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Newport 2021 [no label, 1CD]

Newport Jazz Festival. Ft Adams State Park, Newport, RI; July 30, 2021. Very good audience recording.

Thanks to taper
Mr Mountjoy and to RandyBayers for sharing the show at Dime.

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Mac Randall, jazztimes.com:

Back at the Quad, drummer Makaya McCraven led an intricate conversation with guitarist Matt Gold, trumpeter Marquis Hill, and bassist Junius Paul. The latter made it sound even more like a conversation, as he vocalized while playing. This had its good and not-so-good points; Paul’s singing frequently seemed to be in search of an alternate tonal center, but the open microphone also endearingly showed how many times McCraven’s surprising fills and beat-shifting made his rhythm-section companion chuckle.

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Makaya McCraven is a beat scientist. The bleeding edge drummer, producer, and sonic collagist is one of Chicago’s savviest cultural players and a multi-talented force whose inventive process & intuitive, cinematic style defy categorization. “You are listening to one incredible musician. His style and sound is unique, a heady, skillful, sophisticated and boldly uncompromising mix of jazz and hip hop…” (UK Vibe)

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Track 01. Intro 0:39
Track 02. In These Times 12:18
Track 03. Three-Fifths a Man 11:36
Track 04. She Knew 10:31
Track 05. I’m New Here [Gil Scott-Heron] 7:31
Track 06. This Place, That Place 8:14
Track 07. There Comes a Time [Tony Williams] 7:33
Track 08. The Bounce 6:22
65 mins

Makaya McCraven - drums
Marquis Hill - trumpet
Junius Paul - electric and acoustic basses, percussion, vocals
Matt Gold - guitar

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