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The Darker Side Of Rising Sun - Japan 1972 Chronicles [The Godfather Box 24 C/D, 2CD]

At The End Of The Horizon – Tokyo 2nd Night. Live at the Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan; March 7, 1972. Very good FM/audience recordings.


The second night in Tokyo finds The Floyd much more relaxed and turns in a much tighter performance than the previous evening, this is most evident on the Dark Side material that takes up the first set of the evening.

There are three sources for this concert in varying degrees of sound quality, the first source is a very good to excellent recording that made up the Live In Tokyo 1972 (Zeus Z 907001/2) release, it features the majority of the concert but Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun was incomplete. A second source appeared on Missing Pieces: Japan Tour 1972 (Sigma 34), it was a notch down from the Zeus source but did not suffer from the low end distortion of the first source. This second source was also incomplete and was mainly the Dark Side suite plus a complete version of Set The Controls, the remainder of the show, believed to exist, does not circulate.

The bulk of this show comes from the first and best sounding first source and is most certainly from a better generation of tape than the Zeus version, the low end distortion is still evident but does not sound as intrusive and has a much warmer and enjoyable sound. There are a couple tape cuts in the Dark Side piece where the second source is inserted, the edits are well done and very smooth. The bonus tracks on the first disc comes from a third source, it is a good sound but is slightly distant from the other two, there is some sound fluctuation and there is a slight bit of tape hiss present but it is very listenable and enjoyable.

The second disc again comes from the Zeus source with the second source edited in to complete Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. The third source is again utilized for a bonus “alternate” version for Set The Controls, of the three bonus tracks this is by far the most enjoyable.

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These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Disc 1
Track 101. Speak To Me 2:24
Track 102. Breathe 2:50
Track 103. On The Run 5:49
Track 104. Time 6:27
Track 105. Breathe (Reprise) 1:18
Track 106. The Great Gig In The Sky 4:36
Track 107. Money 7:07
Track 108. Us And Them 7:13
Track 109. Any Colour You Like 3:53
Track 110. Brain Damage 3:55
Track 111. Eclipse 2:48
Track 112. Stage Announcement 2:21
Track 113. One Of These Days (alternate source) 11:14
Track 114. Tuning (alternate source) 5:13
Track 115. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (alternate source) 10:47
78 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. One Of These Days 11:19
Track 202. Tuning 5:28
Track 203. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 10:57
Track 204. Tuning 1:31
Track 205. Echoes 24:14
Track 206. Stage Announcement/Crowd 1:39
Track 207. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 13:06
Track 208. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (alternate source) 11:38
80 mins

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    By Derrick and the Dominos on Apr 16, 2021

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    By U L E on Apr 16, 2021

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    By U L E on Apr 17, 2021

  11. With Roger and David being the Big Uns, Nick the Lil Un and Richard the Average Un

    By U L E on Apr 17, 2021

  12. Ooh great, yet another chance to hear Mark Tide Of She Doon yet again.

    By MrsSmith on Apr 17, 2021

  13. You shut that mouth MrsSmith. Yes,yes- this tokyo set been around for ages but always a welcome gift to see some floyd up here. Thank you BigO

    By mm on Apr 20, 2021

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    By Corey Moron on Apr 20, 2021

  15. so weird how this forum is obsessed with dongs… ya ok Corey, nuts, chin - yeah man, good one

    By mm on Apr 20, 2021

  16. Why is this no longer available?

    By Bill on May 17, 2021

  17. Bill… it was only available for a week . You snooze, you lose .

    By Derrick on May 17, 2021

  18. Any chance it will be available again?

    By Bill on May 18, 2021

  19. Bill, can i toss your salad

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