January 28, 2023 – 6:31 am

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New York 1977 [Eelgrass 20238/39/40, 3CD]

Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY; June 7, 1977. Very good soundboard. From the bootleg, Magical Sound Boogie.

Thanks to nakedeye25 for the remaster and for sharing the show at Dime.

nakedeye25 noted:

This is Zep’s first show of a six-show run at MSG in New York in 1977. The original release is the EVSD “Magical Sound Boogie”, which is a soundboard release of the show. For this remaster I used RipX to separate the original tracks into four wav stems each (Bass, Drums, Other, Vocal).

it is not a perfect sound separation, it does a surprisingly good job at it. The good part is it does a nice job of separating out the bass, drums and vocals. The tricky part is it combines the keyboards, acoustic guitars, and electric guitars into one track. So please don’t confuse this with a muti-track mixdown…

Having said all that, I believe the results are good enough to share with the community. The original tape cuts are still there. No Quarter has a slight cut in it. Most of the end of Black Country Woman is missing as is the beginning of the next song Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. There is also a slight cut in Over The Top.

I have applied some EQ to this recording as well. I also fixed some volume issues in places throughout the show. The tracks are now set up to run as one continuous show.

+ + + + +

pp25texas, Dime:

this sounds amazing to my ears. just about melted my speakers down to IN MY TIME OF DYING on the drive into work today. many, many thanks to the people responsible for making this recording and remaster happen. if you are on the fence trying to decide whether or not to grab this one (as I was), trust me grab it. you won’t be disappointed.

Brackstar, Dime:

What a gem this is. Incredible sound, well balanced, Jimmy is on fire, Robert is on point, & the band seems to be having a GREAT time. No idea who pressed ‘record’ to save this amazing show to tape, or who released it to the masses, but THANKS!

Nicky19, Dime:

Hello Nakedeye25, I Love this show. It’s a dream come true to have it in this sound quality. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in. It’s greatly appreciated.

+ + + + +

Original Lineage:
silvers > eac wav > tlh flac level 8
Additional Lineage:
RipX > Wav > Soundforge > Audacity > Flac

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

+ + + + +

Disc 1
Track 101. Intro 1:47
Track 102. The Song Remains The Same 5:31
Track 103. Sick Again 6:53
Track 104. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 7:24
Track 105. In My Time Of Dying 11:29
Track 106. Since I’ve Been Loving You 9:42
Track 107. No Quarter 27:02
70 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Ten Years Gone 10:41
Track 202. The Battle Of Evermore 6:39
Track 203. Going To California 6:54
Track 204. Black Country Woman 0:36
Track 205. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 5:57
Track 206. White Summer 4:40
Track 207. Black Mountain Side 1:44
Track 208. Kashmir 10:35
48 mins

Disc 3
Track 301. Over The Top 22:41
Track 302. Guitar Solo 10:38
Track 303. Achilles Last Stand 10:13
Track 304. Stairway To Heaven 11:20
Track 305. Whole Lotta Love 2:13
Track 306. Rock n’ Roll 4:37
62 mins

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    The BigO pages are loading so horribly now that the comment box is only 5 characters wide, none of the pictures load, and the pages and mp3s won’t download in Chrome or Firefox due to security issues. My patience is dwindling and I can’t see continuing to drop in here solely for the juvenile antics
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