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No Guru, No Method, No Teacher Live! [no label, 1CD]

Fan compilation. Various dates and venues. Very good audio - mix of radio broadcasts and audience recordings?

No Guru, No Method, No Teacher is the sixteenth studio album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison, released in 1986 on Mercury. The album title is evocative of a 1966 quotation by Jiddu Krishnamurti: “…there is no teacher, no pupil; there is no leader; there is no guru; there is no Master, no Saviour. You yourself are the teacher and the pupil; you are the Master; you are the guru; you are the leader; you are everything.” Upon release in 1986, it was well received by critics and charted at No. 27 in the UK and number seventy on the Billboard 200.- wikipedia

No Guru, No Method, No Teacher (a line from the sweet “Madame George”-like reverie “In the Garden”) is Morrison’s impatient declaration that his music is not to be confused with religious doctrine, a call to any particular altar. “Got to Go Back” reveals the spiritual core of Morrison’s work when he recalls schoolboy days communing with Ray Charles records after class - “Oh that love that was within me/You know it carried me through” - and ultimately it is that kind of elemental soul that resonates throughout this album. “Breathe it in all the way down,” Morrison instructs at one point in “Got to Go Back,” “and breathe it out with a radiance.” Then just bask in the glow. - David Fricke, Rolling Stone

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Thanks to robbiem for sharing the tracks at Dime.

robbiem noted:

Many thanks and much appreciation for all the tapers, masterers and seeders for making this sort of thing possible. Special thanks to prb for being a font of knowledge and clarity.

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Pictures by Lynn Goldsmith, found on the net - Thanks!

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Track 01. Got To Go Back - with the Danish Radio Big Band Orchestra 4:55
August 5, 1995; Toldkammergarden, Helsingor, Denmark
Track 02. Oh The Warm Feeling 2:43
September 25, 1986; Philipshalle, Duesseldorf, Germany
Track 03. Foreign Window 3:39
July 9, 2017; Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Track 04. A Town Called Paradise Workshop 6:29
November 20, 1993; Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt, Germany
Track 05. In The Garden Workshop 13:22
February 12, 1994; The Arena, Kettering, UK
Track 06. Tir Na Nog 6:43
November 17, 1986; Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK
Track 07. Here Comes The Knight - with the Danish Radio Big Band Orchestra 4:23
October 15, 1986; Radiohuset Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Track 08. Thanks For The Information 7:49
October 19, 2016; SFJAZZ Center, San Francisco, CA
Track 09. One Irish Rover 3:57
July 11, 2018; Auditorium Stravinski, Montreux, Switzerland
Track 10. Ivory Tower 3:41
July 26, 1986; Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA

58 mins

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