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The Unreleased Live Album 1981 [no label, 2CD]

Various dates and venues. Very good soundboard and FM broadcasts.

Thanks to als for sharing the shows at Dime.

In 1981 James Taylor planned to release a live album. His performance at Radio City Music Hall was recorded, but it didn’t turn out so well. While the music sounded great, JT’s banter and comedic timing were off, a rarity for him. Something must have been amiss because a week earlier he was broadcast nationally via satellite and, as I learned from a member of Dime, instructed his crew not to tell him the exact night of the broadcast (he only knew it was one of three nights). The results of the Atlanta broadcast were stellar - one of his best shows ever. JT did not release a live album in 1981, but, if he did, it might have sounded like this one.

Editing notes: Selections from the 5/13/81 show were made based on what sounded best to me. I have 8 versions of the show, threw on the headphones and made the call. Most of the between song banter comes from Source C as the “Dad Lives His Work” bootleg was heavily edited. This upload could also be called “the definitive version of 5/13/81″ (for now). Speaking of editing, I edited out most of the between song banter in Source A due to reasons noted above.

Other notes: The Atlanta show is usually dated 5/19/81 and I take responsibility for passing along bad information. In
September 2003 I shared a version of this show (Source C) on the Archival Group that was longer than “Dad Lives His Work” but still not complete. This version was dated 5/19/81 and I kept the date to avoid confusion with a show listed as Atlantic City 5/13/81.

Source A: 5/21/81 Radio City Music Hall, NYC, Soundboard
Source B: 5/13/81 Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, GA, “Dad Lives His Work” bootleg
Source C: 5/13/81 Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, GA, WNEW FM > unknown
Source D: 5/13/81 Atlanta, Civic Center, Atlanta, GA, WNEW FM > BR master cassette transfer
Source E: 6/12/82 Central Park, NYC, FM radio broadcast
Sources A + B + C + D + E > Sound Forge 8.0 (normalization, pitch correction, mixing) > CD Wave > 2flac

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

Disc 1 (First Set)
Track 101. You Can Close Your Eyes 2:50
Track 102. Mona (song only) 2:51
Track 103. Wandering 2:48
Track 104. Sweet Baby James 3:28
Track 105. Riding On A Railroad 2:43
Track 106. How Sweet It Is 7:41
Track 107. Stand and Fight 4:40
Track 108. Brother Trucker 4:34
Track 109. Hey Good Lookin’ 2:54
Track 110. Walking Man 4:23
Track 111. Hard Times 4:18
Track 112. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine 5:36
Track 113. Up On The Roof 5:21
Track 114. Fire And Rain 4:31
59 mins

Disc 2 (Second Set)
Track 201. Sugar Trade 3:46
Track 202. Millworker 4:50
Track 203. Twelve Gates to the City 3:24
Track 204. Steamroller 6:32
Track 205. I Will Not Lie For You 3:45
Track 206. Daddy’s All Gone 5:17
Track 207. Her Town Too (with JD Souther) 5:00
Track 208. You’re Only Lonely (with JD Souther) 5:08
Track 209. Faithless Love (with JD Souther) 4:21
Track 210. Your Smiling Face 3:20
Track 211. Mexico 3:15
Track 212. Country Road 5:32
Track 213. Money Machine 7:18
Track 214. You’ve Got A Friend 5:11
Track 215. That Lonesome Road 2:31
Track 216. Interview with Peter Asher 2:29
72 mins

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  9. There’s no way that you’d get a live album THIS long in 1981. The only possible way you could get anything close to this is making it a triple-live album, and those were out of vogue by this point (and JT wasn’t a prog rocker like Yes or ELP anyway). The most you’d get is a double.

    That said, I’m not complaining! More classic James Taylor is always better than less!

    By Actually Talking About the Fucking Music on May 27, 2021

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