August 16, 2010 – 3:54 am

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Games For May [Bedrock Records, 4CD]

Outtakes and rarities. Very good soundboard.

This is a fair to middling four-CD-R Pink Floyd rarities collection that was housed in a soft vinyl box not unlike a larger version of the type of box used in early music video VHS releases. The “Zabriskie Point” and “More” selections on Disc Two are movie mixes with dialogue (these mixes are not available on CD). - Philip Cohen

Only 1,000 sets were made. With inclusions such as Lucky Leave, King Bee and Syd Barrett tracks such as Vegetable Man and Apples And Oranges, this was considered an essential collection for Pink Floyd fans when it came out in 1999. Even with the release of several tracks through the years, the remaining tracks are still worthwhile for the collector and fan.

Thanks to Phil for sharing the tracks.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

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UPDATED: October 9, 2015

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

We request that you immediately remove all infringing material, and cease any further posting of infringing material to your website.

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  2. Nice!

    I’d love to hear the fabled demos from “The Final Cut ” recordings.

    I think that album is massively under-rated and have never been able to find a copy of the demos.

    Is there anybody out there? (with access to them??)

    By skyintheairwaves on Aug 17, 2010

  3. Amazing as always, Phil…

    on Disc One…the tracks labelled “acetate”…are any of these different mixes than were released…I don’t hear any particular difference.

    By Scott Brookman on Aug 18, 2010

  4. Great Thanks for this dowloads my Friend!!!

    By Udo on Aug 18, 2010

  5. Available on “The Early Singles” means practically unavailable - except when you are willing to pay 170 to 250 euros for two songs.
    Even worse is, that “Point Me at the Sky” is one of the best Floyd songs ever. I have it in a few versions, but they all have one thing in common: bad sound quality.

    By Walter on Aug 20, 2010

  6. ‘Candy and a Currant Bun’ was originally called, ‘Let’s Light Another One’. Was the original version ever recorded?

    I’ll have to listen to ‘Point Me at the Sky’ again; I never liked it much, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention.

    By Eric on Aug 21, 2010

  7. The Final Cut outtakes are available as “The Final Cutting”, dig around and you’ll probably find a copy or if I knew how I’d send you one or upload it, tracklist is below.

    This is a nice collection, but most if not all of this appears to be on the excellent 18 disc “A Tree Full Of Secrets (Rarities Compilation)” if I’m not mistaken, except for perhaps 2 or 3 tracks on disc one. From this boxset, “Candy and a Currant Bun (Barrett) - acetate 01:59 - Recorded : London, Sound Techniques Studios, January 23-25, 1967
    Primary source : EMIdisc acetate
    Source for the tree : “Anthology II” RoIO CD
    Alternate lyrics (”please just walk with me” while on the regular single version it’s “please
    just f*** with me”), different verse structure, no organ and guitar solos.
    Some people refer to this version as being “Let’s Roll Another One” from October 1966 sessions at
    Thompson Recording Studios, but since the instrumental tracks are the same as the regular single
    version, this probably comes from the same January 1967 sessions at Sound Techniques Studios.”. Probably the best Floyd bootleg box going. Look for a torrent!!

    A notable missing oddity is “Matilda Mother” on “limited bonus” disc 3 of “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, the lyrics are totally different and it is SO clean it is just spooky.

    Pink Floyd: The Final Cuttings.
    Demos for The Final Cut.

    The Post War Dream
    Your Possible Pasts
    One Of The Few
    The Heroes Return (part 1)
    The Gunners Dream
    The Heroes Return (part 2)
    Paranoid Eyes
    Get Your Filthy Hands Of My Desert
    The Fletcher Memorial Home
    Southampton Dock
    The Final Cut
    Not Now John
    Two Suns In The Sunset

    By HytekFred on Aug 21, 2010

  8. Just found out Pink Floyd have pulled out of online distribution due to refusal to supply singles. Fair play really as its all about the albums but are they missing out on sales? Good story at this Music Blog

    By Geoff on Aug 24, 2010

  9. “Final Cut” demos are not all they’re cracked up to be….I have a copy and although marginally interesting, the sound is generally “muddy”, with little variation from the released versions.
    At least that’s what I think, I much more preferred the Wall demos.

    By todd on Aug 27, 2010

  10. Hey if anyone’s still looking for those demos, last I checked you could find ‘em at the below URL

    By Fletcher on Sep 7, 2010

  11. I already have most if not all of these tracks but I still wanted this just for the rarity of the set itself. Thanks for making this available Phil & BigO

    By Matt on Sep 25, 2010

  12. Thank you so very much, Fletcher!

    By Max on Jun 3, 2011

  13. Of course, also, thank you so much Philip!

    By Max on Jun 3, 2011

  14. Thanks for posting Big O..

    Track 412 “Shine on…” sounds more like an audience recording than a soundboard. Distant sound and problems with the high end.

    Track 414 “Comfortably Numb” is more of a demo than an outtake. Gilmour is humming the vocal parts — presumably the lyrics weren’t written at that point.

    By Jania on Feb 17, 2014

  15. Thanks Big O!

    By Tom on Feb 17, 2014

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