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The London Boys [X-Ray XRY2CD 024, 2CD]

The Two Against Nature Tour 2000. Tracks from Wembley Arena [September 9, 2000]; Hammersmith Apollo [September 10, 2000]; Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow [September 6, 2000] and NEC Arena, Birmingham [September 8, 2000]. Very good FM broadcasts.

John L Walters,, reviewing the September 9, 2000 gig at Wembley Arena:

Great gig, but what a shame not to hear What A Shame About Me. It’s the perfect singalong anthem for fans of Steely Dan, since something in it chimes with misfits, jazz-lovers and ill-groomed outsiders everywhere. Apart from just three new numbers (including the sly Cousin Dupree) this was a night for old favourites, including punchy versions of The Boston Rag, My Old School, Black Friday, Kid Charlemagne and Don’t Take Me Alive, all written before straw boss/trumpeter Michael Leonhart was born. [Apart from founders and songwriters Walter Becker and Donald Fagen,] the band also included drummer Ricky Lawson, trombonist Jim Pugh and singers Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun and Victoria Cave providing delicious backing vocals and sharing lead vocals for Dirty Work.

As front man, Fagen has slowly developed from a morose introvert who hated the sound of his own voice to an authoritative bandleader, hunched behind his Rhodes piano like a younger Ray Charles. After Jack Of Speed, Fagen cues the sublimely catchy Hey Nineteen by announcing: “And now for another sordid story.” Populated by human yo-yos, opportunistic seducers, dangerous girls and unreliable narrators, Steely Dan’s lyrics are the stuff of a thousand screenplays.

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Disc 1
Track 101. The Boston Rag 8:09
Track 102. Bodhisattva 5:54
Track 103. Night By Night 3:21
Track 104. West Of Hollywood 10:40
Track 105. Josie 8:31
Track 106. Black Friday 5:51
Track 107. Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More 11:30
Track 108. Home At Last 6:32
Track 109. Jack Of Speed 6:16
Track 110. Hey Nineteen 6:18
73 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. The Steely Dan Show 3:16
Track 202. Deacon Blues 7:57
Track 203. Babylon Sisters 6:36
Track 204. Cousin Dupree 6:00
Track 205. Monkey In Your Soul 3:06
Track 206. Dirty Work 5:45
Track 207. Peg 4:41
Track 208. Kid Charlemagne 5:31
Track 209. Don’t Take Me Alive 4:37
Track 210. My Old School 6:32
Track 211. FM 4:32
59 mins

Donald Fagen - vocals, Fender Rhodes, Lync Keytar
Walter Becker - guitars, vocals
Ricky Lawson - drums
Tom Barney - 5-string bass, acoustic bass
Ted Baker - grand piano, synth
Jon Herington - guitars
Cornelius Bumpus - tenor saxophone
Bob Shepard - tenor and alto saxophone
Michael Leonhart - trumpet
Jim Pugh - tenor trombone
Vicky Cave, Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun - backing vocals

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  2. Much appreciated BigO! Steely Dan pulled off a neat trick when it returned to the road: creating thrilling music while replicating the precise sound of its classic albums. You only wish they could’ve recorded more together after their reunion; although Fagan himself has released albums sounding razor-close to their classic sound. No band ever sounded like them or told their kinds of stories, or ever will.

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