July 3, 2010 – 3:57 am

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BBC 2010 [no label, 1CD]

Live at BBC Maida Vale Studios, June 17, 2010. Very good FM broadcast.

There are probably some blues-rock fans who feel that Steve Winwood’s best years were with the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and Blind Faith, never mind the pop-ish hits he had with albums such as Arc Of A Diver, Talking Back To The Night and even 2008’s Nine Lives.

While Winwood’s stature as a soul man cannot be denied, his excursion into polyrhythms as on Hungry Man is a pleasant surprise that takes him into Santana territory (they are currently on tour together). Given the brevity of the set, it would have been great had he opened with While You See A Chance (the hit from Arc) but then there is Dirty City to keep the groove flowing. As the man shows in this showcase to promote the just released Revolutions - The Very Best Of Steve Winwood, he still has the chops.

Thanks to UncleBoko who shared the lossless tracks on the Dime site.

Those who are interested can download the new BBC documentary, Steve Winwood - English Soul, at Hungercity. The show was broadcast on BBC4 on June 18, 2010.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Introduction (1.7MB)
Track 02. I’m a Man/Hungry Man (19.1MB)
Track 03. Dirty City (12.2MB)
Track 04. Can’t Find My Way Home (6.6MB)
Track 05. Light Up (21.7MB)
Track 06. Higher Love (11.0MB)
Track 07. Dear Mr Fantasy (10.9MB)
Track 08. Band introductions (862k)
Track 09. Gimme Some Lovin’ (7.5MB)
Track 10. Crowd/outro (1.0MB)

Steve Winwood - guitar, organ, vocals
Paul Booth - sax
Jose Neto - guitar
Karl Vanden Bossche - percussion
Richard Bailey - drums

Click on the link to order Revolutions - The Very Best Of Steve Winwood.

  1. 17 Responses to “BRITISH LEGENDS: STEVE WINWOOD - BBC 2010”

  2. As a long time fan of Steve Winwood not only Traffic but The Spencer Davis as well I finally admit it’s about time for the guy to cash it in. It almost seems a waste to carry on without Capaldi and Wood. I liked it all up through his first solo album but thought Arc was a significant step back.The rest of it’s just been a slide down. I saw the Traffic tour for the Far From Home and it was very evident how important Chris Wood was to Traffic.I just can’t figure out how any of his efforts can be rated very high at this point. This is no exception.

    By Phil Winans on Jul 3, 2010

  3. Only up to Arc and no further? You don’t know what you have missed since 2003. About Time was superb and Nine Lives even better. He has a great live band with him now. Treat yourself in October and get along to see him.
    We all know how important CW was, and Jim but Paul Booth is excellent on woodwind, Jose Net is a cool side man on guitar, Karl van den Bosch superb on percussion along with Richard Bailey. Why do you think these guys feel it is such an honour to play with Steve?

    By Baz Trump on Jul 3, 2010

  4. I actually own all his albums not to mention radio shows,bootlegs,and even what I figure is a promo poster for the live album just after Barleycorn that never came out. I haven’t missed anything since 2003 or at any other time. I’m sure his current band is truly wonderful. Thank you for your help.

    By Phil Winans on Jul 3, 2010

  5. It could be me but this strikes me as being a somewhat lackluster performance. I thought his rendition of Dear Mr. Fanatsy was particularly lethargic. Still Steve Winwood on an off night is better than most people on a good night.

    By Andrew Swift on Jul 4, 2010

  6. lackluster performance, please what does the guy have to do die before everybody stops takin about the past name another 60’s/70’s rock star who is as active as steve winwood i know some will say eric clapton and wow sw and ec have been seen playing together give him a break he is keepin the flame burnin also thanks for another great show when you live on the edge of the world thank god for roio

    By david franklin on Jul 4, 2010

  7. Don’t read too much into my comments about this performance. Steve Winwood is one of the all time greats and he still is as vibrant and vital as he’s ever been. I was at the Crossroads festival and his performance of “Dear Mr. Fantasy” (and everything else he did) was absolutely stunning. I’ve also heard a number of his performances since then and they are just as strong. I just think THIS performance is not his strongest.

    By Andrew Swift on Jul 4, 2010

  8. Agreed. The sound is great and the intimate atmosphere is excellent. But there IS a slightly lethargic vibe. It’s not a show killer, but it is noticeable, despite how good the players and their parts are.

    By Artie on Jul 4, 2010

  9. Fine Music Top bigo!!!!

    By Udo on Jul 5, 2010

  10. This is really a magnificent show, and proof that Steve has really found some excellent musicians that can interpret his songs and live up to the standards in Traffic. Download this is you ever were a Steve Winwood or Traffic fan.

    By Henning2804 on Jul 7, 2010

  11. Great to get this Steve W. special off UK/BBC, too.

    But for heaven´s sake shouldn´t you put EC (from BBC too) also on the shelf? So both together in Berlin a month ago, this is different, but unique in its style.
    Thanks in advance!

    Sting is absolutely great, too!

    By Fred Frome on Jul 10, 2010

  12. Music snobs are the worst. If you don’t like the performance don’t download it. Steve Winwood is making a living as a musician. What are you, a plumber?

    By bill on Jul 17, 2010

  13. Thanks for posting this show. Saw Winwood opening for Santana on 7/21. Similar setlist to BBC but a more vibrant performance. 70 min. in length. Low Spark replaced Light Up and segued into Empty Pages. I could listen to this guy and his band all night.

    By betting turtle on Jul 22, 2010

  14. Steve didn’t put on such a bad show with Eric on their tour, Voodoo Chile was far from boring in my opinion. Best Eric has done for a long time too. If your derogatory comments imply that you’re better players, I look forward as a musician since 1963 to reviewing your next performance. That said, I’ve found he could never surpass his performance of “Georgia on my Mind” with Spencer Davis on a rare album he did when he was 15, there are several versions on YouTube, one I believe is mimed to the record I still have.

    Peter Gabriel, Sting, Phil Collins and Steve all have excellent voices and write fabulous music; I wonder if anyone else has ever had the rare occasion as I did wondering who of these fellows was singing a particular song the first time it was heard?

    By HytekFred on Aug 21, 2010

  15. Thank you so much for posting this. Winwood has definitely been my musical role model and is one of my inspirations to taking voice lessons. You are too kind. Thanks again!

    By Winwood Fan on Sep 10, 2010

  16. He wrote The Soundtrack for My Life. It’s all Great and Love every bit of it!

    Thanks Steve!

    By SoCal on Mar 6, 2014

  17. Unique voice and extraordinary talent

    By dr.subhasis sen on Apr 8, 2015

  18. Seen Steve several times, always a consumate brilliant and pro musician! My favourite was few years ago at a New Year charity gig with Eric and Gary Brooker when they did most of the Blind Faith stuff and many of Steve’s great numbers. (He has so many) Best gig of my life! The man is a star and that voice still hits the mark! Superb!

    By hetzer on Mar 28, 2016

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