963
Track 135. intro (Mythology + Anthology 1) 0:08
Track 136. This Boy (Anthology 1 + Mythology) 2:20
Track 137. All My Loving (Mythology + Hollywood Bowl Complete + Mythology) 2:08
Track 138. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Mythol + Ant 1) 2:47
Track 139. Not Like It Was In Your Day (Anthology 1) 2:06
Track 140. Moonlight Bay (Anthology 1 + Mythology) 0:53
Track 141. outro (Mythology) 1:25
78 mins

Disc 2
It’s The Beatles! - December 7, 1963
Track 201. From Me To You (youtube) 1:28
Track 202. I Saw Her Standing There (youtube) 3:11
Track 203. All My Loving (youtube) 2:33
Track 204. Roll Over Beethoven (youtube + Mythology + youtube) 2:41
Track 205. Boys (youtube) 2:29
Track 206. Till There Was You (youtube + Mythology + youtube) 2:16
Track 207. She Loves You (youtube [with Mythology]) 2:39
Track 208. This Boy (youtube + Mythology + youtube) 2:19
Track 209. I Want To Hold Your Hand (yt + ULM + yt) 3:35
Track 210. Money (That’s What I Want) 2:43
(youtube + Ultimate Live Masters + youtube + Ultimate Live Masters)
Track 211. Twist And Shout (Ultimate Live Masters + youtube + ULM + yt + ULM + yt) 2:17
Track 212. From Me To You (reprise) (youtube + ULM) 1:15

Sunday Night at the Palladium - January 12, 1964
Track 213. intro (Mythology) 0:10
Track 214. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Mythology) 2:28
Track 215. This Boy (Mythology) 3:22
Track 216. All My Loving (Mythology) 3:35
Track 217. Money (That’s What I Want) (Mythology) 2:02
Track 218. Twist And Shout (Mythology) 1:25
Track 219. outro (Mythology) 1:48

Cinema Cyrano, Versailles - January 15, 1964
Track 220: From Me To You ( 0:57

L’lympia Theatre, Paris - January 16, 1964 (afternoon)
Track 221. From Me To You (City Of Light) 1:55
Track 222. I Saw Her Standing There (City Of Light) 2:40
Track 223. This Boy Intro (City Of Light) 0:09
Track 224. Twist And Shout (City Of Light) 2:36
Track 225. From Me To You (reprise) (City Of Light) 0:23
Track 226. Long Tall Sally (City Of Light) 1:55
Track 227. From Me To You (reprise) (City Of Light) 0:09

L’lympia Theatre, Paris - January 16, 1964 (evening)
Track 228. From Me To You (City Of Light) 1:59
Track 229. She Loves You (City Of Light) 2:33
Track 230. This Boy (City Of Light) 2:26
Track 231. I Want To Hold Your Hand (City Of Light) 2:45
Track 232. Twist And Shout (City Of Light) 2:36
Track 233. From Me To You (reprise) (City Of Light) 0:33
Track 234. Long Tall Sally (Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell) (tumult und die beatles) 0:17
Track 235. From Me To You (reprise)(Lennon-McCartney) (tumult und die beatles) 0:16
69 mins

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