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Tucson 1978 [no label, 2CD]

Live at Lee Furr’s Recording Studio, Tucson, AZ; May 30, 1978. Very good KWFM 92.9 broadcast.

Thanks to Surround for sharing the show at Dime.

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Original notes:

Many Dregs collectors have had this show for years of mostly unknown lineage. I was always frustrated with the quality I would run across in the tape trading circles back in the day. Living in Tucson and knowing folks in the recording industry, I went on a hunt. I knew someone had to have a master cassette from the FM broadcast or maybe a pre-FM master.

I contacted some folks who worked for KWFM, Lee Furr, the owner of the studio and various engineers who worked there, spending months making phone calls and following up on any lead I could find. Many were dead ends.

When one day, making a phone call to an engineer who worked at Lee’s studio and was now working for the local PBS affiliate I explained what I was looking for and if he might have a lead. Wow he said, I have the tape right here! I offered to buy him lunch at a restaurant of his choice if he would let me borrow the tape for a few days.

I dropped by his office and picked up the reel and quickly transferred it to the only decks I had available at the time which was two Sony beta Hi-Fi VCR’s and one VHS Hi-Fi VCR.

The first song on the master reel was cut and did not contain the interview that as I recall was played in the middle of the live FM performance. I used the first 33 seconds from my best FM cassette source and spliced it into the master reel version. I also used the FM Cassette source for the interview.

So sit back and enjoy this absolutly stunningly clear version of the Dixie Dregs first Tucson Show!

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Disc 1
Track 101. DJ Intro/Free Fall 4:38
Track 102. Moe Down 4:03
Track 103. Refried Funky Chicken 4:39
Track 104. Night Meets Light 8:23
Track 105. The Wabash 4:50
Track 106. Travel Tunes 3:42
Track 107. Wages of Weirdness 4:18
Track 108. Northern Lights 3:40
39 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Punk Sandwich 4:14
Track 202. The Odyssey 7:40
Track 203. DJ Intro/Take It Off the Top 4:17
Track 204. Country House Shuffle 3:52
Track 205. Ice Cakes 5:24
Track 206. What If 4:34
Track 207. Gina Lola Breakdown 4:04
Track 208. Cruise Control 8:47
Track 209. DJ Outro/Interview 9:58
53 mins

Steve Morse - guitar
Andy West - bass
Rod Morgenstern - drums
Allen Sloan - violin
Mark Parrish - keyboards

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