July 4, 2010 – 4:11 am

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Ploughing The Boots [no label, 3CD]

Fan compilation of unreleased live tracks. Generally very good audience recordings, venues and dates are unknown.

Our British Legends series continues…

These are fan-created compilations which bring together various concert recordings, focusing on songs that were rarely performed live or only performed live. There are sound imperfections on Disc 2/Track 6 and 10 which are in the source. - Philip Cohen

It’s interesting to note that Jethro Tull’s Aqualung (1971), ranked among Rolling Stone magazine’s list of 500 greatest albums of all time, was not a No. 1 album (it reached No. 7) while another concept album, Thick As A Brick (1972) - with one track lasting 45 minutes, and A Passion Play (1973) - also with one long track, were US No. 1 albums. Another thing about Jethro Tull is that they are clearly not a “singles” band.

For Jethro Tull, the above seems to work for them as far as this three-CD compilation is concerned. For many bands, a compilation is only as good as the hits or singles it contains. But for Ploughing The Boots, it allows for a nice flow of songs without the “hits” jumping out at you as unnecessary punctuation marks.

As Ian Anderson, one of the group’s main men (the other being guitarist Martin Barre) said: “I am lucky to have a good collection of material which I still enjoy playing. There are over 250 songs to choose from, in fact. Anyway, much of Tull’s music contains elements of improvisation, so the songs are never the same two nights running. There is always some scope for variation and interpretation in each performance. A Tull concert wouldn’t be the same without some of Locomotive Breath. Well, for me at any rate.”

With Anderson’s flute in a dominant position and with the group embracing a wide variety of music - from folk to classical to jazz and art rock - there is truly never a dull moment. Perhaps it’s the band’s wit that’s so endearing. After all, which group would break into How Much Is That Doggy In The Window? on one show and do a skit around the pop instrumental Tequila in another show?

In today’s hits-driven market, Jethro Tull stick out like a sore thumb (okay, Locomotive Breath might be a rock staple) not because they are highly disposable [no hits and you are gone] but because they provide listeners with a complete meal, so to speak. Their musical palette is broad, entertaining and, in a nutshell, encapsulates a history of modern pop/rock music. Not bad for a group named after a man who invented the seed drill (whatever that is!) but more importantly, that once made a record called Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll, Too Young To Die.

Thanks to the person who created this compilation and to Phil for sharing the tracks.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Martin’s Tune (Stockholm, 9 Jan 69) (14.7MB)
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Track 102. Guitar Solo #1 (Frankfurt, 21 Feb 70) (11.5MB)
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Track 103. Hard-Headed English General (Stoke-on-Trent, 16 Mar 72) (4.0MB)
Track 104. WarChild Intro Tape (Copenhagen, 4 Dec 74) (1.2MB)
Track 105. WarChild Suite (Seattle, 27 July 74) (7.6MB)
Track 106. How Much Is That Doggy In The Window? (Copenhagen, 4 Dec 74) (4.3MB)
Track 107. My God/Flute Solo (Copenhagen, 4 Dec 74) (18.5MB)
Track 108. Keyboard Instrumental (Providence RI, 6 Mar 75) (9.6MB)
Track 109. Instrumental #1 (Providence RI, 6 Mar 75) (4.2MB)
Track 110. Instrumental #2 (Munich, 15 May 76) (3.2MB)
Track 111. Guitar Solo #2 (Munich, 15 May 76) (5.9MB)
Track 112. Finale (Munich, 15 May 76) (4.6MB)
Track 113. Beethoven’s Ninth (Munich, 15 May 76) (4.6MB)
Track 114. Wardrobe Whopper (London, 10 Feb 77) (687k)
Track 115. Pomp & Circumstance (London, 10 Feb 77) (3.3MB)
Track 116. Wardrobe Whopper (London, 10 Feb 77) (1.7MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Jams O’Donnell’s Jig (5.1MB)
Track 202. Peggys Pub (4.2MB)
Track 203. Trio (6.5MB)
Track 204. Reynard the Fox (3.6MB)
Track 205. The Swirling Pit (3.0MB)
Track 206. Barres Folly (7.0MB)
Track 207. Vettese (5.1MB)
Track 208. Level Pegging (2.8MB)
Track 209. Bach’s Double Violin Concerto (9.4MB)
Track 210. Unknown Dreams (10.1MB)
Track 211. The William Tell Overture (3.4MB)
Track 212. Tequila (2.5MB)
Track 213. Girl from Ipanema (952k)
Track 214. Machine Instrumental (4.7MB)
Track 215. 15-Drowsey Maggie (5.8MB)
Track 216. Folk Instrumental (6.5MB)
Track 217. Nellie - The Revenge (8.4MB)
Track 218. Tanz (2.1MB)
Track 219. Guitar Solo (5.1MB)
Track 220. Jamesodonnelsjig 1980 (5.2MB)

