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Gold Dust Radio 1975-1988 (The Legendary Broadcasts) [Coda Records Ltd CPLCD, CD3/4 of 6]

Disc 3: Live at the Checkerdome, St Louis, MO; June 11, 1979. Disc 4: The Forum, Inglewood, CA; October 21, 1982. Very good FM broadcasts.

Thanks to andrew_kamsky for sharing the shows on the net.


1979’s ‘Tusk’ double album was something of an experimental project that saw Buckingham’s influence become ever more commanding and, though both Nicks and McVie contributed some of their strongest material, proceedings seem to be dominated by the guitarist and his colourful eccentricities. The third disc (’Tusk Live On Air’) features a show recorded at The Checkerdome in St Louis on June 11, 1979, during a mammoth world tour that took its toll on everyone, from band members to crew. As a big Nicks fan it is this disc that I have returned to more than the others as it includes no less than five of her songs. The band seem comfortable reproducing the ‘Tusk’ material and the performances seem more settled and balanced. One or two tracks appear in edited format and fortunately this means ‘Not That Funny’ fades out to mirror the studio version, sparing us the usual Buckingham theatrics that the live version attracts.

Disc four (’Gypsies’), recorded at The Forum, Inglewood on October 21, 1982, has great appeal due to the diversity of the material. A number of tracks are lifted from the recently released ‘Mirage’ album and they sit nicely next to the more established ‘Rumours’ and ‘Tusk’ songs. Unfortunately, ‘…Funny’ is dragged out to an excruciating length to massage Buckingham’s ego but he redeems himself during a blinding version of ‘I’m So Afraid’. ‘Tusk’ gives Mick Fleetwood a turn in the spotlight without overextending the jam feel of the song, Nicks adlibs as though her life depends on it during ‘Sisters Of The Moon’, whilst McVie’s heartfelt ‘Songbird’ brings things to a close and a lump to the throat.

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Disc 3
Checkerdome, St Louis, MO; June 11, 1979
Track 301. Say You Love Me 4:18
Track 302. The Chain 7:02
Track 303. Dreams 4:23
Track 304. Not That Funny 4:02
Track 305. Over And Over 5:02
Track 306. Sara 7:47
Track 307. What Makes You Think You Are The Only One 4:05
Track 308. Oh Daddy 4:44
Track 309. Save Me A Place 2:40
Track 310. Landslide 4:40
Track 311. Tusk 5:13
Track 312. Angel 4:52
Track 313. I’m So Afraid 7:52
Track 314. Sisters Of The Moon 6:30
Track 315. Songbird 3:58
77 mins

Disc 4
The Forum, Inglewood, CA; October 21, 1982
Track 401. The Chain 6:34
Track 402. Rhiannon 7:01
Track 403. Eyes Of The World 3:49
Track 404. Gypsy 4:33
Track 405. Love In Store 3:06
Track 406. Not That Funny 10:19
Track 407. Tusk 5:05
Track 408. You Make Loving Fun 3:42
Track 409. I’m So Afraid 6:22
Track 410. Go Your Own Way 6:04
Track 411. Blue Letter 4:39
Track 412. Sisters Of The Moon 8:04
Track 413. Songbird 3:17
73 mins

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  10. According to Setlist.com this show was on November 6, 1979.

    By Tjarley on May 29, 2021

  11. Not June 11, 1979

    By Tjarley on May 29, 2021

  12. How did this site get some immature people on it?

    By Eric D on Jul 21, 2021

  13. It’s a microcosm of today’s world Eric .

    By Thomas on Jul 21, 2021

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