September 8, 2010 – 3:52 am

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Berlin 1973 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Berliner Jazz Tage ‘73, Philharmonie, Berlin, West Germany; November 1, 1973 (early show). Very good FM recording.

One thing that cannot be denied of Miles Davis is that he was one cool dude… even in the ’80s. And it was not so much the songs he played or covered. If songs such as Time After Time and Human Nature brought him a new and younger audience then, somehow his syncopated playing gave the songs a certain cool-ness.

But anyone who has followed Miles know that while Miles’ music was very accessible in the ’80s, he was on fire in the ’70s. It’d be tough on anyone who listens to this set and not work up a sweat. As a jazz innovator, one generally thinks of Bitches Brew or the earlier In A Silent Way and not many would consider 1972’s On The Corner a key album. And when he toured Europe in 1973, it was powerhouse tracks such as Turnaroundphrase, Tune In 5 and Ife that kept the listener spellbound.

Yet for Miles, “It was with On The Corner and Big Fun that I really made an effort to get my music over to young black people. They are the ones who buy records and come to concerts, and I had started thinking about building a new audience for the future. I already had gotten a lot of young white people coming to my concerts after Bitches Brew and so I thought it would be good if I could get all these young people together listening to my music and digging the groove.”

But Miles probably didn’t expect disco to be so huge and that it would take almost a decade before the Under Arrest album kind of made him hip again with the young.

Thanks to plaz_restore for sharing the tracks on the Dime site. Plaz_restore noted: “Recordings of this concert have been seeded previously in various forms, usually sourced from the Sender Freies TV broadcast. This one is from an ‘off-air’ FM reel and sounds better than most.”

Note: Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Introduction (1.0MB)
Track 02. Turnaroundphrase (17.5MB)
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Track 03. Tune In 5 (6.7MB)
Track 04. Ife (22.8MB - visit the html page to download the track)
Track 05. Unknown G (18.4MB)
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Track 06. Tune In 5 (8.9MB)
Track 07. Announcement (1.8MB)

Miles Davis (tpt, org)
Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl)
Pete Cosey (g, perc)
Reggie Lucas (g)
Michael Henderson (el-b)
Al Foster (d)
James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

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  1. 9 Responses to “MILES DAVIS - BERLIN 1973”

  2. electric miles - yes!!!

    I-) ihor

    By I-) ihor on Sep 8, 2010

  3. More good stuff from Miles. Thanks!

    By Jonathan on Sep 9, 2010

  4. More good stuff from Miles. Thanks!

    By Jonathan on Sep 9, 2010

  5. Great thanks!

    By ommyth on Sep 10, 2010

  6. One of my favorite editions of the Miles bands. Other shows from this tour exist and are worth finding as the set changed from night to night. This rhythm section is so tight and Pete Cosey is so in tune with Miles. Great stuff, BigO!

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Sep 12, 2010

  7. Thanks for the Miles.

    By coolius j on Sep 13, 2010

  8. I’ve heard other live recordings of this band - Cosey is just amazing - he deserved wider recognition than he received. Thanks!

    By MrBill on Sep 14, 2010

  9. absolutely fantastic- a real gem! Can’t wait for my boys to get older- I’m gonna blast them with it until they know that there’s no-one that can beat M.D. Some much force and energy- WOW!

    By bariman on Mar 11, 2011

  10. fantastic concert. Reggie Lucas is the highlight for me, his choppy rhythm guitar makes it. Great upload, thanks.

    By dan76 on Oct 14, 2011

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