August 17, 2010 – 8:50 am

Hoping Benefit 2010

Live at the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, Kiddington Hall, Oxfordshire, UK, July 10, 2010. Audio ripped from mp4 video file. Very good audience recording?

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On July 10, 2010, guests at the Hoping Foundation’s annual fundraiser witnessed an historic event as David Gilmour and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd reunited for one night only in support of Palestinian refugee children.

The evening was held at Jemima Khan’s beautiful new home, Kiddington Hall, in Oxfordshire, and was hosted by Fearne Cotton and Olly Barker of Sotheby’s.

Performances by Nick Cave, Tom Jones, Jamie Hince, Kate Moss, Susie Bick, Roger Waters and David Gilmour raised over £430,000 for Hoping’s activities for Palestinian refugee children in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and the West Bank.

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Pink Floyd’s Gilmour and Waters stun crowd with surprise reunion rockers’ four-song show is first onstage team-up since Live 8 in 2005

For the first time in five years, the two driving forces behind Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David Gilmour, reunited onstage at a benefit in England over the weekend. The unannounced team-up went down before the 200 attendees of the Hoping Foundation benefit in Oxfordshire, which raised money for young Palestinian refugees. The duo’s four-song set included Phil Spector’s “To Know Him Is To Love Him” (a Floyd sound-check staple according to the blog on Gilmour’s website) and the band’s classics “Wish You Were Here,” “Comfortably Numb” and “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2.”

The Saturday night set marks the first time Waters and Gilmour have shared the stage since Pink Floyd’s reunion performance at 2005’s Live 8 in London. The duo’s Hoping Foundation performance helped raise £350,000. At the benefit, Gilmour and Waters - who swapped his bass for an acoustic guitar - were joined by keyboardists Harry Waters and Jonjo Grisdale, drummer Andy Newmark, guitarist Chester Kamen and bassist Guy Pratt, who ironically replaced Waters in the Gilmour-led, Division Bell-era Pink Floyd.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, Waters asked Gilmour to join his 30th anniversary tour of The Wall this year, but his onetime bandmate declined. “David is completely uninterested,” Waters said in May. “I could have probably gone for doing some more stuff, but he’s not interested.” Hopes for an official Pink Floyd reunion tour were mostly extinguished when keyboardist Richard Wright passed away in 2008 and Gilmour lamented, “No one can replace Richard Wright.”

Even without Gilmour, Waters’ The Wall tour is one of the few treks that has seemingly staved off the summer’s concert industry struggles: While artists including Rihanna and the Jonas Brothers and tours like Lilith Fair and American Idols Live continue to cancel dates, the demand for The Wall 30th anniversary tour has led Waters to double, triple and, in some cases, quadruple the number of dates he’s performing in certain markets. - Notes that came with the mp4 download

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Thanks to schleprock who shared the video (mp4 file) on the internet. This audio is ripped from the mp4 file. Show was also shared at Echoes Hub.

For more visit The Hoping Foundation.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. To Know Him Is To Love Him (10.9MB)
Track 02. Wish You Were Here (9.2MB)
Track 03. Comfortably Numb (12.9MB)
Track 04. Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 (9.8MB)

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  2. I sure didn’t know this was happening. I’ll be listening to this soon. Now I can’t wait for Rogers’ show in San Jose in December. Thanks!

    By keith h on Aug 17, 2010

  3. “To Know Him is to Love Him”–definitely not one I’d expect. There’s gotta be a recording somewhere of one of Floyd’s soundcheck performances of it.

    Interesting line-up, too. Did Nick Cave and Tom Jones duet? What exactly did Kate Moss do?

    By YogaforCynics on Aug 17, 2010

  4. Nice one, Big O! I was very disappointed at the initial reports that due to the invited audience size the chances of a boot were slim to none. Glad to see those rumors dashed!
    And kudos for posting this at 224kbps. Just a cut above your usual high quality! Thanks!

