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London 1977 [no label, 1CD]

Old Grey Whistle Test,
BBC TV Centre, London, UK; January 31, 1977. Very good audio (ripped from TV broadcast).

Thanks to grner1 for sharing the TV broadcast at Dime.

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Throughout the 1970s, Cooder released a series of Warner Bros. Records albums that showcased his guitar work. Cooder explored bygone musical genres and found old-time recordings which he then personalized and updated. His later 1970s albums (with the exception of Jazz, which explored ragtime/vaudeville) do not fall under a single genre description, but his self-titled first album could be described as blues; Into the Purple Valley, Boomer’s Story, and Paradise and Lunch as folk and blues; Chicken Skin Music and Showtime as a mix of Tex-Mex and Hawaiian; Bop Till You Drop as 1950s R&B; and Borderline and Get Rhythm as rock-based. His 1979 album Bop Till You Drop was the first popular music album released that was recorded digitally, using the early 3M digital mastering recorder. It yielded his biggest hit, an R&B cover version of Elvis Presley’s 1960s recording “Little Sister”. - wikipedia

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Track 01. Intro 1:05
Track 02. The Tattler 4:16
Track 03. Dark End Of The Street 7:10
Track 04. Jesus On A Main Line 4:51
Track 05. Do Re Mi 6:50
Track 06. Goodnight Irene 5:35
Track 07. He’ll Have to Go 4:45
Track 08. Smack Dab 7:14
42 mins

Ry Cooder - guitar, vocals
Pat Rizzo - alto saxophone
Isaac Garcia - drums
Big Red - bass
Jesse Ponce - bajo sexto (12-string bass guitar)
Flaco Jimenez - accordion
Eldridge King - vocals
Terry Evans - vocals
Bobby King - vocals

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  2. Rumor has it Ry gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Feb 26, 2021

  3. Now we’re talking! Thanks so much Big O
    Always enjoyed more Mr Ryland P Cooder! And the appearances on Old Grey Whistle Test were/are legendary! Several favourites here by the master Dark End of The Street in particular, The Tatler, Do Re Mi + all classics
    Probably have this somewhere down in the vaults (past the dungeon and round the ha-ha) but this saves me the effort of sending the servants to look for it!
    Thanks again guys
    Made my forthcoming weekend here

    By swappers on Feb 26, 2021

  4. Calm down swappers, you’ll give yerself a heart attack.

    By DD on Feb 26, 2021

  5. Your weekends must be so amazin swappers

    By Derrick on Feb 26, 2021

  6. @ Swappers, a lot of nice Ry on Sugar megs:)

    By ND on Feb 26, 2021

  7. My weekends are dik sukin’ at my favorite truck stop glory hole.

    By Derrick on Feb 26, 2021

  8. Sukin’ dik is amways amazing!

    By Derrick on Feb 26, 2021

  9. My favorite truck stop glory hole is……….

    all of them!! :-)

    By Derrick on Feb 26, 2021

  10. As U L E would say… twernt me on none of the above three

    By Derrick on Feb 27, 2021

  11. tHEE ry cooder that played with captain beefheart and slide guitar on sister morphine with the stones. rumor has it there aint no rumor except me im so pathetic i blew myself 3 times today

    By U L E on Feb 27, 2021

  12. A Big Coc is always a big plus , however I would never have fucked this man . Size matters , but so does fame . At least for me . This man just wasn’t famous enough. You needed a big Coc a d big fame to get me backstage. My standards got much higher once I became playboys Miss November 1974 . Pryor to that I was less selective.

    By Bebe on Feb 27, 2021

  13. Last one mine all others fakes

    By U L E on Feb 27, 2021

  14. First one me . Rest all fakes

    By U L E on Feb 27, 2021

  15. Great Stuff BigO - Still can’t see the point of the comments section though

    By Welcome To Jazz Club on Mar 1, 2021

  16. It is so that you make comments like those that you have just made.

    By swappers on Mar 2, 2021

  17. Mr Know It All just chimed in with his 2 fucking cents. Shut the fuck up swappo dumbass turd brain

    By Corey M on Mar 2, 2021

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