Disc 3
Track 301. I Wonder Who (10.4MB)
Track 302. Jam (1.5MB)
Track 303. Roots To Bells Intro (2.2MB)
Track 304. Dust Devils-She Moves Through The Fair (5.7MB)
Track 305. Dangle The Billies (8.9MB)
Track 306. Dot Com Intro (788k)
Track 307. Martin Barre Instrumental (5.4MB)
Track 308. Aquadiddley (2.8MB)
Track 309. 70s Medley (11.7MB)
Track 310. Medley - Cheerio (13.4MB)
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  2. Wow Bigo! This is great! Isaw JTull in baltimore back in 77-maybe it was the songs from the wood tour-i’m not sure.I placed my program behind me and some mean ppl ripped it up-I was sad.Don’t know who those guys were but I do know that John Glascock isn’t playing with them anymore..
    Wait till Ed sees this.Thankx Bigo!

    By jimbob on Jul 4, 2010

  3. Correct order for disc #1 should be
    Martin’s tune
    Guitar solo #1
    WC intro
    WC suite
    My God
    Instrumental #1
    Instrumental #2
    Guitar Solo #2

    Pomp & C

    By Mel on Jul 4, 2010

  4. Hello Mel
    Thanks for your comments. The tracks are presented as they appear on the CD we received. Readers can retrack the disc as they wish.

    By bigozine2 on Jul 4, 2010

  5. The tracks are presented in the running order as they were on the discs that I received.

    By Philip Cohen on Jul 4, 2010

  6. Never saw Jethro Tull live — although I’m a fan of their early work, say, until “Aqualung” and some pieces and bits after that. I know that there are lots of live boots in circulation but I don’t know any of them… so maybe I’ll give a try for this one?!

    Thanks, Bigo!

    By Serge Zéni on Jul 4, 2010

  7. no, bigo…it’s not just that the order here is wrong in regard to the back cover’s that your hyperlinks to the songs are wrong. For instance, if you click on “Beethoven’s Ninth” you get “Martin’s Tune.”

    By Scott Brookman on Jul 5, 2010

  8. The titles are wrong.

    By Mel on Jul 5, 2010

  9. What I printed above is the correct title order.

    By Mel on Jul 5, 2010

  10. Hello Mel and Scott
    Have amended the tracklist for Disc 1. Guess the the titles were jumbled up when the CD was made. Thanks for your feedback.

    By bigozine2 on Jul 5, 2010

  11. Sorry for all the grief this set is causing you. It was supplied to me on CD-R, and I cloned it “As Is”. I don’t claim to be a Jethro Tull expert, and I only like the group’s early albums(up through and including “Thick as a Brick”). I thought that there might be some Jethro Tull fans out there who might like this stuff. Perhaps I shouldn’t have supplied it.
    It is worth noting that “Gracenote”(the iTunes database) recognized the discs’ song line-ups as they were on the CD-R’s that I received.

    By Philip Cohen on Jul 5, 2010

  12. I am very grateful for the sets, just wanted to get the correct info out there for others. No grief.

    By Mel on Jul 5, 2010

  13. I wish some Tull tracks with Mick Abrahams would show up..
    I really enjoy Abraham`s guitar work from the first tull release, in fact that is my favourite Tull lp.

