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Berlin 2021 [no label, 1CD]

Jazzfest. Silent Green, Betonhalle, Berlin, Germany. November 6, 2021. Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webstream).

Thanks to yaqwedc for sharing the HDTV webstream at Dime.

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At the Betonhalle, the evening wrapped up with the live music of Ahmed, an ensemble, named after oudist and bassist Ahmed Abdul-Malik, comprising British pianist Pat Thomas, French drummer Antonin Gerbal, Berlin-based Swedish bassist Joel Grip, and British saxophonist Seymour Wright.

The group, which bases its music off motives composed by Abdul-Malik for his Middle-Eastern/Jazz fusions, spent the better part of an hour locked in a hypnotic and demanding groove. The music had the feel of something from another time, Middle Eastern jazz noir, so to speak.

Grip and Gerbal were a relentless and powerful engine driving the music, while Wright blew ceaselessly, twirling the themes around and around, making small incremental changes and adding tension at every turn. Thomas sometimes struck the extremities of the keyboards with his palms flat out, as percussive of an action as one can do while still making music with the instrument. This approach was interspersed with close dissonant tonal clusters that effectively wound the music ever tighter.

Often in improvised music the flow is to start exploratory and searching until locking into something, these guys had it all backwards, and it worked! They only backed off at the very end when Grip seized the moment to quickly distill everything just played in a highly effective solo bass outro.

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Nights On Saturn
- this was performed as one continuous track. Arbitrarily split here for easier access.

Track 01. Untitled 1 9:12
Track 02. Untitled 2 8:50
Track 03. Untitled 3 8:20
Track 04. Untitled 4 8:53
Track 05. Untitled 5 9:24
45 mins

Pat Thomas - piano
Antonin Gerbal - drums
Joel Grip - bass
Seymour Wright - saxophone

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