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Bologna 1979 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Palasport/Stadio Comunale, Bologna, Italy. September 9, 1979. Passable to fair audience recording.

This one’s for the completist.

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The original Patti Smith Group with Patti Smith - vocals, Lenny Kaye - guitar, Ivan Kral - bass and guitar, Richard Sohl - keyboards and Jay Dee Daugherty - drums.

This is the next to last show of the original Patti Smith Group. Here’s what Jay Dee Daugherty said about the gig in Please Kill Me: “The last two concerts that the Patti Smith Group played were in Bologna and Florence. Patti was in a very frightening situation in Bologna. It was a large soccer stadium and they had lost control of the crowd. A good number of the audience had gotten in for free - sort of broken down the gates. Part of the deal the promoter had to make with the local communist party was that they were to provide the security.

“The concert went on without too much event, but afterward we got locked in backstage because the clowns that were the security guards had shut this iron gate and nobody had a key. So there’s 80,000 people chanting, “Patti, Patti,” you know, going nuts, and the band were starting to panic, like, “What the fuck’s going on? We want to get back onstage! Who’s got the fucking key?”

“All of a sudden these security guys started getting heavy. They pushed the rest of the band out of the way and surrounded Patti - they were going to spirit her off in a car. Patti was really frightened for her life - she thought she was going to be kidnapped and get her ears cut off or whatever. That was the night that Patti got down on her knees and prayed. It sort of worked, but finding the key helped, too.”

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Recorded with a Hitachi Stereo Portable with two microphones incorporated.
Maxell LN Master Cassette > Playback With Technics RS-B50 > Nero Wave Editor > Equalized With Magix 2007 > Wave > Flac 8

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

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Disc 1
Track 101. So You Want To Be A R’n'R Star 8:26
Track 102. Privilege (Set Me Free) 3:55
Track 103. Kimberly 7:54
Track 104. Redondo Beach 4:47
Track 105. Dancing Barefoot 6:19
Track 106. Ain’t Strange 10:27
Track 107. For Your Love 5:36
Track 108. 25th Floor/High On Rebellion 9:07
Track 109. Revenge 6:11
63 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Frederick 8:12
Track 202. Free Money 6:35
Track 203. Hymn 1:46
Track 204. All Along The Watchtower 3:35
Track 205. Wave 7:44
Track 206. Seven Ways Of Going ** 12:58
Track 207. Because The Night 4:36
Track 208. 5-4-3-2-1 3:31
Track 209. My Generation 11:22
Track 210. You Light Up My Life 2:38
63 mins

* * Missing a few seconds in the middle.

Patti Smith - vocals
Lenny Kaye - guitar
Ivan Kral - bass and guitar
Richard Sohl - keyboards
Jay Dee Daugherty - drums

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  1. 12 Responses to “PATTI SMITH GROUP - BOLOGNA 1979”

  2. We’d Love to have you still around, Patti, for some more years… If they don’t mind!

    By Serge Zéni on Feb 11, 2023

  3. Eh Serge, prends-le dans le cul, Mon brave? Maintenant il y a une pénurie de sodomites francais ici.

    By Rightup Dias on Feb 11, 2023

  4. She will never fuck me, no chicks will

    By Uselss Lil Erection on Feb 11, 2023

  5. Bye, Rightup Dias, it must be terrible to be just the half of the half of you — Is that all you can do?
    Spending all of your life in Bigozine and shitting and pissing and vomitting all around? Take my advice, boy, just take some time off and listen ad-lib to The Kinks’ “Mr.Reporter”. If Ray Davies should confess he has written the song for you, it would come to me as no surprise!

    By Serge Zéni on Feb 11, 2023

  6. Passable to fair equals terrible. One has to be a really hard core competist to crave this.

    By Theo on Feb 12, 2023

  7. Rumor has it Patty gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Feb 12, 2023

  8. COMPLETIST I meant. Gosh I hate misspelling.

    By Theo on Feb 12, 2023

  9. @Serge Zany, I’ve never seen you on here before. I think you may be a Patti Smith obsessive although your posts about her on the other thread are meaningless. I think that you may also be a humorless prick.

    By all means join the others on here who moan that nobody comments on the music any more; like you, none of them actually has anything interesting say about it.

    Adios, culo.

    By Rightup Dias on Feb 12, 2023

  10. Well said, Rightup. Perhaps we should report Serge and get him banned from on here like the others.

    By HHH on Feb 12, 2023

  11. Great choice, BigO! Thanks.

    By peacenluvmaaan on Feb 13, 2023

  12. Thanksfor publsihing all the comments, Bigozine!
    It’s not to say, but….. Some people visiting your site are, really…. Scary, to say the least.

    By Serge Zéni on Feb 13, 2023

  13. Dear Theo, not Sarapo, unfortunately…
    Are you an artist, even in spare time? No, not your photo, I don’t want to see — I’ve got Bava for horror.
    Well, if you’re an artist, musician, writer, poet, cinematographer, anything thru your weird doorway, I’m sure some of us would really like to know more about your works, not only polluting Bigozine.
    Why not sharing with us?

    By Serge Zéni on Feb 13, 2023

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