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Live in London 1st Night 2018 [XAVEL-Silver Masterpiece Series-162, 2CD]

No Filter Tour 2018. Live at the London Stadium, London, UK; May 22, 2018. Very good audio - Multiple Stereo IEM Sources Matrix Recording.

Thanks to Andrea82 for sharing the show at Dime.

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Kitty Empire,

“It’s nice to be back in Londuuuuhn,” confirms Mick Jagger, with just the right level of offhand, proprietorial camp at the start of a summer of British fixtures. Later, Jagger will talk about this venue not being far from a place he remembers as “Dalston Baths” – it’s either Leyton Baths, where the Stones played in 1963, or Dalston’s Chez Don club (same era); places not that far away spatially, but a foreign country, conceptually…

As much as is humanly possible, the Rolling Stones are exactly what they used to be – scrawny Englishmen with a thing for the blues, capable of reproducing the foundation documents of rock music with guts and flair. You’d go see Bach if he were alive: this is the white guy guitar band equivalent.

There are times tonight, though, where this Stones gig can feel like a museum piece whose exhibits might require a little more curation, given modern sensibilities. Some of these songs have the air of semi-naked native mannequins posed to look awed at overdressed colonialists; acceptable at the time, perhaps, but questionable now.

A lairy and louche Midnight Rambler is the extended showpiece of tonight’s set. Slowing down, speeding up, the band work their way through some call-and-response into an magnificently abstract lull, where Mick Jagger twitches his way backwards down the catwalk, the anchoring keyboards of Chuck Leavell and Matt Clifford are muted and Ron Wood and Keith Richards are not playing so much as issuing prangs of guitar – an interlude that feels unscripted and alive. It’s the best advert for the Stones as a working band, that rolling, itinerant carnival of cutting loose.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Opening 1:16
Track 102. Street Fighting Man 4:27
Track 103. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It) 4:48
Track 104. Tumbling Dice 5:03
Track 105. Paint It Black 5:40
Track 106. Ride ‘Em On Down 4:24
107. Under My Thumb - Omitted *
Track 108. Fool To Cry 5:35
Track 109. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 8:13
Track 110. Honky Tonk Women 4:53
Track 111. Band Introductions 4:02
Track 112. Before They Make Me Run 4:47
Track 113. Slipping Away 6:19
60 mins

* Included on 2019 Honk release.

Disc 2
Track 201. Sympathy For The Devil 6:39
Track 202. Miss You 8:43
Track 203. Midnight Rambler 12:51
Track 204. Start Me Up 4:38
Track 205. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 5:13
Track 206. Brown Sugar 8:04
Track 207. Gimme Shelter 7:15
Track 208. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 8:10
62 mins

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  2. Thanks

    By Steven on Jul 10, 2021

  3. The Steel Wheelchair & Depends Tour~!

    By steven j yeaton on Jul 10, 2021

  4. Rumor has it Mick gots a Lil Un

    By U L E on Jul 10, 2021

  5. Rumor has it Keef gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Jul 10, 2021

  6. The Glimmer Twins

    By U L E on Jul 10, 2021

  7. Do we really need to hear a bunch of almost 80 somethings creek and croak . I mean how badly do they need the money at this point ? How about some shows from the Mick Taylor years , late 60s early 70s ?

    By Pat Grooms on Jul 10, 2021

  8. The stones , Dylan , McCartney , Springsteen, Elton John and other old geezers should be forced to retire .

    By Pat Grooms on Jul 10, 2021

  9. Keith is hung like a horse , Mick is hung like a mouse , that’s the large and small of it . Mick gives better head though . With his small Dic k he has to try harder .

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  28. The stones , Dylan , McCartney , Springsteen, Elton John and other old geezers should be forced to retire .

    By Pat Grooms on Jul 10, 2021

    The jealous 90 year old misses his bed pan again.

    By John on Jul 11, 2021

  29. I agree Mac is “past it,” but for me Dylan and Springsteen sound fine.

    By Mark on Jul 11, 2021

  30. Dylan doesn’t rest on his laurels. See him in concert and you won’t get a greatest 60’s hits like you do every time with the Stones.

    By Mark on Jul 11, 2021

  31. I agree with Pat . I saw Springsteen on some late night talk show recently. He looked old , frail and stooped over . McCartney is old and gray . That long hair looks ridiculous at his age . He still has plenty of it though, so I guess that’s something. Mick and Keith look like shriveled up prunes . Same with Dylan . Everyone declines with age . Retire already. Looks at the current embarrassment who currently occupies the White House.

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  39. I’ll put my two cents worth on this age topic . Everyone else is dead wrong here . Who really wants to see and hear old men perform? As they say every dog has his day , and that day has long passed for many of these legends . Unless they are struggling financially, which they are not , they should retire with their dignity intact . Most are just embarrassing themselves. Bob Dylan , and The Rolling Stones are prime examples.

    By Thomas on Jul 12, 2021

  40. Interesting observation on Joe Biden . The man is a cognitive mess .

    By Thomas on Jul 12, 2021

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    Your concern Ted is noted but really don’t worry I am fine and have a full and deeply content life, despite what the cretin pretending to be me says he has my daughter’s age way off and my dear wife has no complaints. You should always bear in mind that there are so many imposters (well two or three pretending to be loads!) that all that silly adolescent talk about willies is not really my style. The size queens on here do keep on so!

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