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Berlin 2021 [no label, 1CD]

Secular Psalms. Jazzfest, Berlin, Germany; November 7, 2021. Very good audio (ripped from webstream).

Thanks to yaqwedc for sharing the show at Dime.

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greenleafmusic.com, October 2021:

Dave Douglas will premiere a new piece, Secular Psalms, in Europe in November.

The piece celebrates the 600th anniversary of the Altarpiece know as The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by Jan and Hubert van Eyck - a polyptych originally painted for display in St Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium. Commissioned by Handelsbeurs Concert Hall, the piece features an ensemble of European musicians. The ensemble will perform in Gent and Brugge Belgium, with additional shows in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Tracks have been arbitrarily split for easier access.

Track 01. Secular Psalms - Part A 10:59
Track 02. Secular Psalms - Part B 8:15
Track 03. Secular Psalms - Part C 10:21
Track 04. Secular Psalms - Part D 10:53
Track 05. Secular Psalms - Part E 4:34
Track 06. Secular Psalms - Part F 10:50
Track 07. Secular Psalms - Part G 14:34
71 mins

Dave Douglas - trumpet, vocals, composition
Tomeka Reid - cello, vocals
Marta Warelis - piano, pocket-organ, vocals
Berlinde Deman - tuba, serpent, vocals
Frederik Leroux - guitars, oud, banjo, vocals
Antoine Pierre - drums, electronics

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