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London 1974 [no label, 3CD]

Live at the Wembley Empire Pool, London, UK; November 17, 1974. Very good audience recording.

Here is another version of a popular show.

Thanks to RMCH and ledwhofloyd for sharing the show at Dime.

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This 2022-fix edition is a redo by RMCH with the primary objective of fixing the pitch sync issues in the earlier remasters, but is also differently EQed, etc. than his earlier remasters.

2022 Fix Note:
After release of the prior version of this show a couple people noted an unusual character to the sound beginning with Shine On. Further analysis of the sources was performed and a small pitch error was discovered in one of the 2 sources. This error began in Shine On and continued for about 25 minutes. The sync of the whole show was verified accurate. This pitch error was corrected and the whole remaster was re-mixed and completed. I want to thank those who gave the recording such a close listen that they detected this flaw. Your input was valuable and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention so it could be corrected. - RMCH

Source 2 used a C120 cassette for set 1 and set 2 and a C90 cassette for the encore.
This allowed recording of the full show with no cuts in the music, only at set change and encore break.
Source 1 had 4 cuts in the recording during music. Each was patched using source 2.
Source 1 has a talker on the left advising what to do with the tape at the end of set 1.
Nice stereo effect: example is the middle of Echoes.
Thunderous claps in source 2 required extensive repair and removal in all sections except final applause.

TonyHancock at 2021-01-26 13:18:14 GMT (DIME)
Big thanks to those involved in putting this together. I’m the source 2 taper, so it’s an important show for me.

Source 1:
Lineage: External Mics > Portable Sanyo > cass[Master] > Reel(1) > CDR > SHN
Location: Unknown

Source 2:
Lineage: External Mic > Capacitor > Decca Legato Mono cassette recorder > Agfa C120 and C90 cassettes
May 2020: Nakamichi DR-1 > AS372N analogue to digital USB converter > Goldwave v6.51 > WAV (24bit 192kHz) > FLAC
Location: Entrance 73, Row A, Seat 87

+ + + + +

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Disc 1
Track 101. Raving And Drooling 15:13
Track 102. You Gotta Be Crazy 18:41
Track 103. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 21:43
56 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Speak To Me 3:52
Track 202. Breathe 2:48
Track 203. On The Run 5:04
Track 204. Time 5:27
Track 205. Breathe reprise 1:01
Track 206. The Great Gig In The Sky 6:19
Track 207. Money 10:18
Track 208. Us And Them 7:28
Track 209. Any Colour You Like 9:25
Track 210. Brain Damage 3:50
Track 211. Eclipse 1:47
Track 212. Encore Break 2:22
60 mins

Disc 3
Track 301. Echoes 24:22
24 mins

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    By Akis on Jun 1, 2022

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