    By sluggo on Jul 5, 2010

  14. WOW!A Scottish Band boot CD set on USA independence day.And …it works(great music always does)keep up the great work it is apprteciated here.Always enjoy the Providence cuts as I attended some of the shows……………

    By RI Mike on Jul 5, 2010

  15. “GREGG ALLMAN BAND - BOSTON 1974” can any body held with a copy of this please hope i not breakin the rules i went to a tull concert at sydney opera house they where touring passion play

    By david franklin on Jul 5, 2010

  16. Philip…I’m also grateful. Really. Thanks for sending it in and getting it up here. I also share your end point for liking Tull..up to and including “Thick.” (Er, actually I also like Songs from the Wood and Heavy Horses…come to think of it). Obviously, you are a man of superior taste!

    By Scott Brookman on Jul 5, 2010

  17. Philip, Agreed. Thank you. Even if the song titles take a little sorting through, it’s still SO much better than having no access at all. And it’s an adventure as well - appeals to the sleuth in us all. So thank you! Rick

    By rick on Jul 5, 2010

  18. I’m not a big Jethro Tull Fan myself….but what a treat the first several tracks on disc 2 are for a Fairport Convention freak like me! Thanks a lot.

    By ken w on Jul 6, 2010

  19. Hello Philip. Your contribution to this discussion and the materials you have been providing are simply immense to my discovery of all this music. Ive been fortunate to attend a few concerts back in the mid-70s that happened to be quality shows. Reading these posts with varying points of view of the recordings that BigO has been able to share, due to people like you, has been fun. Thank you.

    By 2yrsnojob on Jul 6, 2010

  20. Uh, hearing the “jimmy braggert” of the dj world, Howard Stern, YAK YAK YAK over “Tequila”, was NOT one of those moments.

    By 2yrsnojob on Jul 6, 2010

  21. Thanks, BigO…a KNOCKOUT for Jethro Tull fans!

    By Walter on Jul 6, 2010

  22. Hi BigO and Philip Cohen, can you post the dates and venues of the songs on CD 2 & 3?

    By Walter on Jul 7, 2010

  23. Walter,

    That information wasn’t available, or it would have been posted.

    By Philip Cohen on Jul 7, 2010

  24. I’m guess the Swirling Pit came from 1982 – heard them play it at Nostell Priory near Wakefield in Yorkshire, during the Theakston’s Music Festival, and I’ve a cassette somewhere with them playing it elsewhere too that year. Dave Pegg composition - he released it as a B-side to a solo single, which I also have somewhere, though frankly the studio solo version was dreadful and lacked the spark of this live performance.

    Great comp Phil, loved listening to this stuff - really shows how wide their range was.

    Maybe the equally (though very different) diverse Beach Boys next?!?

    By John Manning on Jul 8, 2010

  25. Phillip Cohen - YOU ROCK!! Correct titles are nice but this is all about THE MUSIC.
    Thanks (to both you and BigO)…

    By TDC on Jul 8, 2010

  26. More information on these and other rare and unreleased Tull tracks can be found at the excellent Cup of Wonder site:

    Tull tour history can be found at the equally excellent Ministry of Information site:

    By ANB on Jul 8, 2010

  27. Track 116 should be tagged Slipstream Intro (Hartford CT, 6 Oct 80)

    Thanks for the post, great stuff!!

    By CrackerJack7891 on Jul 9, 2010

  28. Tremendous music by one of the all-time great live bands. They endure!! Thanks again for this posting.

    By Allan McFadyen on Jul 9, 2010

  29. CD Compilations are great when you want to hear long playing music on long trips.`’:

    By Madison Brown on Jul 9, 2010

  30. To John Manning,
    More Beach Boys coming very soon.

    By Philip Cohen on Jul 9, 2010

  31. Cool Phil, many thanks for the heads up. I look forward to it!

    By John Manning on Jul 12, 2010

  32. i have lots of cd compilation at home and most of them are rock and ballad.~.”

