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Montreux 1980 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland; July 10, 1980. Very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to skiddlybop for sharing the show at The Traders’ Den.


Montreux 1980 is for me an absolute must have show. I don’t know if this remaster was the master for the bootleg “Invocating the Protector of Angels,” but I’m sure that this remaster sounds really great. If somebody has the silver bootleg, please make a comparison  with this and let us know if they are different.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Wavelength 7:43
Track 102. Kingdom Hall 4:23
Track 103. And It Stoned Me 3:59
Track 104. Troubadour 5:52
Track 105. Spirit 9:07
Track 106. Joyous Sound 2:52
Track 107. Satisfied 6:55
Track 108. Ballerina 7:12
48 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Summertime in England 10:03
Track 202. Moondance 4:08
Track 203. Haunts of Ancient Peace 7:44
Track 204. Wild Night 3:29
Track 205. Listen to the Lion 7:02
Track 206. Tupelo Honey 8:17
Track 207. Angeliou 9:11
50 mins

Van Morrison - vocals, guitar
Mark Isham - horns
Pee Wee Ellis - sax
Jef Labes - keyboards
John Allair - keyboards
John Platania - lead guitar
David Hayes - bass
Peter van Hooke - drums
Daoud Shaar - drums

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  1. 24 Responses to “VAN MORRISON - MONTREUX 1980”

  2. This show is available on YouTube and is maybe a step below It’s Too Late To Stop Now as one of the definitive Van documents.

    By Tony Pizza on Apr 10, 2021

  3. Rumor has it Van gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Apr 10, 2021

  4. When Van first stood naked in front of me , he resembled a human tripod. For such a short guy , his Dic was enormous. It almost touched the floor , and when fully hard , stood out at half mast like a long thick flagpole . It was hard to suck it , because it was so thick and hard to get in my mouth . In my pussy it felt like it was going to come thru my throat . As for anal , forget about it.

    By Pam Des Barris on Apr 10, 2021

  5. Van was definitely the man . I fucked him ( backstage of course) in 73 after a concert. He had a Giant Coc . I sucked it for an hour , before he gave me a real pounding. He really worked me over good .

    By Bebe on Apr 10, 2021

  6. This complete show was officially released on Van’s DVD “Live at Montreux 1980/1974 in 2006.

    By JohnfromHolland on Apr 10, 2021

  7. More early Stones please BigO
    BBC and live

    By The Tooth on Apr 10, 2021

  8. In your dreams toothy

    By DD on Apr 11, 2021

  9. Bebe , Pam and all of the seventies rock groupies are an embarrassment to the current Me Too Movement.

    By T J on Apr 11, 2021

  10. Women today are too uptight. What normal red blooded straight gal wouldn’t want to suck and fuck a monster prick . I was born too late unfortunately 81, but if I had been around earlier, I would have been right there with the groupie legends . My fantasy was always the Beatles, until I found out they all had teenie weenies.

    By Dee Dee Longley on Apr 11, 2021

  11. I also fucked Van in the late 70s His Coc was like a bazooka. It really hurt at first , but once I loosened up it felt really good .

    By Groupie Chick Traci on Apr 11, 2021

  12. Van Morrison never seemed like the groupie magnet that he apparently was . These comments make him seem like he was in Kiss or Motley Crue .

    By Trey Mackey on Apr 11, 2021

  13. Van Morrison never seemed like the groupie magnet that he apparently was . These comments make him seem like he was in Kiss or Motley Crue .

    I think Dee Dee and Pam are really 2 gay guys fantasizing….

    By John on Apr 11, 2021

  14. I pretend to be a woman and I am gay.

    By U L E on Apr 11, 2021


    By DD on Apr 11, 2021

  16. U- I’m a tranny, I’d love to see your fashions.

    By Derrick on Apr 11, 2021

  17. And your small penis too tee hee.

    By Derrick on Apr 11, 2021

  18. Twernt me on last one nuther fake

    By U L E on Apr 11, 2021

  19. Twas me on all of the above

    By U L E on Apr 12, 2021

  20. Last one twernt me nuther fake. Fakes run amok only first one was me

    By U L E on Apr 12, 2021

  21. All real, like my tiny penis. Sob

    By U L E on Apr 12, 2021

  22. You are a real loser j U L i E

    By Crawmom on Apr 12, 2021

  23. Last one twernt me nuther fake. Fakes run amok only first five was me

    By U L E on Apr 12, 2021

  24. Totally laid back and awesome! Not at all like the mid 90’s frantic, virtuoso band freak outs but more of a soul approach to the warhorses. Wow.

    By Guillermo on Apr 15, 2021

  25. Guillermo, Fascinating

    By HHH on Apr 15, 2021

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