    By Golgo Hakase on Aug 17, 2010

  5. Hey, BigO!

    I’m just sending you this mail from a library near the block — won’t be able to make any internet connections until late August/early September: The whole account has been suspended — didn’t pay the bill in due time. But then, the mobile phone got blasted out too 2 weeks ago. Strangely enough, no connections to MySpace are possible from this library. As easy as that.

    I won’t download anything too, ’cause I couldn’t use it, anyway…!

    OK. Gotta go back to my, say, quiet room for more moonish songs/overdubs, etc. Lotta work to escape boredom!

    See you all soon


    See you all soon

    By Serge Zéni on Aug 17, 2010

  6. It is worth mentioning what Roger Waters said about this event. It was David’s idea and he was insistent they sang “To Know Him” as a laugh, but Roger wasn’t keen because he found it difficult to sing. David then emailed Roger with an offer. He said that if Roger did that song, then he in return would guest at one of Rogers forthcoming Wall concerts. This excited Roger so much, he agreed to the deal.

    So, though David is not interested in doing the Wall tour he will be appearing at one of the shows to play “Comfortably Numb” - of course they’re not saying which show it will be.

    By Neville on Aug 17, 2010

  7. Thanks! This is magic!!

    By Kaggsy on Aug 17, 2010

  8. Thank You!!

    By KevinZ on Aug 18, 2010

  9. I so happy by this ,many thanks to you BIGO, you ok.

    By ripleyripley on Aug 18, 2010

  10. Just a question, Big O, but during the solo to CN, there’s a little girl singing (I believe) Cohen’s “Hallelujah”! Is that on the original video? Sounds like a bleed over from another station as if this was an FM broadcast…

    Any ideas?

    By Golgo Hakase on Aug 18, 2010

  11. Sorry, Big O! Let me rescind that last comment. I’ve listened to CN a few more times, but have not heard any other snippets during the solos. Maybe I was having a bit of halucinatory deja-vu? Very weird. Overall a good sounding show, I think!

    And yeah, they SHOULD release the soundboard on iTunes with all proceeds going to Hoping. What the heck are they thinking sitting on this goldmine?

    All the Best!

    By Golgo H on Aug 18, 2010

  12. The 200 attendees must have been so excited that they managed to talk throughout the whole short set. Even at an intimate charity concert, can people really be so stupid and thoughtless.

    By dandor on Aug 18, 2010

  13. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS four song set by waters and gilmour…enjoyed it….

    By Rick Jones on Aug 19, 2010

  14. Is it possible to post the Nick Cave performance?

    By Walter on Aug 20, 2010

  15. Historic!
    Thanks :-)

    By Rochacrimson on Aug 21, 2010

  16. As far as we can tell, no other performance from this show has surfaced.

    By Admin on Aug 21, 2010

  17. Those “notes that came with the mp4″ are actually from an article in a major British daily newspaper, so you might want to take them down or condense them!

    By Brian F. on Aug 26, 2010

  18. Been away from the BigO while traveling and return to this unexpected pleasure. Thanks to everyone who put this together. Roger Waters, however, needs to lay off DG. He has basically announced his retirement from touring and RW’s The Wall tour is long and pretty self-indulgent. Would have been something, though, based on these recordings.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Sep 5, 2010

  19. I had no idea this even happened until I came across this post. Thanks for sharing this gem with us BigO.

    By Matt on Sep 22, 2010

  20. I was under the impression that David was going to to play one of the shows with Roger if he did the charity event.

    By Thom Noble on Oct 7, 2010

  21. hey bigo, for whatever reason, i forgot to download this months ago. i just got it. thanks!

    put up more avant and dio!


    By Ed Saad on Dec 26, 2010

  22. number 3 is down :(

    By Somi on Oct 16, 2016

  23. Link for:

    Track 03. Comfortably Numb (12.9MB)

    doesn’t work. Please restore. Thanks.

    By Wolf on Jan 11, 2017

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