    By Connor Campbell on Jul 13, 2010

  33. Howard Stern Sucks!!!

    By bill on Jul 25, 2010

  34. my CD Compilation are getting bigger and bigger each day coz i really love music that much::.

    By William Roberts on Oct 10, 2010

  35. Not bad, quite interesting compilation! Nevertheless I already have 95% of that stuff in my personal music collection. Maybe time to put out something myself……

    By Oz.olsen on Sep 21, 2012

  36. Oz..if you have anything that includes Mick Abrahams I for one would love to hear it.

    By sluggo on Sep 21, 2012

  37. Oz.olsen: Yes, please do!

    By TheBob_1 on May 11, 2013

  38. Jethro Tull‘s third album is getting the deluxe reissue treatment this fall.
    ‘Benefit,’ released in April 1970, marked a pivotal spot in the band’s catalog, with songs that found them drifting further from the heavily blues-influenced sound of their debut and a lineup that saw keyboardist John Evan arriving just as bassist Glenn Cornick was on his way out. The 10-track set incorporated more progressive elements and more involved production techniques — and it was a sizable hit too, peaking at No. 3 on the U.K. album chart.

    On Oct. 29, Rhino Records will release a newly remastered and expanded edition of ‘Benefit’ that adds another CD’s worth of material, as well as a DVD containing 5.1 surround mixes of the album plus bonus tracks. Additionally, the LP is restored to its original U.K. and U.S. running orders and comes in “a handsome booklet filled with rare photographs, an essay by Martin Webb, and interviews with band members.”

    Rhino will also offer a digital edition of the record, minus the DVD content, for $14.99; the physical edition is listed at $29.98. Have a look at the CD track listing below.

    Jethro Tull’s ‘Benefit’ Collector’s Edition Track List

    Disc One
    ‘With You There to Help Me’
    ‘Nothing to Say’
    ‘Alive and Well and Living In’
    ‘For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me’
    ‘To Cry You a Song’
    ‘A Time for Everything?’
    ‘Play in Time’
    ‘Sossity; You’re a Woman’
    ‘Singing All Day’
    ‘Sweet Dream’
    ‘Teacher’ (UK single version) (stereo)
    ‘Teacher’ (US album version) (stereo)

    Disc Two
    ‘Singing All Day’ (mono)
    ‘Sweet Dream’ (mono)
    ’17′ (mono)
    ‘Sweet Dream’ (stereo)
    ’17′ (stereo)
    ‘The Witch’s Promise’ (mono)
    ‘Teacher’ (UK single version) (mono)
    ‘Teacher’ (US album version) (mono)
    ‘The Witch’s Promise’ (stereo)
    ‘Teacher’ (UK single version) (stereo)
    ‘Teacher’ (US album version) (stereo)
    ‘Inside’ (mono)
    ‘Alive and Well and Living In’
    ‘A Time for Everything’ (mono)
    Reprise AM Radio Spot 1 (mono)
    Reprise FM Radio Spot 2 (stereo)

    By darth on Sep 5, 2013

  39. Rhino will also offer a digital edition of the record, minus the DVD content, for $14.99; the physical edition is listed at $29.98.

    which one are you buying darth ?

    By fort knox on Sep 5, 2013


    By homer and darth on Sep 5, 2013

  41. This is from Steven Wilson’s homepage,
    Steven’s new stereo and surround mixes of Jethro Tull’s classic third album Benefit will be released on 28th October in a 3 disc CD/DVD and single vinyl edition. Also included are new mixes of all single A and B sides from the period, with …the exception of The Witch’s Promise for which the multitrack tapes are missing (the original mix is included in both mono and stereo however). No mastering has been done to the remixes, and a flat transfer of the original stereo mix is also included.

    By blue moon on Sep 6, 2013

  42. have been trying for tracks 105, 107, 112, 201, 214 & 307…
    would it be possible to re-up please?
    many thanks in advance…

    By deacan on Sep 8, 2016

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