October 2, 2021 – 5:53 am

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One Night In Dallas 1976 [Cult Legends, 1CD]

Live at the Convention Center, Dallas, Texas; November 15, 1976. Very good FM broadcast (incomplete).

This Euro bootleg was released in 2020.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Hello Old Friend 4:02
Track 02. Sign Language 3:52
Track 03. Badge 8:53
Track 04. Knocking On Heaven’s Door 6:12
Track 05. One Night With You (Yvonne Elliman) 4:30
Track 06. Tell The Truth 14:42
Track 07. Can’t Find My Way Home (Yvonne Elliman) 6:23
Track 08. Blues Power 13:19
Track 09. Layla 12:58
75 mins

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
George Terry - guitar, vocals
Carl Radle - bass
Dick Sims - keyboards
Jamie Oldaker - drums
Sergio Pastora Rodriguez - percussion
Yvonne Elliman - backing vocals
Marcy Levy - backing vocals, harp

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  1. 33 Responses to “ERIC CLAPTON - DALLAS 1976”

  2. Saw the man in concert last week in Tampa; he was exceptional with a crack band including Paul Carrack (who I wish EC had allowed to sing some of his own hit songs as he did with Yvonne Elliman).

    By Tony Pizza on Oct 2, 2021

  3. The studio version of “Sign Language” featured Dylan. A couple of years later he sang a couple more Dylan songs.

    By Mark on Oct 2, 2021

  4. As America hits the 700k death toll from corona virus (the highest in the world - always have to be bigger and better than everyone else don’t we?) Clapton meanwhile obviously fully recovered from his “disastrous” vaccine injections so that he can tour the USA and add to his vast wealth. Not that disastrous then eh, Eric?
    Tell your mate Ivan, this has got to stop!

    By swappers on Oct 2, 2021

  5. Singularly the most overrated talent ever. Now I find out he’s an idiot as well. Bye Eric

    By Dave on Oct 2, 2021

  6. Clapton is the king of shed, you hi yeller! Go play your jackson five 8-tracks, leave here and go back to Mexico! Dave the knave

    By Derrick on Oct 2, 2021

  7. Shame the extra track of Further On Up The Road with Freddie King isn’t included on this version. Still well worth having though. Thanks Big O

    By U4ea on Oct 2, 2021

  8. @Dave, Clapton has more talent in his little finger than you will ever have.

    By Derek is Eric on Oct 3, 2021

  9. Not me above , another motherfuckin, Dic suckin, coon and hi Yeller lovin, jew bastard name hijacker

    By Derrick, on Oct 3, 2021

  10. He should get what Joe Pesci got in Casino

    By Derrick, on Oct 3, 2021

  11. Or what coon monkey George Floyd got in Minneapolis

    By Derrick, on Oct 3, 2021

  12. A man sized knee to his skinny ass neck , squirmin and squealing till he goes limp Officer Chauvin doin the honors

    By Derrick, on Oct 3, 2021

  13. Just remembered… Officer Chauvin is in jail, so he wont be able to do any honors .

    By Derrick on Oct 3, 2021

  14. He should get what Christopher Plummer got in my favorite movie, The Sound Of Music.

    By HHH on Oct 3, 2021

  15. Your right HHH. Or my favorite movie Hello Dolly!

    By Derrick on Oct 3, 2021

  16. Some 1 in 8 Nigger families can now load up their grocery carts with more food to keep the household nourished.

    The largest-ever increase in the 46-year-old federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — commonly known as “food stamps” — just took effect on Oct. 1. What do you think about this Mark the liberal scumbaggo

    By Derrick and HHH on Oct 3, 2021

  17. I agree my friends. He should get what Rex Harrison got in My Fair Lady

    By Nelson on Oct 3, 2021

  18. Mark, how much you getting a month in food stamps. God-damn nigger lover

    By Nelson on Oct 3, 2021

  19. He should get what Billy Batts got in Goodfellas!

    By The AntiChrist on Oct 3, 2021

  20. Rumor has it Eric gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Oct 3, 2021

  21. No rumor that I’m a piece of shit

    By U L E on Oct 4, 2021

  22. Last one twernt me nuther fake

    By U L E on Oct 4, 2021

  23. I loves taking it up my brown. I wish the Big O Funny Boys would pound my asshole until its sore and I cant walks. I needs to be rammed by a stud

    By U L E on Oct 4, 2021

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    By U L E on Oct 4, 2021

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    By Nelson on Oct 4, 2021

  26. I would love to counter-argue with you Nelson but my favorite movie Brokeback Mountain is on. Then Im gonna lay down by the cee ment pond and watch Elly May fetch some critters. Then i’ll eat some possom innards with gopher gravy, cornpone and devil hawk eggs. mmmmmmmm. Then I takes a swig of grannys rhoomatiz medicine.

    By Mark on Oct 4, 2021

  27. More fakes on last two . Twernt me

    By U L E on Oct 4, 2021

  28. Eric has a Giant Coc , but he was very disappointing the one and only time I was backstage with him . I’ve told this story before , but it bares repeating. In 1974 during one of his tours , Eric couldn’t stay hard . I must have sucked his giant Coc for over an hour , it would get hard but then go soft . When he tried to put in inside me it would also go limp . Maybe it was all the smack he was doing at the time . I finally got so frustrated I got up and left . It was my first and only encounter with the guitar god .

    By Bebe on Oct 4, 2021

  29. My ego was very bruised after that backstage experience. Fortunately all that changed just a few months later when I became playboys Miss November 1974 my self esteem really needed that .

    By Bebe on Oct 4, 2021

  30. Shallow bitch !!

    By Darrell on Oct 4, 2021

  31. Old talented, Anti-Vaxxer idiot, Drunken Eric…

    By leesa on Oct 6, 2021

  32. Seeing Eric Clapton Drunk, Sober or Anti-Vax is still better than Brittney Spears with a shaved head.

    By nirob on Oct 6, 2021

  33. How about Britney with a shaved pussy ? Now that I would like to see . Maybe not now when she’s an old hag , but definitely in her teens and 20s

    By T J on Oct 7, 2021

  34. Miley Cyrus , you’re next . Hagsville awaits you also , Wonder how far downhill she’ll go after 35.

    By T J on Oct 7, 2021

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