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France 2018 [no label, 1CD]

Festival Django Reinhardt, Fontainebleau, France; July 8, 2018. Very good satellite radio broadcast.

American jazz composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Marcus Miller is best known as a bass guitarist. He has worked with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Luther Vandross, and David Sanborn.

Thanks to letsgo for sharing the show at Dime.

Front cover by Erinc Salor, back cover by Thierry-Duboc; both pictures posted on the net - Thanks!

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Broadcast live by TSF Jazz, captured via satellite (at 192 Kb).
Sat receiver - Zoom H4 - SD card to PC - Audacity (volume, tracks, FLAC export) - md5 with TLH

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (256 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. The Blues 5:41
Track 02. Untamed 4:04
Track 03. Papa Was A Rolling Stone (with band introduction) 14:40
Track 04. I Love You Porgy 8:54
Track 05. Trip Trap 6:25
Track 06. Hylife 11:27
Track 07. Preacher’s Kid 7:53
Track 08. Tutu 7:33
Track 09. Blast 7:03
74 mins

Marcus Miller - bass, bass clarinet
Brett Williams - keyboards
Alex Bailey - drums
Russel Gunn - trumpet
Alex Han - alto saxophone

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  1. 17 Responses to “JAZZ ON SUNDAY: MARCUS MILLER - FRANCE 2018”

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    By Poontucky McGillicutty on Mar 28, 2021

  3. Rumor has it Marcus gots a Big Un

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  9. Great MUSICIAN -Tx BigO!!!

    By fruchtas on Mar 28, 2021

  10. If the other day’s posting from the Mahavishnu Orchestra was jazz-rock fusion, think of this as jazz-funk fusion. A lot easier listening than Mr. McLaughlin’s band, but I, for one, often felt that McLaughlin’s bands tended to lapse into creating noise. On thee Mahavishnu recording, it feels as if the drummer – Danny Gottlieb – is pounding out a steady pulse that runs alongside the music rather than being integral to it., Alex Bailey’s perfectly responsive and integrated drumming here drives the music and makes its swing. Listening to how the drummers work on these two recordings speaks volumes to me about the difference between self-indulgence and audience-centric performance. Miller’s ultra-funky bass playing helps of course!

    I’ve said my piece, i’ll now leave this comment space to those who feel the need to compulsively self indulge while providing no entertainment value.

    By Frederick Miller on Mar 28, 2021

  11. Wheres the coon that says only niggers can play jazz

    By Derrick on Mar 28, 2021

  12. cast aside your infantile homophobic racist leanings and just listen or are you adverse to great musicianship?

    By Darth on Mar 29, 2021

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    By U L E on Mar 29, 2021

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  16. Hey @FredeickMiller

    No one can seriously compare John McLaughlin with Marcus Miller.

    By The Ghost of Mike Millard on Mar 29, 2021

  17. Hey @Ghost of Mike Millard:

    Do I have your permission to compare their drummers? I was talking about the impact of their groups — and my preference is for Miller’s funky sense of fun over McLaughlin’s empty (to my ears) virtuosity.

    I know John McLaughlin is a technical wizard on the guitar — but that does not prevent many of his performances to strike me as empty despite the artistry. I am thinking back to hearing the first Mahavishnu incarnation live… I had never heard this much later one before.

    My approach to the guitar as a player colors how I hear others.

    Stevie Cropper turned two notes each repeated three times into an iconic guitar solo in “Soul Man.” I teach that to guitar students on their first day because it is so simple…. but so effective!

    If you enjoy John McLaughlin, that’s great. I’m talking about how I hear things — maybe say a little more about what you hear in McLaughlin’s music and I could learn from you.

    By Frederick Miller on Mar 29, 2021

  18. First two was me . Rest all fakes

    By U L E on Mar 29, 2021

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