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Click on the panels for a better view or to download jpg artwork.

The WBCN Acetate Soundboard [Masterjedi MJ1808, 2CD]

CD01 no click removal. CD02 with click removal. Very good soundboard.

Derived from Untouched - Off Elektra Acetate (Idol Minds IMP N 036) with edit pieces from Posters Incense and Strobe Candles (Vigotone VT 109).

Great care was taken to align both sources in speed, frequency response and phase response. This not only permitted seamlessly patching the missing pieces back into place, it also allowed the severe damage which occurred to the Acetate sometime after broadcast to be meticulously repaired in short but numerous places at the beginning of The Long And Winding Road.

The Intro to Get Back, which was also missing from the Idol Minds source, was patched from the Vigotone source, with the announcer’s voice spectrally removed using Yellow Dog’s Day By Day series as a reference.

The material is duplicated twice, once with no click removal, and again using a combination of two different click removal programs.

Adobe Audition CS6 and ClickRepair are both excellent declickers, but each has different artifacts when removing large clicks.

The median of both outputs and the original ensured that only those clicks that both programs were in agreement on were removed.


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“In late summer 1969 and throughout that autumn, tape copies of one of Glyn John’s acetates of Get Back were aired by a number of American radio stations, including WBCN in Boston. WBCN obtained a reel-to-reel tape of an acetate and broadcast the tape on September 22, 1969. The broadcast was preserved on another high-quality reel by a listener. At the end of 1969, the recordings turned up on The Beatles’ first bootleg release titled Kum Back and has been a staple in The Beatles’ bootleg canon ever since.”

It has been commonly believed, based on John Barrett’s research and Mark Lewisohn’s Beatles Recording Sessions, that Beatles’ producer, Glyn Johns, made his first mixes of the Get Back material from March 10-13, 1969. However, further research by Lewisohn (in Chronicle) and evidence on the film crew’s Nagra reels reveals that Glyn actually did the mixes during the latter part of the Get Back sessions in January 1969 - actually mixed in 90 minutes on January 24, 1969. The Masterjedi bootleg surfaced in 2019.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later.

Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

Disc 1 (No Click Removal)
Track 101. Get Back 2:50
Track 102. Teddy Boy 5:57
Track 103. Two Of Us 3:54
Track 104. Dig A Pony 4:04
Track 105. I’ve Got A Feeling 3:06
Track 106. The Long And Winding Road 3:42
Track 107. Let It Be 4:04
Track 108. Don’t Let Me Down 3:52
Track 109. For You Blue 3:03
Track 110. Get Back 2:53
Track 111. The Walk 0:56
39 mins

Disc 2 (With Click Removal)
Track 201. Get Back 2:50
Track 202. Teddy Boy 5:57
Track 203. Two Of Us 3:54
Track 204. Dig A Pony 4:04
Track 205. I’ve Got A Feeling 3:06
Track 206. The Long And Winding Road 3:42
Track 207. Let It Be 4:04
Track 208. Don’t Let Me Down 3:52
Track 209. For You Blue 3:03
Track 210. Get Back 2:53
Track 211. The Walk 0:56
39 mins

Click here to order The Beatles’ Anthology series.


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  3. Thanks Big O

    By Roger S on Mar 29, 2021

  4. I remember listening to this as a 12 year old on WKBW-1520 the 50,000 watt AM station in Buffalo, NY. I have never found a boot of the broadcast from KB but I heard that stations received different combinations of takes.

    By California Jim on Mar 29, 2021

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  12. The Beatles just keep giving, love it
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  14. I just discovered this blog . Great music , but damn the people commenting are fucking morons: where is the music talk ?

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  20. Is there anyone who has a complete lost lennon tapes collection?
    The full series? I’ve tried everywhere. …eBay, Amazon, cd fairs…..nothing
    I would accept only having the mp3 files….
    Would be a great series for BigO to post !!!

    By The Truth on Mar 30, 2021

  21. Note to Mike. It is what it is, I suppose.

    By Cris on Mar 31, 2021

  22. As for Lost Lennon Tapes, I recorded those each week off the radio. I probably have 90% of them on cassette collecting dust in the closet. I did convert the first 15 shows to mp3. They are still a very entertaining listen.

    By California Jim on Mar 31, 2021

  23. California: this site is fantastic; wish the same could be said for the assholes who post moronic, racist crap

    By Crawdad on Apr 1, 2021

  24. Shut up Crawdad, get back to washin the dishes and your other chores.

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  25. @ The truth, Lost lennon tapes here. They are on the TUBE blog so here is the shortcut to the links.

    If you don’t have an account with the sites rapidgator is the fastest download.


    By ND on Apr 1, 2021

  26. Thanks ND. I will have to take a look and then chuck my old cassettes

    By California Jim on Apr 1, 2021

  27. Thanks Big O for the latest update re-master of the Electra acetate. Phillip Cohen also did a remaster by declicking it BY HAND. I still kept the original Electra acetate that was posted at 224 kbps by Big O in March 2012. Thanks for the new 320 kbps nice remaster.

    By ScarRad on Apr 9, 2021

  28. An acetate is a temporary master LP on acetate instead of vinyl. It was produced by studios so that they could control hand out to chosen individuals, a short-lived version. I worked for a record store during 1974, and the manager Marty came in very excited. He had just gotten a new acetate and put it on the record player. It was a brand new band. It had several of the songs that in a finished form showed up on their first album TWO YEARS LATER. The band was BOSTON. Very cool to hear them then.

    By ScarRad on Apr 9, 2021

  29. I’ll never forget listening to this on clear channel 1520AM, WKBW, Buffalo - which is a sports station today…

    By harmon on Apr 9, 2021

  30. Thanks BigO. Hopefully this will be the definitive go to version for me.

    By Matt on Jul 1, 2021

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