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Philadelphia 2001 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA; October 27, 2001. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to lilpanda for sharing the show at Dime.

lilpanda noted:

I saw Marshall a lot over the years and saw him when he was at his worst - sarcastic, edgy, condescending, and aloof. But I give him credit for nights like this. He was sick as a fucking DOG. Looked like hell - pale, unshaven and, obviously, with a head full of crap.

But he came out and did a really good acoustic show with just one other guitar player. It was short for a late show, but he sounded good and played well. And, as you’ll hear, he brought some remedies that his wife was making him take. What a trooper - people paid to see him, and he didn’t cancel.

Setlist is heavy on 447 - but as usual he gives you an oddball cover - Marty Robbins’ El Paso. I think this might be the only sb of him doing the song.

my dsb dat > cdr > eac

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Track 01. TMD 5:39
Track 02. Vague Memory 4:55
Track 03. Glad Goodbye 5:09
Track 04. Little Wild One 4:34
Track 05. El Paso 5:55
Track 06. Not For Me 2:56
Track 07. There She Goes Again 2:51
Track 08. Someday Someway 4:15
Track 09. Cynical Girl 3:22
Track 10. Dime a Dozen Guy 5:15
Track 11. Better Back Off 5:45
Track 12. What Do You Dream Of 3:45
Track 13. TV Lights 5:54
Track 14. Something’s Gonna Happen 4:27
65 mins

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