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with Lew Tabackin Big Band
New York 1980 [no label, 2CD]

NPR’s Jazz Alive! Live at the Carnegie Hall, New York, NY; June or July 1980. Very good FM broadcast.

Thanks to carville for sharing the show at Dime.

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Scott Yanow, allmusic.com:

As an arranger, Toshiko Akiyoshi (91, influenced originally by Gil Evans and Thad Jones) has been particularly notable for incorporating elements of traditional Japanese music into her otherwise bop-ish charts. A strong (and underrated) pianist in the Bud Powell tradition, Akiyoshi was born in China but moved to Japan in 1946. She played locally (Sadao Watanabe was among her sidemen) and, after being noticed and encouraged by Oscar Peterson, studied at Berklee during 1956-1959.

Married for a time to altoist Charlie Mariano, she co-led the Toshiko Mariano Quartet in the early ’60s. After working with Charles Mingus in 1962 (including participating in his ill-fated Town Hall Concert), Toshiko returned to Japan for three years.

Back in New York by 1965, she did a radio series and formed a quartet with her second husband, Lew Tabackin, in 1970. After moving to Los Angeles in 1972, Toshiko Akiyoshi put together her very impressive big band which featured such fine soloists as Bobby Shew, Gary Foster, and Tabackin. They recorded several notable albums before Akiyoshi decided, in 1981, to move to New York.

Since their relocation, Akiyoshi and Tabackin have both been quite active although her re-formed big band has actually received less publicity than it did in LA. She ranks as one of the top jazz arrangers of the past several decades.

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FM broadcast (circa 1980-1981) > Rotel receiver > Akai cassette deck > TDK AD90 and Scotch Master cassettes (Dolby B) > Sony TC-WR635S cassette deck (refurbished 2021) > PC > Goldwave > Flac

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Disc 1
Track 101. The Village 5:43
Track 102. announcements 1:55
Track 103. Bebop 5:12
Track 104. intro 0:38
Track 105. Quartet 5:33
Track 106. intro 0:38
Track 107. Warning: Success May be Hazardous to Your Health 5:31
Track 108. intro 0:59
Track 109. Alone Together 6:43
Track 110. Sextet 11:32
Track 111. Interview and intro 4:59
Track 112. intro 0:12
Track 113. Song For The Harvest 7:06
57 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. intro 0:19
Track 202. Sumie 8:06
Track 203. intro for Autumn Sea 10:50
Track 204. Toshiko’s Song intro 0:52
Track 205. Deracinated Flower 8:24
Track 206. intro 1:18
Track 207. Farewell to Mingus 11:14
Track 208. Chasing After Love 9:50
Track 209. Billy Taylor’s outro 0:33
52 mins

Toshiko Akiyoshi - piano
Lew Tabackin Big Band:
Lew Tabackin - tenor saxophone and flute
John Gross - tenor saxophone
Dan Higgins - alto saxophone
Bob Shepard - alto saxophone
Bill Byrne - baritone saxophone
Buddy Childers - trumpet
Steven Huffsteter - trumpet
Larry Ford - trumpet
Mike Price - trumpet
Jim Sawyer - trombone
Hart Smith - trombone
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Phil Teele - bass trombone
Bob Bowman - bass
Steve Haughton - drums

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