April 21, 2021 – 8:00 am

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A Chronicle Of Sorts 1967-1969 [Nixed Records NIX 003, 1CD]

Live at the BBC from 1967 to 1969. From Top Gear sessions, David Symonds Show, French TV show ‘Bouton Rouge’ and others. Very good FM broadcasts.

Thanks to 1960Mila for sharing the tracks on the net.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Chelsea Morning 3:02
Track 02. Lay Down Your Weary Tune 3:38
Track 03. Let’s Get Together 2:48
Track 04. One Sure Thing 3:30
Track 05. Violets Of Dawn 3:55
Track 06. If (Stomp) 2:37
Track 07. If I Had A Ribbon Bow 2:37
Track 08. Morning Glory 3:13
Track 09. Time Will Show The Wiser 3:02
Track 10. Reno, Nevada 7:48
Track 11. Marcie 3:40
Track 12. Night In The City 3:06
Track 13. You Never Wanted Me 3:19
Track 14. Eastern Rain 3:34
Track 15. Fotheringay 3:12
Track 16. Book Song 3:07
Track 17. Dear Landlord 3:53
Track 18. Si Tu Dois Partir 2:29
Track 19. Cajun Woman 2:51
Track 20. Autopsy 4:28
Track 21. The Lady Is A Tramp 2:09
Track 22. Light My Fire 1:17
Track 23. Both Sides Now 3:05
77 mins

Ashley Hutchings - bass
Martin Lamble - Drums (Tks 1-20, 22)
Richard Thompson and Simon Nichol - guitars
Ric Grech - violin (Tks 18-20)
Ian Matthews - vocals (Tks 1-17, 22)
Judy Dyble - vocals (Tks 1-10)
Richard Thompson - vocals (Tks 11-22)
Sandy Denny - vocals (Tks 11-22)

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  1. 15 Responses to “FAIRPORT CONVENTION - CHRONICLE OF SORTS 1967-1969”

  2. Thanks for this, but the spelling should be Simon Nicol, not Nichol.

    By Rod on Apr 21, 2021

  3. Thanks so much for this Big O. An historic document and still with drummer Martin Lamble so before things took a darker turn after he and Richard Thompson’s then girlfriend, the legendary fashionista of the hip at the time the beautiful Jeannie Franklyn, were killed in a car crash as this compilation ends in 1969 . . . . . . its appreciated. Timely too as Richard (Thompson) just has his first memoir published this last week covering these very years.
    Thanks guys!

    By swappers on Apr 21, 2021

  4. I thought I knew this band pretty well but many of these tracks are new for me! Thanks again Big O, you’re the best.

    By RC on Apr 21, 2021

  5. RIP Les McKeown,65, Bay City Rollers lead singer. died suddenly. They had recently reunited and had tour dates set up for this coming summer. 1973-78, had series of #1 hits in Britain. They had a big hit in the U.S. with Saturday Night. They had sold out concerts in the U.S. and many other countries in the 70’s.

    By ScarRad on Apr 23, 2021

  6. Thank you for this one BigO

    By Derrick and the Dominos on Apr 23, 2021

  7. Rumor has it This was a band of Big Uns

    By U L E on Apr 24, 2021

  8. With Richard being the Biggest Un

    By U L E on Apr 24, 2021

  9. Rumor has it Sandy and Judy both preferred Big Uns

    By U L E on Apr 24, 2021

  10. Lucky girls to be in this band

    By U L E on Apr 24, 2021

  11. Shut the fuck up ScarRad.

    By DD on Apr 24, 2021

  12. A lot, though not all, of these tracks were released on the Live at the BBC set from 2007

    By Ian Cochran on Apr 24, 2021

  13. Thank you Big O!

    By Eric on Apr 26, 2021

  14. So, track 23, Both Sides Now, isn’t listed on the back cover and has no credits as to its origins. It sounds like an old audience recording too and not a BBC Session. Does anyone have any insight into this?? Thanks.

    By Big Dave on May 15, 2021

  15. Wonderful post!!!
    Thank you!!!!

    By Frank Korte on May 23, 2021

  16. I think Both Sides Now is the studio demo from 1967. Possibly a version of the one referenced here:

    By CrackerJack on May 29, 2021

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