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Back On Top Live! [no label, 1CD]
Fan compilation. Various dates and venues. Very good audio - mix of radio broadcasts and audience recordings?

Released in 1999, Back On Top is the 27th studio album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison.

James Hunter,

The great Irish rocker offers 10 new songs here. “When the Leaves Come Falling Down” is a masterpiece, a memory of weather and Paris wherein Morrison’s voice lightly colors a melody as his band conjures a background of symphonic impressionism. The other songs, rendered in lively arrangements, are various blues, uptempo tunes and ballads reminiscent of Morrison’s most classically minded past work; engagingly sung, they are not pale imitations, but they don’t venture anywhere surprising, either. On “Philosophers Stone,” Morrison complains that even his best friends don’t understand his strivings; in “New Biography,” he reminds us that celebrity culture hasn’t yet won him over. Back on Top is solid, brilliant, silly in sad ways. But it’s still one Monet and nine Norman Rockwells.

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robbiem noted:

Many thanks and much appreciation for all the tapers, masterers and seeders for making this sort of thing possible. Special thanks to prb for being a font of knowledge and clarity.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Goin’ Down Geneva/Brand New Cadillac 5:58
June 24, 2000; Freilichtbuehne Killesberg, Stuttgart, Germany
Track 02. Philosopher’s Stone/Didn’t He Ramble 11:07
August 4, 1999; Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
Track 03. In The Midnight 5:14
January 1, 2020; Stormont Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Track 04. Back On Top 4:21
October 20, 2001; Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Track 05. When The Leaves Come Falling Down 5:14
June 21, 2009; Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff
Track 06. High Summer 5:16
May 28, 1999; Carlton Marquee, Hay-on-Wye, UK
Track 07. Reminds Me Of You 5:28
June 14, 1999; Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, New York
Track 08. New Biography 4:44
May 12, 2000; KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Track 09. Precious Time 3:25
October 20, 2012; Europa Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Track 10. Golden Autumn Day 6:03
February 17, 2001; Apollo Theatre, Oxford, UK
Track 11. Valley of Tears 3:11
November 12, 2017; Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK

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  6. I’m also sick of these repetitive Van Morrison posts . All geezer shows . It would be fine if they were from the seventies, when he was young and in his prime . Wave length was the last thing good he ever did . That was 1978 . Plus these shows are spliced from different times and venues, not even a complete show from a specific date .No more Van . OK ?

    By Pat Grooms on Sep 22, 2021

  7. Also this captcha crap is a pain in the ass . Who’s idea was that , and why ?

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