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Gathering Madness [Vinyl Gang Product
VGP-031, 1CD]
Live at the
Phoenix Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ; November 11, 1969. Incomplete show. Very good audience recording.

Thanks to original uploader
fortylicks; and to herb0755 for sharing the show at Dime.

Same as The Sky Pilots (VGP 060) - Disc 01.
Little Queenie (horrible sound) fades out.
Three songs missing are (”probably”): Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Women and Street Fighting Man.

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> flac (6)

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Track 01. Jumpin’ Jack Flash 4:19
Track 02. Carol 3:38
Track 03. Sympathy For The Devil 5:51
Track 04. Stray Cat Blues 4:01
Track 05. Prodigal Son 3:41
Track 06. You Gotta Move 2:28
Track 07. Love In Vain 5:40
Track 08. Under My Thumb 3:08
Track 09. Midnight Rambler 8:02
Track 10. Live With Me 3:53
Track 11. Gimme Shelter 4:07
Track 12. Little Queenie 2:35
52 mins

Track 13. Brown Sugar 3:45
Track 14. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction 5:57
Track 15. Honky Tonk Women 4:03
Track 16. Street Fighting Man 4:35
19 mins

Total: 70 mins

Track 13 is recorded from Altamont Speeway (San Francisco); December 6, 1969
Track 14-16 from the Coliseum, Oakland, CA; November 9, 1969 (late show).

Mick Jagger - vocals, harmonica
Keith Richards - guitar, backing vocals
Mick Taylor - guitar
Bill Wyman - bas
Charlie Watts - drums
Ian Stewart - piano on Carol, Little Queenie and Honky Tonk Women

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  1. 28 Responses to “THE ROLLING STONES - PHOENIX 1969”

  2. Interesting they introduce Brown Sugar as a new song and they wouldn’t commercially release it for two more years. And won’t play it today because of politically correct ideologies. Oh well, you can’t always get what you want…thanks BigO!

    By Tony on Feb 18, 2023

  3. Track 13. Brown Sugar is from the infamous Altamont Speeway December 6, 1969 show in which Meredith Curly Hunter, Jr. was stabbed and beaten to death by Hells Angel Alan Passaro.

    Hunter had approached the stage, and was driven off by members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club who had agreed to serve as security guards. He subsequently returned to the stage area, drew a revolver, and was killed by Hells Angel Alan Passaro.

    The incident was caught on camera and became a central scene in the Maysles Brothers documentary Gimme Shelter. Passaro was charged with murder and tried in 1971. Following 17 days of testimony, an eight-man, four-woman jury deliberated for 12 and a half hours before Passaro was acquitted on grounds of self-defense.

    By Walter on Feb 18, 2023

  4. The song Little Weenie is about me

    “Go, go away, little weenie” said the very few women who saw my Lil Un


    A few guys said the same thing

    *sob* *sob*

    By U L E on Feb 18, 2023

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    By Leonard on Feb 19, 2023

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  17. Rumor has it Mick gots a Lil Un

    By U L E on Feb 20, 2023

  18. Rumor has it Keef gots a Big Un

    By U L E on Feb 20, 2023

  19. The Glimmer Twins

    By U L E on Feb 20, 2023

  20. Thats right U, Jagger does have a tiny un.Keith Richards said so in his book.Jeri Hall disputes the claim

    By T J on Feb 20, 2023

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    By Leonard on Feb 20, 2023

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